As of Feb 5, 2018, Salesforce will be updating Symantec issued certificates with new DigiCert-issued certificates.

This will impact the Informatica Cloud jobs which use a Salesforce connection with API 31 or below and have bulk API enabled.

For instance, if the connection has the service URL as and the “Use Bulk API” option is set to true in the task.

The jobs will fail with the error message of “[ERROR] Bulk API cURL error received. Error message [SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate]”.


To avoid the impact, you can follow one of the below suggestions:

  • Add the new certificate to the ‘ca-bundle.crt’ file in the agent folder by following the KB article  523972. The certificate is attached in the article.        
  • Change the service URL in the Salesforce connection from version 31 or below to the latest supported API version i.e., 39.0. Changing the service URL to 32 or above might have some limitations:
    • Power Center Service tasks may fail with API 32.0 and above.
    • Tasks with lookups with multiple matches and multiple lookup return fields may run into errors.

For the above situations please update certificates as per KB 523972.

The certificate file update can be done immediately, we do not have to wait for the day of the change.


P.S: This is not an Informatica Cloud change. This is a change imposing us to make changes to the Secure Agent to ensure integrations run without issues. Please refer Help link describing this change.