The main goal of this feature is to encourage/enable existing PowerCenter customers to leverage the wide connectivity options available in Informatica Cloud.

Informatica Cloud has over 150+ Connectors, a much higher number compared to the connectors available in PowerCenter.


Using this feature/architecture PowerCenter customers can run jobs where the source/target is an Informatica Cloud-based connector.


CaaS - Features


·        The CaaS architecture is designed such that minimal Informatica Cloud knowledge/skill is required by  a PowerCenter Developer/Administrator

·        Tasks like developing a CaaS based mapping and running it, follows the regular PowerCenter clients and development flow.

·        The only additional steps required are:

o   Login to the Informatica Cloud Server (web portal)

o   Download and install the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent.

o   Create connections in the ICS Org, for the desired end-points.

               (All these steps need to be performed only once)

·        Currently, several ICS connectors are supported by CaaS architecture. More connectors will be added to this list soon.

·        Pros :

o   One can leverage ICS Cloud Connectors from within PowerCenter

o   No learning curve i.e. no additional skill required for PowerCenter developer.

o   Seamless integration between PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud

o   Informatica internal advantage – If a connector is already available on Cloud need not develop a PowerCenter connector for the same.

·        Cons :

o   Requires Secure Agent installation in the customer’s network.

o   Performance can be slower compared to a regular task as this architecture involves data transfer between 2 DTMs (Described below).

o   Firewall modifications to enable PowerCenter Server Communication to the ICS Server.


Mapping Internal Conversion:


A CaaS based PowerCenter mapping will internally be converted to two mappings as described in the below diagram:


                     (Runs on Secure Agent machine)                         (Runs on PowerCenter Server machine)



Run-time behavior of a CaaS based PC Mapping:


Below figure show the activities that happen when a CaaS based job is triggered from PowerCenter.

In the diagram, the scenario is a PC Mapping with CaaS based source and a regular target.





1)     PowerCenter Integration Service spawns the pmdtm process.

2)     The pmdtm process detects that the source is a CaaS based source (not a regular source) and sends a request to the ICS Server.

The request has required mapping metadata (ICS Connection, ICS Source Object etc.)

3)     ICS Server generates a Cloud Mapping on the fly and sends an execute request to the Secure Agent.

4)     The Secure Agent spawns a DTM process (Cloud DTM) and executes the generated Cloud Mapping.

5)     The Cloud DTM process reads data from the Source end-point.

6)     The Cloud DTM feeds this data to the PowerCenter pmdtm.

7)     PowerCenter pmdtm executes any other transformation in the PowerCenter mapping and finally loads data into the Target.