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This article describes a way to run IICS secure agent inside a Linux based docker container.

Download the attachment in the article.There are two files inside the zip file, a docker file and a script to download, install and register the secure agent.


The docker file downloads the centos 7 image and installs pip, python requests module and copies the script described in my previous blog Download, Install and Register Secure Agent using IICS Rest API into the image. When the image is started as a container the script is triggered which will download, install and register the secure agent.




Docker Engine is installed and running.


IICS Login Credentials. If you don't have IICS login credentials you can register for a trial here Integration At Scale: Spark Serverless – Preview Registration


Update the script with your IICS login credentials on line 20 and 21.


Creating the docker Image


On the machine where docker engine is running download the attachment and extract the files to a directory.

Run the following command to create the base image.


docker build -t secure_agent:latest .

Check if the image is created successully using the command


docker images secure_agent

Starting the docker Image as container


Run the following command to start the docker image as a container, you can adjust the hostname as per your need.


docker run -i -d -t --hostname=sa_docker secure_agent


The command will start the containers and execute the script inside the container. Depending on the internet speed it should take 2-3 mins to download,install and register the agent with the IICS org.