We will be moving the data center for App2. The migration should be seamless to you, and there will be no product changes. If you currently whitelist Informatica Cloud IP addresses, you will need to whitelist the new IP addresses before the data center move. For you to validate your whitelisting, go to https://app20.informaticacloud.com/saas/icsalive.html from any browser within the network to verify you can connect and get the message "ICS NODE IS ALIVE".


What IP Addresses need to be whitelisted?



Can I remove the old IP addresses?

No you cannot. Please retain the IP addresses as we use these for DR and an entry point for app.informaticaondemand.com.


Why are we moving data centers?

The new data center has the latest infrastructure and can provide room for growth, higher availability and reliability.


Will there be any product changes?

No, we will not be making any changes to the product during this move. This is not a release of any product, and there will be no product enhancements or changes during the move.


Is there an update of the agent?

The agent will not be changed in any way. There are no application, patch, package or agent updates during this move.


Do I have to whitelist the IPs to run jobs after the migration?

You only must whitelist the IP’s if you had to do this for the current data center. We strongly recommend using the pre-release agent and testing connectivity to verify and validate your organization’s readiness.


If you have any questions please contact us through Global Customer Support at 1-877-INFAHELP from the US, or Worldwide click here.  You may also email pre-release@informatica.com for any questions or concerns regarding this notice.


For more information on IP Address Ranges in Informatica Cloud, including previous IP ranges see this KB:112401