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Informatica Cloud Summer 2016 Release



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Join the Informatica Cloud product team to find out what's new in the Summer 2016 release and explore all the key capabilities. The Summer 2016 release is packed with many new platform capabilities, new and enhanced connectors and various other additions to the Cloud suite to help our customers drive their businesses better with unified and secured data.


Register today and you will learn about:

  • Cloud Data Integration Hub offers centrally managed hub to streamline and automate data integration across cloud and on-premise sources
  • Innovative features of Informatica Cloud platform to manage global and distributed data integrations like state-ful time sensitive variables, advanced data transformations like unions and sequences
  • Intelligent data masking capabilities included in Informatica Cloud Data Integration to enable masking of sensitive data dynamically saving time and development efforts
  • Cloud B2B Gateway is the leading data exchange platform for enterprises and it’ partners and customers providing end-to-end data monitoring capabilities and support for highest level of data quality
  • Cloud Application Integrations widget framework, part of SDK, enabling ISVs and third parties to build customized integration solutions
  • Native connectors for popular cloud applications like Workday, SAP Success Factors, Oracle, SugarCRM, MongoDB, Teradata Cloud, SAP Concur, Salesforce Financial Cloud

Not just that but extensive enhancements to support ease-of-use, self-service and more richer experience. We look forward to seeing you.



We are excited to announce the Informatica Cloud Summer 2016 release. Informatica Cloud Summer 2016 includes the following new features and enhancements:


Cloud Mapping Designer

  • Added three new transformations:
    • Union - lets you merge data from multiple sources into a single pipeline.
    • Sequence - lets you generate a sequence of numeric values that can be used to create unique primary key values, replace missing primary keys, etc.
    • XML to Relational - lets you handle and extract information from XML data easily.
  • Support for In-Out Parameters. These are persistent parameters that retain values even after task execution and can be used to save the state of Mapping Configuration tasks.
  • Support for parameterization of the Data Masking transformation.
  • Enhancements to the Mapplet transformation to preserve the metadata and field mapping information even after mapplets are refreshed.

Informatica Cloud Real Time

  • Enhanced design time capabilities including support for broader attachments and broader multi-protocol endpoint.
  • Informatica DiscoveryIQ for app integration and operational visibility.
  • Enhancements to App Integration connectivity including S/FTP, AWS S3, AWS SQS, AWS SNS, SAP BAPI, Informatica ICS, DaaS and AddressDoctor, and Service Connector auto-generation.
  • Introducing support for built-in services including Shell Service and Alert Service.

Informatica Cloud Platform

  • Informatica Cloud has been certified with Java 1.8 runtime. Users can upgrade their environment by request and requires re-installation of the secure agent.
  • Enhanced SAML single sign-on support that allows users to login with SAML token and organization ID.
  • Introducing the limited availability of new micro-services based Advanced Agents that provide high availability and clustering with uninterrupted job execution and operation during upgrades and patches.
  • New REST API has been added for Expression validation.
  • Enhancements to the REST APIs to get/set Sequence Generator and In-Out Parameter values.
  • Support for customizing bundles. Users will now be able to copy and edit the contents of a bundle according to their needs.
  • SAP Metadata utility is now available in Informatica Cloud which enables users to browse BAPI metadata and generate new mapplets. It also has support for uploading SAP IDoc extensions.
  • Upgrading the SAP Classic RFC SDK libraries to Netweaver RFC SDK for SAP BAPI, IDoc & Table writer interfaces.
  • Intelligent Structure Discovery is now available within Informatica Cloud and provides the ability to automatically create structures and extract meaningful information from any log file and transform common JSON structures.

Cloud Test Data Management

  • Introducing passive Mapplets that let you create custom masking logic for the tasks.
  • Support for “UPDATE” operation that allows users to populate partial copy sandboxes.
  • Ability to start and stop the staging database from front end, with automatic creation of JDBC connection.

Connectivity Enhancements

  • Launching the new Workday Connector to support all Workday services. The connector simplifies handling complex hierarchical workday data structures and lets you map them seamlessly to relational endpoints. It also stays current with Workday API updates.
  • SAP BW/BI with ability to extract data from InfoCubes, InfoSets, MultiProviders and DataStore objects.
  • Launching new connectors for:
    • SAP Concur
    • SAP SuccessFactors
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Amazon Aurora
    • Salesforce Financial Cloud
    • Microsoft DocumentDB
    • SugarCRM
  • Various enhancements to the following connectors:
    • Marketo
    • NetSuite
    • Tableau
    • Amazon S3, RedShift
    • Salesforce Sales and Service cloud
    • Microsoft Azure SQL DB, Data Lake and DW
    • SAP
    • Box
    • ServiceNow
    • Concur V1
    • JIRA
    • Eloqua
    • JDBC (RT)
    • Sharepoint
    • Workday V2 (request from support)
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (request from support)

On Wednesday May 11, 10:00 PM PT we made a change to the way Cloud Support Cases are created.


Informatica is excited to announce our New Cloud Support interface to improve our customer experience. We will be enhancing the Informatica Cloud Support access on Wednesday May 11, at 10:00 PM PT. Your agent will NOT be affected and there will be NO downtime for this update.


What is the new support interface?


Over the last several months we have been working on improving the user interface and increasing the learning options for our customers. We understand the use of our cloud products are in mission critical projects and access to right content and support help should be made easy.


We have designed a new and more robust way to access all aspects of support, as well as case creation, from Informatica Cloud using the new Informatica Network customer experience platform.  With a click of a button from Informatica Cloud product you can now access our robust Knowledge base, discussions, chat with an expert, and online case interface. The link you used to use to submit a case will now take you directly to the Cloud Support page in the Informatica Network.


Watch a quick 2 minute introduction video here.


How do I access support?


Simply click on the renamed “Contact Support” (previously “Submit a Case” button) from your Informatica cloud interface.






1. What is Informatica Network and how do I register?

Informatica Network is the one-stop shop community platform for all learning and support needs. It has over 120000 registered users and has a vibrant community of developers, administrators and architects

Now Informatica Cloud customers can take complete advantage of Informatica Network resources which includes 70000+ knowledge base articles, how-to libraries, support videos, product documentation and many more..

To register simply click on ‘Contact Support’ and follow the guided steps to register. Please use your work email address, and look for a validation link once you click on submit during the registration process. If you have already registered in the past, use your existing login.

2. What benefits does it preset for Informatica Cloud customers?


Informatica Cloud customers can now take complete advantage of Informatica Network. Some of the features includes:

     - Access to all product documentation

     - Knowledge base search across all content sources

     - SupportTV with over 1000 learning videos

     - Expert moderated communities

     - Chat with Support

     - Guided troubleshooting wizard

     - eSupport access to open and manage cases (only for support contacts)

3. Can I use the same login as my Informatica Cloud?


Network is our unified portal for Informatica support and hence it needs a new registration but you can use the same email address used in Informatica Cloud to register... Please ensure that you choose your company email address that is registered with Informatica Cloud, so that your cases will be assigned to your support project. If you have more than 1 email registered with Informatica Cloud, please use your primary work email address.


4. Can I post to community?


Yes, you can take advantage of our communities once you register and can also participate in discussions on others posts. Community allows both be private and public discussion.


5. How can I create a case?


In the new Cloud Support page as you scroll down you will see a button “Create Case” and that will take you to Informatica Network login page (if you are not already logged in)




“Click on “Access eSupport” to start creating the case. Choose create a technical case, and fill the required fields and priority to submit a case. The kb is integrated with the case submission process, so relevant matches will be tied to the case keywords.


6. How will  I add myself to a support project as a Read/Write contact?


You can place a request with your primary contact to add yourself to the list of Read/Write contacts. Please note there is a numerical limit to the list of contacts for a support project based on your support entitlement.


7. I do not know who my primary contact is. How can I find it?


Please send an email to with your questions. You can also send an email to

8. I am user in more than one Informatica cloud Org. So should I register with multiple users in Network?


No, you can register with the same email address that is tied to the multiple Informatica cloud users once which should be sufficient.

9. Do I need to be a Read/Write contact to search for knowledge base solutions?


No, you can search even if you are not a listed as read-only or Read/Write contact. You can encourage any of the users from your organization to access

10. What is a Read/Write contact?


Informatica support offers its customers the ability to register a certain number of named contacts that  have the ability to create/update cases on behalf of the support project. Those who have this permission are called Read/Write contacts. There is another type of user with Read Only permission and this is unlimited, but these users cannot create cases.


12. How do I view/update open cases?


Once you login to e-support page, you shall see all cases open for both your support project as well as the ones opened by you. You can click to open any case and view/update as necessary.

13. Is there a comprehensive document about your policies and procedures?


Yes, Please refer to our Policies and Procedures document.

14. I am a trial customer, how do I get support?


Trial customer support is now done via Community Discussions. You may create a public discussion or choose a private discussion and we will provide answers to your issues via the discussion. To create a discussion click on Create Discussion, and the default is in the public Cloud Integration forum. If you prefer a private discussion choose the Specific People radio button and the user “CloudTrial”. Our discussion forums are moderated by Informatica Cloud support engineers.



15. How can I provide Feedback?

Click on the feedback button at the top of the page. We look forward to hearing your feedback.



We hope you find these changes enhance your support experience and give you an opportunity to explore all of our resources and materials in a unified location.


Quick Links for our Network Tutorial Videos:


How to post a question on to Informatica community:


How to create new Technical Case in Esupport:


How to Add a new Contact in Esupport:


How to Update a Case in ESupport


How to create a new Technical profile


How to register to network


If you have any questions please contact us through Global Customer Support at 1-877-INFAHELP from the US, or Worldwide click here.

Important Links:

1. DiscoveryIQ

2. Cloud Community Page

3. Global Customer Support



Thank you,

Informatica Cloud Team

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