• How to load only new data from source to target in  IICS

    Hi,   Please consider the above picture as an example, I am running a mapping from Azure Synapse to Anaplan. In the mapping task I am having a filter SCOPE_ID = 'MN' to only load the monthly data(MN for monthly ...
    Retro Flame
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  • informatica cloud jobs scheduling using other scheduling tools like Control M or Autosys or Tidal etc.

    Hello,   how to run informatica cloud taks like DSS, DRS, MCTs.etc. using other scheduling tools which im currently using in my company to run power center jobs and other jobs like tidal or Autosys or control M ...
    Sai Ram
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  • Error handling in IICS data integration mapping task

    Hello All,   I am a newbie to cloud community. I am working on data integration. I created a Mapping task for loading gz file from the S3 bucket to Redshift. I defined schema at source level. While loading into t...
    Chetan Sarawade
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  • Flexeraaw6$aaa: C:\Users\local_zzkatana\Temp\I1599600241\Windows_Pure_64_Bit\resource\iawin32.dll not found

    Hi Experts,   We are facing below listed error while installing secure agent:       We have reviewed suggested articles and  tried registering missing dll, configured java version, etc.. ...
    Ananta Kathale
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  • Common Data source web API

    I want to use source data as Common Data source web API and load the data in to power app using Informatica.Can some one suggest if it is possible to do so in Informatica? If so what kind of set up do we need to crea...
    swa vall
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  • How to load Multiple XML files in informatica cloud.(File list)

    Hi Team,   How to load multiple XML files with same format at a time in informatica cloud. How can i achieve like indirect method (PC). 
    vakkalagadda chenchaiah
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  • Webinar: Want to deploy code every 11.7 seconds? Transform your integration with Agile, DevOps, CI/CD

    Want to deploy code every 11.7 seconds? Transform your integration with Agile, DevOps, CI/CD   Deploy Faster, Reduce Outages, and Increase Revenue & Productivity Tuesday, February 4, 2020 8:30am PSTWithin a ...
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  • Upcoming Webinar June 13: Webinar: Meet the Experts: Deep-Dive, Demo, Roadmap - Informatica Cloud App/API Integration

    Webinar: Meet the Experts: Deep-Dive, Demo, Roadmap - Informatica Cloud App/API Integration   Date: 13 June 2019 Time: 10:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) Duration: 1 Hour Speaker: Luc Clement, Senior Director Product...
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  • Not getting "New" option in Data Integration on IICS

    I am not getting "New" Option in Data Integration for Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and so I am not able to perm any task, mapping etc. Previously I was getting and everything was fine. Also I am having desig...
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  • Need help in creating Job dependency in Informatica Cloud

    Hi All,   Is there an option to set job dependencies in Informatica Cloud.I have  a taskflow which has set of tasks in it. What I want to do is create tasks dependencies like if Task1 is completed successfu...
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  • Error Webservice SOAP - trying to configure object processes

    After insert the WSDL, ENDPOINT  and the credentials,   We need to create a business processes and configure the operations , But the Powercenter show a error   Coutd you please help me? ...
    Guilherme Ferreira
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  • runAJobCli is not runing from some machines

    Hello,   I've installed two secure agents for my cloud (trial)account, one is running on my personal laptop and other on my office laptop. But, when i run the command on my personal one, its running fine and the ...
    Sai Ram
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  • IICS Parameter Pre Sql & Post Sql and Pre Command & Post Command

    Hi,   In IICS can we parameterize the Source and Target Pre SQL and Post SQL statements and  Pre Command and Post Command
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  • Error while connecting to the sybase through JDBC in informatica cloud

    Hi, I am trying to read and extract the data from sybase table through jdbc connection in informatica cloud. when i am running the mapping I am receiving the following error. please help me out on this issue. READER...
    vamshi itukala
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  • Convert delimited flatfile to Json file using informatica cloud mapping and Json target connector

    My source is 'I' delimited flat file and I would like to convert that file to Json file using informatica cloud mapping and json target connector. I do have nested attributes in the Json schema. Please help me on this...
    vamshi itukala
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  • IICS Spring 2018 Release (IICS ONLY)

    4/14/18 8:00 AM
    We will be updating IICS (not App/App2/App3) on April 14 to the latest release, Spring 2018. During this time there will be downtime. A pre-release/Sandbox will be available before the release.   Most customers ...
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    IICS Spring 2018 Release (IICS ONLY)
  • How can I get more information about the new upcoming release IICS?

    Informatica Cloud is hosting a webinar on March 13th at 8 AM PT.   Please see the following Article to see what is covered and to sign up.   Meet the Experts Webinar –  Introduction to Informati...
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  • REST API Connector : tryting to access API using rest API connector but facing issues

    Hello, Reeust your inputs/feedback on the usage of API connectors as captured information below :   I am using informatica cloud,trying to use REST API connectors in order to access my web based source.When I t...
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  • WRT_8164 Error loading into target [Dealer_Biz_Hour__c] : Error received from salesforce.com. Fields [Dealer_ID__c]. Status code [ENTITY_IS_DELETED]. Message [Duplicate external id specified: 422116].

    Hi Everyone,   I am using upsert operation in informatica cloud to insert or update records in Salesforce target object. We have also set the external id on a particular column is salesforce. But when i am runni...
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  • Data masking

    i don't have the access for data masking, please provide me the access for that because we are already customer of informatic but we are using lower version but there are some problem with the feature of data masking....
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