We have 2 organization ids in IICS i.e. one organization id for Dev/ Test  and another for PROD in IICS setup. Is it fine, if we have different org Id's for each organization? Can we create prod env as sub org ...
    srini komm
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  • (IICS) Informatica Cloud July 2021 Major Release FAQ

    IICS July 2021 Major Release Calendar   Are you facing issues after the IICS July 2021 Major Release? We are here to help. We have identified some of the common issues encountered by users and pulled together a l...
    Nitin KN
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  • informatica cloud jobs scheduling using other scheduling tools like Control M or Autosys or Tidal etc.

    Hello,   how to run informatica cloud taks like DSS, DRS, MCTs.etc. using other scheduling tools which im currently using in my company to run power center jobs and other jobs like tidal or Autosys or control M ...
    Sai Ram
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  • IICS Runtime Continuity FAQ

    (Doc updated July 7, 2021: CIH changed to supports runtime continuity)   The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers are intended to help customers better understand the runtime continuity capabil...
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  • How to set dynamic date in post-processing command

    HI Team,   How to set dynamic date format in post-processing command while archiving a file.   MOVE /Y \\PQR\FileProcess\PQR\ABCD_File*.csv \\PQR\FileProcess\PQR\Archive\ABCD_File_MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS.cs...
    Venkata Krishna
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  • Does my double quote piped source file need to be converted before processing in Informatica?

    I am creating a synchronization task to update records and will be receiving a pipe delimited double quotes file with all the data in a single column. An example is below, which shown column headers then source data: ...
    Thomas Kennedy
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  • IICS plans to drop support for Internet Explorer 11 browser

    November 17, 2020   Upcoming dropped support of Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and transition to Chromium-based Microsoft Edge  Microsoft announced that they will drop support for IE 11 on August 17, 2021. In prepar...
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  • Data Synchronization - Accounting for auto increment PK

    I have a synchronization task that was created in 2014 that requires updates. There are new columns in the source table that require being added to the task. When I click Refresh fields under field mapping, it introdu...
    Faiz Ali
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  • Azure Data Synapse

    Hi, What connector do I use to connect to Azure Data Synapse? Is it the SQL Connector?
    Retro Flame
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  • Job Status Return code issue

    Hi, We scheduled Informatica cloud jobs through scheduling tool called 'D Series' by installing server agent on a windows server. We upgraded the OS of this Windows Server. Everything is working fine except that the j...
    Sireesha Kanumalla
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  • Error handling in IICS data integration mapping task

    Hello All,   I am a newbie to cloud community. I am working on data integration. I created a Mapping task for loading gz file from the S3 bucket to Redshift. I defined schema at source level. While loading into t...
    Chetan Sarawade
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  • Salesforce Analytics to .CSV via IICS

    Hi Folks,   I am trying to load a SF Einstein Analytics Dataset data to .CSV file using IICS. Hence using below properties.   Source: Salesforce Analytics (Informatica Cloud) and placed xxx_schema.JSON i...
    Chaitanya Polisetty
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  • Passing Parameter value from param file in IICS Taskflow Notification task

    Hello,   I am trying to parameterize the Email To Content with the value from the parameter file in Notification task in a IICS Taskflow. Notification task is the first task in Taskflow [ Intention is to send a...
    srinivas avoonuri
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  • (IICS) Informatica Cloud Feb 2021 Major Release FAQ

    Are you facing issues after the IICS Feb 2021 Major Release? We are here to help. We have identified some of the common issues encountered by users and pulled together a list of solutions to help you address them. Rea...
    Vikesh Paramel
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  • IICS

    we use the following components i.e. Metadata Manager ,Informatica Analyst and Business glossary in Informatica 10.1.0.   We installed IICS ,but how do we implement the Metadata Manager,Informatica Analyst and B...
    srini komm
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  • Internal error. An error occurred while retrieving list of operations from the endpoint. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support

    Hi All,   I am trying to add new business service under Configure>Business Service option. I have made the connection as ws_icrt_test but when i am trying to select operation its showing below error.   ...
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  • Unable to write IDOC to SAP System.

    I am not receiving any transaction Id from SAP while connecting from IICS   Transaction ID for the current packet received from SAP is [].   New transaction ID [] created for sending ALE IDoc packet with ini...
    Nishi Shah
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  • Dynamic mapping from File share ADLS Gen2  to ADLS Gen2 Blob container

    We have a requirement from client where we have dynamic flat files in .txt  format and vendors are dropping them into "File share" of Azure ADLS Gen2.   1. Do we have a connection from IICS to connect to Fi...
    Ravindra M
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  • IICS Secure Agent PAM – anticipated 2021 updates for Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems.

    The roadmap information being provided herein is for informational purposes only. The development, release, and timing of any Informatica product or functionality described herein remain at the sole discretion of Info...
    Vikesh Paramel
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  • NA West 1 and NA East 2 November Monthly Release

    11/4/20 9:00 PM
    This is the monthly connector, application and package release. Please find the details of the maintenance below.   Connector updates: Ariba V2 FileProcessor Kafka SAP Bapi SAPTableConnector Domo Google D...
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    NA West 1 and NA East 2 November Monthly Release