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What are we announcing?

End of Life of Discovery IQ application in IICS


When is this being performed?

Discovery IQ is EOL effective July '21 Major release. It will be removed from the IICS product picker by October Major release.


Why is this being discontinued?

  • DiscoveryIQ has been in maintenance mode and not being enhanced.
  • Operational Insights service has been available for more than a year and it addresses the use cases within Discovery IQ, along with other features like agent service monitoring.


Action Required on your end:

  • Please start using Operational Insights, if not using already. Operational Insights is available as part of IICS subscription and you may open a "License" type case if it is not enabled on your Org.


Additional Information:

  • Please refer to the documentation of Operational Insights here.

Notification of an upcoming change of behavior in Amazon Redshift V2 Connector

Product: Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Connector: Amazon Redshift V2

Description of the change

With the upcoming July 2021 release, when you migrate a Redshift V2 connection related mapping you can run the imported mapping using the target org’s connection, without any changes to the mapping attributes.

For example, you develop a mapping in the IICS development organization and you then migrate the mapping to the IICS production organization. When the connection endpoint or object path in the production organization differs, you can update the Redshift V2 connection to reflect the production endpoint. You do not have to modify the mapping again. Previously, you had to manually update the mapping and create the object in the production organization.


Impact of this change

After July Major release, an Amazon Redshift V2 mapping will fail when the Target transformation includes all of the following configurations: 

  • The target operation selected is update, upsert, or delete.
  • The column in the Update Columns field is not selected.
  • Target table name specified as an override in the target advanced properties does not have a primary key.


The following image shows the configurations in the Target transformation that you need to consider:

Error Scenario

If the target table specified in the Redshift V2 mapping at the object level has a primary key, but the table name specified as an override in the target advanced properties does not have a primary key defined, Data Integration considers the table name specified in the advanced properties. The mapping fails with the following error message:

[ERROR] <Target_table_name> No key is selected for Operation Type


When the mapping includes an update, upsert, or delete operation in the Target transformation, perform one of the following tasks before you move to the July 2021 release and migrate mappings from one environment to another:

  • In the Update Column field, select the column that you want to use as the primary key.
  • Ensure that a primary key is defined in the Redshift target table if you override Target Table Name in the target advanced properties.

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