• RestV2

    Rest V2 connector is a source, and  target is a flatfile. During the execution of the job, 2 rows of data was read from the source, but that data was not loaded into the target. I looked at the logs, but could no...
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  • Wsconsumer IICS

    Does ws consumer transformation support NTLM authentication if the secure agent runs with proxy servers? Please advise
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  • wsConsumer

    with the view as a source, I use web services consumer transformation to load the data into webservice. When I run a mapping, I receive the following error .Can any one suggest me how to fix this issue?   CMN_17...
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  • iics

    I have a requirement.i.e load the data from excel into powerapps in IICS.i want to implement it by using either ODATA or microdynamics 365  connector in iics. I've tried to set up an ODATA connection ,but receiv...
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  • IICS Connections

    We have the following connectors: web services, webservices(cloud labs ), WS consumer in IICS environment.Can any one suggest to me if there are any differences between these 3 connectors and also suggest to me when w...
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  • IICS Bitbucket Integration for Source Version Control

    Hi, Please let me know how the IICS code source version control can be maintained in Bitbucket.   Can we directly connect and push/pull the code from INFORMATICA CLOUD to BITBUCKET CLOUD
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  • error

    I have created sql server connection using windows authentication v2 in iics. This connection was tested successfully and I can preview the data too. But when I tried to run the mapping in iics, the mapping failed wit...
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  • IICS Error

    I'm trying to run a mapping in IICS. Database connection was Successful but I received the following error:     CMN_1022 Database driver error... CMN_1022 [ [informatica][ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol drive...
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  • How to load only new data from source to target in  IICS

    Hi,   Please consider the above picture as an example, I am running a mapping from Azure Synapse to Anaplan. In the mapping task I am having a filter SCOPE_ID = 'MN' to only load the monthly data(MN for monthly ...
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  • informatica cloud jobs scheduling using other scheduling tools like Control M or Autosys or Tidal etc.

    Hello,   how to run informatica cloud taks like DSS, DRS, MCTs.etc. using other scheduling tools which im currently using in my company to run power center jobs and other jobs like tidal or Autosys or control M ...
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  • Azure Data Synapse

    Hi, What connector do I use to connect to Azure Data Synapse? Is it the SQL Connector?
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  • Error handling in IICS data integration mapping task

    Hello All,   I am a newbie to cloud community. I am working on data integration. I created a Mapping task for loading gz file from the S3 bucket to Redshift. I defined schema at source level. While loading into t...
    Chetan Sarawade
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  • IICS

    we use the following components i.e. Metadata Manager ,Informatica Analyst and Business glossary in Informatica 10.1.0.   We installed IICS ,but how do we implement the Metadata Manager,Informatica Analyst and B...
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  • Flexeraaw6$aaa: C:\Users\local_zzkatana\Temp\I1599600241\Windows_Pure_64_Bit\resource\iawin32.dll not found

    Hi Experts,   We are facing below listed error while installing secure agent:       We have reviewed suggested articles and  tried registering missing dll, configured java version, etc.. ...
    Ananta Kathale
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  • How to load Multiple XML files in informatica cloud.(File list)

    Hi Team,   How to load multiple XML files with same format at a time in informatica cloud. How can i achieve like indirect method (PC). 
    vakkalagadda chenchaiah
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  • Cannot read the salesforce_default_values.properties file

    I am getting this error while creating masking Task. [Cannot read the salesforce_default_values.properties file from the Secure Agent installation directory. Verify that the file exists and is not empty.]   I do...
    Biki Tamuli
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  • Webinar: Want to deploy code every 11.7 seconds? Transform your integration with Agile, DevOps, CI/CD

    Want to deploy code every 11.7 seconds? Transform your integration with Agile, DevOps, CI/CD   Deploy Faster, Reduce Outages, and Increase Revenue & Productivity Tuesday, February 4, 2020 8:30am PSTWithin a ...
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  • Unable to see contact validation in Informatica cloud task wizard

    Hi Team,   I am not able to see contact validation task in my task wizard. Please assist.
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  • Not getting "New" option in Data Integration on IICS

    I am not getting "New" Option in Data Integration for Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and so I am not able to perm any task, mapping etc. Previously I was getting and everything was fine. Also I am having desig...
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  • Need help in creating Job dependency in Informatica Cloud

    Hi All,   Is there an option to set job dependencies in Informatica Cloud.I have  a taskflow which has set of tasks in it. What I want to do is create tasks dependencies like if Task1 is completed successfu...
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