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As part of our continuous infrastructure improvement, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is reducing the number of IP addresses needed to be allowed in your company’s firewall.


Please refer to the FAQs below for IP address, testing the URL, and other details for each of the pods.


This IP address switch is happening in February 2022, please refer below for dates on each pod.

Please feel free to allow these IP addresses.


7th February 2022IICS Sandbox Pre-ReleaseChange in pod IP addresses for IICS Sandbox (PRE-RELEASE)
23rd February 2022IICS EM West 1Change in pod IP addresses for IICS EM West 1
23rd February 2022IICS Canada Central 1Change in pod IP addresses for IICS Canada Central 1
23rd February 2022IICS AP SouthEast 1Change in pod IP addresses for IICS AP SouthEast1
23rd February 2022IICS UK 1Change in pod IP addresses for IICS UK 1
24th February 2022IICS NA West 1Change in pod IP addresses for IICS NA West1
24th February 2022IICS NA East 2Change in pod IP addresses for IICS NA East 2
25th February 2022IICS US West 3Change in pod IP addresses for IICS US West 3
25th February 2022IICS US East 4Change in pod IP addresses for IICS US East 4
25th February 2022IICS US West 5Change in pod IP addresses for IICS US West 5
25th February 2022IICS US East 6Change in pod IP addresses for IICS US East 6

Update: Release FAQ link added.


We have the following dates set for the October 2021 major release. For all future upgrades and maintenance schedules, please follow our calendar here:Link to Calendar


Click on Whats New Guide for the October major release.


Please refer to our FAQ for any common issues or behavior changes.











7 AM - 12 PM PT


NA West 1, US East 2



7 AM - 10 AM PT


US West 1 Azure, AP NorthEast 1 Azure



9:30 AM - 12:30 PM PT


US West 3, US East 4, AP SouthEast1



7 AM - 10 AM PT


US West 3 Azure, EM West 1



9:30 AM - 12:30 PM PT


US West 1 GCP, Canada Central 1



7 PM - 10 PM PT


US West 5, US East 6



9:30 PM - 12:30 AM PT

AP East 2 Azure, EM Central 1 Azure



9 AM - 12 PM PT


*Private pods are not be listed. Please contact support for those dates.

What are we announcing?

End of Life of Discovery IQ application in IICS


When is this being performed?

Discovery IQ is EOL effective July '21 Major release. It will be removed from the IICS product picker by October Major release.


Why is this being discontinued?

  • DiscoveryIQ has been in maintenance mode and not being enhanced.
  • Operational Insights service has been available for more than a year and it addresses the use cases within Discovery IQ, along with other features like agent service monitoring.


Action Required on your end:

  • Please start using Operational Insights, if not using already. Operational Insights is available as part of IICS subscription and you may open a "License" type case if it is not enabled on your Org.


Additional Information:

  • Please refer to the documentation of Operational Insights here.

As of Feb 5, 2018, Salesforce will be updating Symantec issued certificates with new DigiCert-issued certificates.

This will impact the Informatica Cloud jobs which use a Salesforce connection with API 31 or below and have bulk API enabled.

For instance, if the connection has the service URL as and the “Use Bulk API” option is set to true in the task.

The jobs will fail with the error message of “[ERROR] Bulk API cURL error received. Error message [SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate]”.


To avoid the impact, you can follow one of the below suggestions:

  • Add the new certificate to the ‘ca-bundle.crt’ file in the agent folder by following the KB article  523972. The certificate is attached in the article.        
  • Change the service URL in the Salesforce connection from version 31 or below to the latest supported API version i.e., 39.0. Changing the service URL to 32 or above might have some limitations:
    • Power Center Service tasks may fail with API 32.0 and above.
    • Tasks with lookups with multiple matches and multiple lookup return fields may run into errors.

For the above situations please update certificates as per KB 523972.

The certificate file update can be done immediately, we do not have to wait for the day of the change.


P.S: This is not an Informatica Cloud change. This is a change imposing us to make changes to the Secure Agent to ensure integrations run without issues. Please refer Help link describing this change.

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