• 2 Agents in one group is there a way to have a mapping task always use one?

    So we have an agent group that has 2 agents in it.  One is located in Azure and one is at a physical location.  Some mappings are faster going through one agent vs. the other, depending on the physical locat...
    David Cribbs
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  • How to Parameterize the endpoint URL for Web Service Consumer Connection / transformation in IICS - ICDI

    I have created a parameter like $$WSC_ENDPOINT_URL and I have specified the ENDPOINT URL as $$WSC_ENDPOINT_URL. Endpoint URL is not picked correctly when mapping tasks is running and it results in a task failure. ...
    Thanigaivel Govindan
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  • Does my double quote piped source file need to be converted before processing in Informatica?

    I am creating a synchronization task to update records and will be receiving a pipe delimited double quotes file with all the data in a single column. An example is below, which shown column headers then source data: ...
    Thomas Kennedy
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  • set default value when more than one rows return in lookup

    Hi ,   I have created one lookup in information CDI tool as follows. Now the issue is this lookup returns more than one rows. What i want to rather than information generates the error when more than 1 output v...
    Nihar BHATT
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  • Creating Mappings using API

    Hi Team,   Is there a way where I can create a mapping and related logic ( transformations ) using Rest API's ? So lets say i have some logic written in Talend ETL, now i have to convert that into IICS mapping. ...
    Siddharth Dutta
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  • Sharepoint to S3

    Hi All,   Im trying to build a sync task in IICS which will copy all the files from my sharepoint to S3.   The task worked well but problem is when only the metadata is getting written as CSV as i choose ...
    Premkumar S
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  • Add a new column through informatica

    Hi, I am importing data from Azure synapse to Anaplan using informatica but I need an additional column in the source before I can load the data. I need a column for numbering ( 1,2,3,etc). How can I achieve the same...
    Shawn Mathew
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  • SQL Connection Type

    Hi, I installed secure agent in a VM server and established connection to Azure Synapse using Microsoft SQL Server Connection Type. Connection was tested and was successful but when I try to import data from synapse,...
    Shawn Mathew
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  • remove email from "drop list"

    we inadvertently disabled mailbox / email address  software@arco1.com.  we use that to have Informatica send us notifiers when tasks are complete We are not getting emails from Informatica since we re-ena...
    Ed Kopff
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  • How to use a Source File with a dynamic name

    I am trying to use Informatica to automate a process that our Business Office has.  Each week, they receive 5 or more files from our Advancement Department.  Those files list donations made each day that wee...
    Diane Royer
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  • Setting up Rest V2 connection with x-www-form-urlencoded credentials in IICS

    I am attempting a POST to retrieve an access token, and having issues. There are 2 sets of User IDs and passwords - one for Basic authentication and second contained in the x-www-form-urlencoded body.   1) Crea...
    Kevin Wright
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  • Get failed target errors.

    Hello everybody     I'm working with a task flow that loads data from Amazon s3 into a SAP HANA table, and based on the status of this process, I have three scenarios: Load Success, Load Fail, and Warning L...
    Aranza Suarez
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  • On the Secure Agent

    Hi, there.   I am new to IICS and wonder how the installed secure agent interacts with IICS.   Does the ... data movement ... between source and target flow through the agent installed on-prem or does it hap...
    Kleber Rebello
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  • SAML SSO for IICS using Microsoft Azure AD

    Hello,   Our organization is in in the process of transitioning to SSO for all of our cloud hosted applications. At the surface level, it appears that IICS does not support SAML SSO for Microsoft Azure AD, and o...
    Stephen Gosner
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  • taskflow option

    Hi ,   I would like to create a taskflow with bunch of Mapping Tasks and Synchronization tasks. Please let me know the options I have. Explored Linear taskflow but it doesn't seem to have restartability . Apprec...
    E S
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  • Setting default value when lookup is returning no data

    I am using Informatica CDI Tool in which we had designed the Data Synchronization Task to migrate data from source to destination.   In Salesforce we are trying to migrate the Opportunity data with createdBy fie...
    Nihar BHATT
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  • Extract MetaData from a Flat File

    Is there any way for Informatica to look at the metadata for a flat file used as a source and see the date the file was last saved?   I want to set up a process that I can schedule to run on a nightly basis....
    Diane Royer
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  • Hierarchical Parser unable to read input xml payload

    Hi Informatica Community, In my IICS integration, we are using CAI process that is pulling xml payload from TIBCO JMS queue and loading into Staging database. Then in CDI job we are using hierarchical parser to fetch ...
    Abhishek Dhasmana
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  • Data Synchronization - Accounting for auto increment PK

    I have a synchronization task that was created in 2014 that requires updates. There are new columns in the source table that require being added to the task. When I click Refresh fields under field mapping, it introdu...
    Faiz Ali
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  • Web UI bug

    Every time I log in to change information in the Administration area, old data keeps getting autofilled.  For example, if I update my Salesforce login and security token, the old SOAP API version (31.0) is autofi...
    Sanjay Advani
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