One of the questions we often hear from people who see Informatica Cloud integration for the first time (after they are amazed by how easy it is to get up and running and use of course!) is:


“We have PowerCenter, how can we best take advantage of the cloud integration service?”


There are whitepapers on the topic of Hybrid IT and Extending PowerCenter, but I thought I’d put the question to Mark Murray, one of Informatica’s long-time technical specialists. Here is his summary:



  • Informatica Cloud enables solution support to be self-sufficient. It requires very little training to set up and administer.
  • With Informatica Cloud, business unit subject matter experts and/or data analysts can be self-sufficient in defining initial data integration needs.
    • As complexity grows, center or excellence / integration competency center (ICC) experts can easily provide assistance. With Informatica Cloud integration, mappings and mapplets (known Plugins in Informatica Cloud) can be shared between cloud and premise environments.



Software a Service

  • Standards-based and delivered as an on-demand service, with Informatica Cloud it’s never been easier to load, synchronize, and replicate data. And new process automation and data masking features, not to mention data quality and MDM, are adding more and more cloud data management capabilities with each release.
  • With Informatica Cloud, total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower. SaaS-based with subscription pricing, Informatica Cloud customers typically highlight minimal administrative and support costs, rapid implementation time and lower development cost as key benefits.
  • Ease of maintenance (automatic upgrades) and the need for fewer resources are also key strengths. As a result, Informatica Cloud has proven to be great for emerging markets and new cloud data integration projects with limited resources.
  • It’s ever evolving and growing! Informatica Cloud Integration provides an upgrade approximately three times a year so there are always new features, function, services and connectors available for you.


Cloud Connectors and Templates

  • It’s hard to keep up with all of the new Cloud Connectors that are now available via the Informatica Marketplace Cloud Integration Mall. Check it out for yourself!
  • How do I activate or access a new connector in my Informatica Cloud Org? It’s Easy! Just navigate to the Administrator | Connectors tab and select Free Trial and your good to go!
  • Cloud Integration Templates go beyond simply connecting two endpoints. They recognize the repeatable patterns and allow our customers to jumpstart projects and take advantage of best practices.
  • And the great part about the extensive Cloud Connectors and Cloud Integration Templates is that customers, partners and employees can access the tools we use to build them and built and share their own. Details are available on our Developer site.



Thanks for the overview Mark! I hope this is enough to get more and more PowerCenter users getting started with an Informatica Cloud Integration trial. We're interested in how our customers and partners answer this question as well. Please share your thoughts here.