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We kicked off the month of October by holding another session on cloud integration templates - this time building an entirely new one, as opposed to using a prebuilt template within Informatica Cloud. Our last session on templates focused on a specific customer use case - a Zuora to Great Plains template with some complex SQL Server stored procedures.


We went over some of the most important transformations (such as Joiners, Filters, Normalizers, and Routers), and what they're used for. We also went over certain "Template Stubs" (which consist of a combination of prebuilt transformations) that can help you be even more productive as you build your custom integration template. These template stubs broadly fell into 3 categories:


1) Accessing Data Sources

2) Transforming, Filtering, & Aggregating Data

3) Routing & Joining Data

4) Looking up Data

5) Writing to Targets


You can view the slides here as well as the recording featuring Naresh Govindaraj from our product management team. Tomorrow's TechTuesdays session on Oct. 8 at 830am is on an exciting topic, REST Web Services and JSON, and represents a snapshot of what's going on in the evolution of the internet.

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