• Passing Parameter value from param file in IICS Taskflow Notification task

    Hello,   I am trying to parameterize the Email To Content with the value from the parameter file in Notification task in a IICS Taskflow. Notification task is the first task in Taskflow [ Intention is to send a...
    srinivas avoonuri
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  • How to reuse persistent cache  in Informatica cloud?

    Hi Experts,   I am good with PowerCenter and started working on Cloud Data Integration. I was able to built persistent cache using lookup. But didn't find a way to reuse it as in PowerCenter. Could you please he...
    sri sri
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  • Need help to parse the xml using Hiearchy Parser.

    Hi All I am new to IICS,it will be great if any one can help me on the below use case.   I am trying to parse the below xml and extract the value of "jh:customerRecordIdentifier" and store 12345678 in field but...
    Arindam Dutta
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  • Email Notification in Non Linear taskflow

    How to send email notification from noon-linear taskflow
    Mayur Jain
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  • How pass object name as input argument in Command line

    I am trying to pass object name as input argument to command line , when i pass the input argument as object name in field i was getting the below error. How to pass object name to batch script   {"error":{"code...
    TD Learn
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  • How to check status of a non-linear taskflow via api

    Like we do for linear taskflow -   https://xxx.xx-xx.informaticacloud.com/saas/api/v2/activity/activityLog?taskId=xxxxxxxxx   and get last run details of a linear taskflow, how to achieve same for non-line...
    Mayur Jain
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  • FATAL ERROR : Aborting the DTM process due to memory allocation failure.

    FATAL ERROR : Aborting the DTM process due to memory allocation failure. Intelligent Cloud Services   Don't have sorter or aggregator tools in use on the task flow that failed.
    Matt Wilson
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  • Unable to open/run a visio template

    The following error occurs when trying to run a mapping a mapping task in IICS which utilizes a visio template. "You cannot run Visio template [Multiple File Processing] because you do not have [Execute] privilege fo...
    Swetha Thiriveedhi
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  • Mapping is not sync with Mapping Task

    On June 1st: Copied existing mapping and renamed it and then changed the code, tested it by running and created mct. All is good.   today i.e. On June 3rd: Testing a scenario by running mct, it ran successfull...
    Srini Veeravalli
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  • Copying an existing task is not retaining the mappings

    Hi, I copied an existing task and only changed the source file. The mappings are showing up as available but am not able to save this task as I am getting an error that the mappings are missing. 
    Kavya Kanala
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  • How to populate a field only if its an insert instead of update - data synchronization task

    Hi,   I am loading data from a flatfile to Salesforce contact object using upsert function. I have a field on contact object and I want to update the field on the contact object, only if its a new contact recor...
    Anonymous Student
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  • Register Secure Agent - encountered error message on java io Exception : HTTP Post request failed due to IO error

    Hi,   After installed secure agent, I have encountered below error message when tried to register. My infra/network wants to know your urls to be whitelisted when trying to register the Secure Agent. Please h...
    Choong Chung Chen
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  • Success and Error Files not getting generated for Data Synchronziation Task

    Hi,   I have created a data synchronization task and I am using Salesforce Standard API. To my knowledge when the task runs, it should automatically store the success and error files to   Secure Agent(I...
    Anonymous Student
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  • Reg Pull Twitter Data into IICS

    Hi All,   This is related to Twitter Data Integration task. I am trying to pull twitter data from public page(SaveonFoods) but I am getting only limited data.  All Historical data is not getting loaded into...
    Varun Kumar Yella
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  • Error - Cannot create an Unstructured Data transformation.

    Hi Team   When I am using hierarchical parser transformation _lab 13 to parse the XML. I am getting the below error.     Error - Cannot create an Unstructured Data transformation.   I did some r...
    Arindam Dutta
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  • How to get the currently processed filename from the Hierarchy Parser Transformation?

    Hi all,   I'm currently processing list of JSON files using the hierarchy parser transformation. Is there any way that I can get the currently processed filename from the hierarchy parser transformation in IICS...
    Siddharth Abhimanyu
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  • How often is Success File created in Informatica Cloud DSS task

    Hi there,   One of my process depends on a success file created by the Data Synchronisation task. But, I am running into problems. The way my process works is, it sources data from SQL Server and loads it to SF...
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  • Get the Input Parameter Values from parameter file

    Hello All,   I am wondering if exist any way to get values in expression from parameter file ?     Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions. Thanks marcin
    Marcin Koniarski
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  • what happens if I change the existing mapping to switch from ODBC to Native connector for Snowflake

    Hi,   what happens to my existing mapping if I change the source connection from ODBC to Native connector for Snowflake? Does the mapping stays or go away?   Thanks
    Anonymous Student
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  • Salesforce DataReplication Task error

    Getting below error while running data replication tasks for one of the salesforce objects. But, other objects are replicated without any issue.   The following error occurred before the task was run on the runt...
    Jithesh Nalla
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