• New REST V2 Connection: Generate Access Token Error

    I am trying to create a REST V2 connection using client credentials. When I click "Generate Access Token" as seen in the picture below, I receive 403 : [error code 1010], which I'm assuming is 403 forbidden. I've doub...
    Rick Locke
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  • Configure Rest V2 using JWT authentication

    Hi Team, We want to connect to Google Content API using JWT authentication method, I am having issues configuring the connection. I created the .jks keystore file but unable to generate the access token on the conne...
    Megha Sen
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  • Deployment

    The source type was selected as multiple objects and query options were configured at source connection in mapping. After deploying a mapping from org to sub org using export and import options, the source type was bl...
    srini komm
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  • wsconsumer

    In IICs, I have created a WSconsumer connection with username token authentication. I have a requirement - To pass different usernames and passwords to the header of the web service in order to obtain the required fie...
    srini komm
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  • using materialized view Vs querying tables in IICS

    What is the best practice ? using the materialized view to query the data or querying tables directly from IICS query pane.
    sudha pininti
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  • Support Needed

    I am needing access to the ESupport area of the Informatica network to create cases, we have out of date information for the primary contact on our account. Is there someone I can reach out to for assistance?
    Cameron Olson
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  • Swagger File Generation Error

    Hello!   I need some guidance on overcoming the following error, encountering during the creation of Swagger file.   I am able to retrieve the data through Postman app using the same URL.    An...
    Cc Cc
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  • Use non-standard Java libraries in Java Transfomer

    Hi, I am trying to find out how to use non-standard Java libraries in an IICS Java Transformer. Working with standard Java libraries works fine.   To give more context, as proof of concept I have downloaded the...
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  • how to check text encoding in informatica cloud

    There will a encoding like UT-8, UTF-16 right. how to check our mapping is following which kind of encoding schema?
    Sai Ram
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  • Import Source and target Definitions in CDI

    Hi, Is there a way to store the Source and Target definitions in CDI like how we do in Informatica power center? Thanks in advance!
    Jeevan Reddy
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  • IICS: SnowFlake JDBC - PushDown Optimizations

    Hello   regarding documentation PushDown optimizations must support operation update, but         OPT_63321 [2021-10-20 09:13:57.281] [Full Pushdown optimization is supported between...
    Evgeniy Rasyuk
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  • Successfactors ODATA

    I have created a Successfactors Odata connection by adding the following values at the connection level of the Successfactors Odata connector. URL: https://test/odata/v2 API KEY PRIVATE KEY Authentication Type as OAU...
    srini komm
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  • Read Multiple Files - Box Connector

    HI Team,   Is it possible to read multiple files using Box Connector in IICS Cloud Data Integration.   I can able to read the single file and send the data into Target System.   Scenario :   Us...
    Krishna Raj
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  • manifest file can be passed as parameter to IICS mapping

    Hello All,   I have a requirement wherein i need to read multiple same structured files from S3 bucket and load into target. I have used manifest file concept and it is working fine if i select the file name dir...
    Mahesh V
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  • Records are getting lost while loading data into a ServiceNow target

    I am trying to send data from SQL Server to the ServiceNow database. I have around 3,00,000 records in my SQL Server. I can see that there is huge data loss while sending data to ServiceNow.   Source:- SQL Serve...
    Sai Ram
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  • Schedule a Job but Don't Run if No Data

    Is there a way to schedule a job to run on a weekly basis, but if there is no data, it will just stop (not throw an error)?  I have a job that I need to schedule to run every week.  However, there may be som...
    Diane Royer
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  • Proxy hosts

    IICS services are configured to run through a proxy. There are a few SOAP Webservices and the rest API services that can't be run through a proxy. Although I have configured  IP addresses (Local IP address) ...
    srini komm
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  • Not able to read file from Windows machine

    Hi Team,   I have secure agent installed on windows machine and I am not able to read files from the machine. I checked the permissions and the service is running with Administrator user. Is there anyway I can c...
    Naveed Rahman
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  • Null pointer exception when running simple integration

    Hi, I am just getting started with integration and I am getting a Null pointer exception in the job when I run my integration. I have a single source and a target table with a straight through, no transformation mappi...
    Christopher Sindoni
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  • Command Task "Runtime Environment" input field.

    Hi,     I am new to the IICS Data integration tool, started to build a data integration task flow but stuck at an issue, so reaching out to this group to get some help.     Issue:   I have...
    Ramu Kukkadapu
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