I am very pleased to inform you that Cloud MDM - Customer 360 for Salesforce Release 7.2 (Spring 2021) is now available.


You can download the package using the URL: https://login.salesforce.com/?ec=302&startURL=%2Fpackaging%2FinstallPackage.apexp%3Fp0%3D04t2G000000Wf37.


This release contains following improvements and many bug fixes:


Merge survivorship – Now you can configure to retain custom master record based on custom logic and also apply field level survivorship rules.

Hierarchy improvements – Now in hierarchies you can filter based on a node type as well as more advanced filtering conditions including AND/OR criteria making it easy for users to browse and use hierarchies.

DaaS improvements – Some improvements in DaaS include DaaS template showing record count and entitlements count available at the time of testing connection.

Search before create – Now you can search before create as an explicit action on Lightning UI too. This is possible for both accounts and contacts.


Documentation Links:








Password is: CloudMdm@RC72