On our seventh Informatica Cloud #TechTuesdays session on September 17th, "Cloud Migration: Sandbox Best Practices", we talked about the importance of testing out your integration workflows before deploying them into production. Using an Informatica Cloud sandbox has three primary benefits, especially for companies focused on improving the productivity of their integration projects without compromising on security:


  • Security: The Informatica Cloud Secure Agent can be deployed into separate virtual LANs, each one demarcated away from any sensitive corporate IT resources
  • Streamlined Integration Lifecycle: With all the different stages in an integration lifecycle (development, testing, and production), having Informatica Cloud sandboxes, makes it easy to move approved and tested integrations from the testing phase, directly into production
  • Debugging: If any bugs have been encountered in a production environment, it is very easy to to isolate, trace, and resolve these bugs in the testing environment within sandboxes


Krupa Natarajan from our cloud product management team ran through a demo showing how to move objects from a sandbox environment to production, and ran through the following demo scenarios:

  • Having the 'Migrate Objects' functionality enabled by your Informatica Cloud Administrator
  • Credentialing, and access between sandbox and production accounts
  • Ensuring that users have the correct privileges to either read/write/update objects and tasks via Fine Grained Access Controls
  • The types of "objects" that would be migrated, be it an application's object, a connection name, a plugin, etc.
  • Keeping migration privileges separate from task-related privileges
  • Editing connections to point to a different connection, especially when having separate test accounts for your SaaS applications as well


You can download the recording to view the replay, as well as the slides. Tomorrow's TechTuesday session on 9/24 at 830am PDT will go one step further, and focus on Data Masking - this is a very useful feature to have when you want to copy a subset of your production data into a testing environment in order to mimic real-life scenarios, but wish to keep confidential information private and secure.