• Conditionally Selecting Distinct Values From a List of Process Objects

    I'm creating a list of process objects I'm querying from another source, with the following Xquery: let $Itemlist := $output.o_queryResponse[1]/result     for $eachRow in $Itemlist//records  ...
    Evan Morgoch
    created by Evan Morgoch
  • How to Improve the Process Performance

    Hi,   I am connecting to the Dynamics 365 Sales from CAI, API Calls in Process are taking longer than POSTMAN. To get the Token in POSTMAN it's taking only 100 ms where as in process using the service connector ...
    Suresh Singireddy
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  • Transfer json file/data to Message bus/service application using IICS ?

    Hi,   I have a requirement to send the JSON data/file to a downstream message bus/service application like UMB using IICS. Is this possible ? If yes, how we can achieve that ?   JSON file is being created ...
    Rajeev R
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  • Powerapps

    i have a requirement i.e. source data is  power apps and target is flat file . Can anyone suggest to me which connector we should use for power apps in IICS and how to implement this in iics.
    srini komm
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  • Connect CAI to MDM Jboss 7 - JMS

    Hi Guys,   I'm trying to connect to the Jboss 7 messaging service. I need to consume MDM messages whenever a record is changed. Jboss appeared to use the built-in ActiveMQ. Any tips or other way to consume MDM me...
    leandro silva
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  • Upgrading the PostgreSQL database from version 9.5.2 or 12.4 to version 12.6

    Overview After you upgrade to the July 2021 release, you can upgrade the PostgreSQL database from version 9.5.2 or 12.4 to version 12.6.   PostgreSQL version 9.5 has been placed under End-of-Life status as of 11...
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • Flat Connection - Test error

    Hello everyone,   I have a problem with the 'Flat' connection test:     The message appears - Unknown server error.   Do you know how I can solve this problem and how I can get more information ...
    Vladyslav Sukhovetskyi
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  • Not able to view process object while trying to access it in process

    I created process object and was trying to use it in process. As per the Informatica documentation, I should be able to see the process object in the "custom type" while defining the input fields for the process. But...
    Naveed Rahman
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  • How to connect to snowflake in cloud application integration

    Can you please let me know on how can I connect to snowflake using cloud application integration
    Naveed Rahman
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  • ERROR: "Name cannot be more than 65 characters long." when you override a custom query of a mapping task within a taskflow.

    If a taskflow contains a Data Task step that uses a mapping task with a custom query, and you override the custom query in the taskflow such that the query length exceeds 65 characters, the mapping task fails with the...
    Sonali Kumbhalkar
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  • Problem with footer buttons in Guides (CAI)

    ¡Hi everyone!   I have a problem with "Guides" in Informatica Cloud - Application Integrations. When I define the footer buttons, in simulate preview, these buttons are not displayed. If I publish the guid...
  • Unexpected token  at position 39 error while trying to invoke API

    Hi Team,   I was solving problem in tutorial for Cloud application integration . Its the "Order Management Process" tutorial. In that one, I am getting the below error in "Get Margin Detail Process" when I invo...
    Naveed Rahman
    created by Naveed Rahman
  • Adding Secure agent to existing group.

    I have installed an additional Secure agent to load balance our Application integration tasks. First I started setting up the secure agent on a freshly installed windows 2019 server, preparing everything the processe...
    Alexander Hauthaler
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  • CAI + Twilio Quick Start Guide

    Overview What is Twilio? Why use Twilio? Pre-Requisites Importing the Assets Assets included in the Import Package Configuring the assets Using the Assets Sending a Text Message: Resp...
    Xhevair Maskuli
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  • CAI + SendGrid Quick Start Guide

    Overview What is SendGrid? Why use SendGrid? Pre-Requisites Importing the Assets Assets included in the Import Package Configuring the assets Using the Assets Sending a Basic Email: S...
    Xhevair Maskuli
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  • Not able to produce/consume messages from Confluent Cloud

    I am trying explore application integration capabilities in producing/consuming messages Confluent Cloud. I also need to use schema registry and Avro serialization.   I created appConnection for Confluent Cloud ...
    Kishor Baindoor
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  • timeout window for web Services when DB is down

    Hi,   From last 2 weekend's, we are facing a issue as Web services are in long running status only, after DB is up. Screenshot enclosed. Please provide your valuable guidance. Thank you!!   Regards, Vi...
    Vijay Bhasker
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  • APi is not reading input xml properly

    Hi Team,   I was testing one process and passing the xml as input but it is not reading correctly .   i can see input is not proper it as came as shuffled . i am excepting the input what i have passed, ...
    Krishna Vempally
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  • Pass data from DI Taskflow into a Process

    Hi,   Can we pass data from a taskflow into another process. As an example i have a txt file with 1 column called delimiter. I need to pass the value present in the delimiter field in the text file into the assi...
    Pankaj Sharma
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  • while running the process i am getting Error

    Hi team,   i am trying to run the process in informatica with input as  xml but i am getting below Error.     Thanks
    Krishna Vempally
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