• Reading and storing attachments

    Hello   I have an requirement to read attachments from SharePoint and to store as BLOB in oracle database. Is there a way in informatica cloud to perform this operation?   Thanks in advance.   -Gopi...
    Gopinath Vijayan
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  • Change SecureAgent with code

    Hi IICS Tech Team,   I just finished setting up CI/CD using Jenkins and the iics CLI tool. However, I am unsure how I could change the SecureAgent programmatically/ using the CLI command. I'll greatly appreciate...
    Mark Tiburu
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  • IICS Hana DB Connectivity

    Hi Folks, Can you please guide me on how to connect to HANA DB from IICS? My Informatica Secure Agent is sitting on Windows platform and HANA DB is on-Prem. Do I need to install the Sap Hana Client and ODBC driver ...
    Jeevan Reddy
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  • RestV2

    Rest V2 connector is a source, and  target is a flatfile. During the execution of the job, 2 rows of data was read from the source, but that data was not loaded into the target. I looked at the logs, but could no...
    srini komm
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  • wsConsumer

    with the view as a source, I use web services consumer transformation to load the data into webservice. When I run a mapping, I receive the following error .Can any one suggest me how to fix this issue?   CMN_17...
    srini komm
    created by srini komm
  • CDI Assurance Service Not Loading

    I recently was granted a Cloud Data Integration Assurance Service license in my partner cloud environment.  I am in the process of working with a client to put together services to help them set it up.   Ho...
    Julie Heckman
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  • SubLanguageExecutionfault in Assignment task of CAI

    fault getting in Assignment of CAI with this error (intermittent issue).Values are not Assigned   fault info:   Error executing expression (let $fieldName := 'event' let $predicate := 1 let $field := $temp...
    Ameer Nowsathbabu
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  • iics

    I have a requirement.i.e load the data from excel into powerapps in IICS.i want to implement it by using either ODATA or microdynamics 365  connector in iics. I've tried to set up an ODATA connection ,but receiv...
    srini komm
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  • IICS Connections

    We have the following connectors: web services, webservices(cloud labs ), WS consumer in IICS environment.Can any one suggest to me if there are any differences between these 3 connectors and also suggest to me when w...
    srini komm
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  • Error -[process-engine-10384521.1.4] Deploy script deploy-wrapper.bat failed to execute: ProcessResult [EXITED_NONZERO, exit code=220, command=C:\PROGRA~1\Informatica Cloud Secure Agent\apps\process-engine\10384521.1.4\.lcm\deploy-wrapper.bat]

    On agent restart, not all the processes are up and running. In specific the Processes Server is not coming up and logging an error message:   [LCM_10004] process-engine-10384521.1.4 encountered an error during d...
    Shital Vetal
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  • Last Execution Status for  Taskflow

    Hello,   I wanted to know if in IICS we can retrieve the status of the last execution for a taskflow which call different Data Integration Tasks. I wanted to add a validation if the current process is still exec...
    Lina Kanhye
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  • Data Preview tab not present in Data Integration Mappings

    We are unable to use or even see midstream Data Preview in CDI despite having all of the permissions for this.   I have confirmed we still have the licence   We have a Role ‘Data Integration Data Pre...
    Stuart Doolan
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  • IICS

    I have created sql server connection using windows authentication v2 in iics. This connection was tested successfully and I can preview the data too. But when I tried to run the mapping in iics, the mapping failed wit...
    srini komm
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  • Problem loading data from SAP ODP source

    Hi Experts,   We have a problem loading data from SAP ODP source (connection type: SAP ODP Extractor). Our mapping consists of a source (SAP ODP) and a target (ADLS Gen 2). The SAP ODP source is configured as ...
    Giuliano Ronco
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  • Orchestration tool/Workload automation tool for Informatica Cloud Data Integration (IICS)

    Hi Everyone,   This is regarding scheduling tool for automation for IICS data integration services. We are migrating from PowerCenter to IICS where scheduling tool migration is from DAC to some new scheduler? C...
    Mohammed Suhail
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  • How to connect PC 10.4.1 to Google PubSub

    Hello,   We currently have PowerCenter 10.4.1   We have a new requirement, to send the mapping output directly to Google PubSub as the target.   Can you please provide on how to use IICS for making u...
    Lavanya Sekar
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  • Weird error in IICS mapping

    Hi, there.   I have a mapping reading from Salesforce and writing to Synapse. The connections to both DBs are parameterized and I am getting this weird error I don't find anything related to in the Knowledge Bas...
    Kleber Rebello
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  • Two flows in mapping but IICS executes only one

    Hi, there.   Here is my scenario.   I have an IICS mapping that points to the same Netezza target table in two flows, in this order: 1. DELETE 2. INSERT   When I look at the log, IICS is executing ...
    Kleber Rebello
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  • How to generate Swagger file from command line with parameters

    Hi,   is there a way to generate the Swagger file from IICS command line utilities other than the GUI in IICS admin console by passing parameters?   Thanks, Shabari
    Shabari Nath Kadavendi
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  • CDI - Create target at runtime with timestamp

    Hi, I have a use case where I need to create a target file in ADLS with a timestamp for yesterday's day. I would like to use the native way in CDI with "Handling special characters", is this something that is possib...
    Nadav Dori
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