• Pass entire CSV contents as REST POST body

    I have a functioning REST V2 connection and have tested passing JSON as the body.  Now I need to do the same but with CSV as it performs better and I won't have to create a hierarchy for each file type (The API o...
    Samuel Greene
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  • Data Integration

    Hi,   We are trying to implement pushdown optimization for one of the mappings. In expression, we are using the variable port. The PDO doesn't support variable ports. Below expression, we are using in variable ...
    Nag Dinamani
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  • Secure Agent Set up (Informatica Cloud)

    Hi everyone, I'm setting up a windows server to install secure agent to load data between Anaplan & SAP ECC 6. The server will have very limited internet connectivity only and will not be able to access everythin...
    Retro Flame
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  • Connector for SAP ECC

    Hi everyone, What connector is used to connect SAP ECC with Informatica cloud?
    Retro Flame
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  • How to create Dynamic mapping for multiple sources and Target  tables using single dynamic mapping in Informatica cloud IICS.

    Hi Support Team, Can you please share a video, How to create Dynamic mapping for multiple sources and Target  tables using single dynamic mapping in Informatica cloud IICS.   My required Use case: I want t...
    Ajay Gudi
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  • ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly property IICS CDI

    Is it possible to use ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly property while connecting to SQL Server 2019 in IICS CDI?
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  • Add on Kafka Connectors in Informatica cloud

    Hi All,   We have a requirement to stream data to a Kafka topic from Informatica cloud. I am Interested to know if Informatica cloud provides it as an Add -on Connector.     Please help.   Thank...
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  • Process PDF to Azure Gen2 Data Lake

    Hi all,   tried to set up a simple mapping that copies a simple PDF to the Azure Data Lake Gen2.   When it comes to the Target/Sink, i can only choose between the following:   None Delimited Avro ...
    Nova BI
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  • Copy/Paste from local server to Azure Secure Blob Storage V3

    Hi all,   is there a way to simply copy and paste flatfiles/pdfs, i.e. simple files 1:1 into a Secure Blob Storage in Azure?   Not as binary, a 1:1 copy that keeps the original format.   No Mass Inge...
    Nova BI
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  • How to use a unconnected  stored procedure as a single mapping?

    Hi all,   i got 2 tables (prefilled in a first step) that should be used by a stored procedure.   I want the application of the stored procedure as an own step, so i want to have 3 mapping, 3 mapping taks...
    Nova BI
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  • Right way to setup IICS environments

    Hi,   We are setting up a non-prod and prod environments for IICS and was just wondering is there a industry standard/ recommendation on how to set the environments. My main question is...is it recommended to ha...
    Abhinay Gali
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  • New REST V2 Connection: Generate Access Token Error

    I am trying to create a REST V2 connection using client credentials. When I click "Generate Access Token" as seen in the picture below, I receive 403 : [error code 1010], which I'm assuming is 403 forbidden. I've doub...
    Rick Locke
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  • Configure Rest V2 using JWT authentication

    Hi Team, We want to connect to Google Content API using JWT authentication method, I am having issues configuring the connection. I created the .jks keystore file but unable to generate the access token on the conne...
    Megha Sen
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  • Deployment

    The source type was selected as multiple objects and query options were configured at source connection in mapping. After deploying a mapping from org to sub org using export and import options, the source type was bl...
    srini komm
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  • wsconsumer

    In IICs, I have created a WSconsumer connection with username token authentication. I have a requirement - To pass different usernames and passwords to the header of the web service in order to obtain the required fie...
    srini komm
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  • using materialized view Vs querying tables in IICS

    What is the best practice ? using the materialized view to query the data or querying tables directly from IICS query pane.
    sudha pininti
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  • Support Needed

    I am needing access to the ESupport area of the Informatica network to create cases, we have out of date information for the primary contact on our account. Is there someone I can reach out to for assistance?
    Cameron Olson
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  • Swagger File Generation Error

    Hello!   I need some guidance on overcoming the following error, encountering during the creation of Swagger file.   I am able to retrieve the data through Postman app using the same URL.    An...
    Cc Cc
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  • Use non-standard Java libraries in Java Transfomer

    Hi, I am trying to find out how to use non-standard Java libraries in an IICS Java Transformer. Working with standard Java libraries works fine.   To give more context, as proof of concept I have downloaded the...
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  • how to check text encoding in informatica cloud

    There will a encoding like UT-8, UTF-16 right. how to check our mapping is following which kind of encoding schema?
    Sai Ram
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