• IICS App Integration process dropping incoming files?

    I am new to IICS in general, and more specifically new to Application Integration.  I created a simple process. Process starts when a file lands in a particular directory, using a file connection. Process assig...
    Chak Lai
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  • Registry of Service Connectors - Gateway to building composite API using Cloud Application Integration

    Overview What is available on GitHub How to contribute Service Connectors Adobe [count: 1] Alfresco [count: 6] AllScripts [count: 1] APIMATIC [count: 1] Atlassian [count: 9] Automatic...
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • ICAI - Salesforce to SAP and SAP to Salesforce via ICAI-Process-Real time

    Hi Team,   I am new to Appliction Integration, and would like to check the connectivity of IICS-AI (Application Integration) with SAP on Real time basis.   We have a requirement where the Integration hap...
    Vishal Singh
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  • Unable to publish jdbc connection in Application Integration

    I am able to successfully test a jdbc connection in cloud Application integration console. However when i am trying to publish the connection, getting the following error: "The asset 'AppConnection1' was not publishe...
    Kingsuk Sengupta
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  • How to change commnuniti email from work to personal

    I would like to change the login email from work to personal email. Can you please share steps to do that? @PattabhiRaman
    Srini Veeravalli
    created by Srini Veeravalli
  • Adjust Timezone

    Hi, Can someone help me how to use fn:adjust timezone function.., I'm using as below,, but getting error.   fn:adjust-dateTime-to-timezone(xs:dateTime("$temp.tmpCurrentDate"), xs:dayTimeDuration("PT5H")) ...
    Uma Maheswar
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  • LinkedIn api for service connector

    Hi Everyone, Can some one please provide me the linkedIn wsdl or API url for creating service connector.   Thanks, Seshu
    pereddy seshaseyanareddy
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  • JMS to IICS

    Hi all,   How to configure JMS connections with IICS   Thannks, Prabhakar,
    Prabhakar Reddy Boddapati
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  • Salesforce PushTopics Event Triggering Process

    I'm attempting to follow this video, to simulate my own pushtopic event triggered Application Integration job, but nothing seems to kick off the event when I check the processes in Application Integration Console....
    Aaron Mattern
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  • How to: Support Salesforce Platform Event and Push Topic events in Cloud Application Integration

    With Informatica Cloud Summer 2019 Release coming out in July, we are providing support for Salesforce Platform Events and Push Topic events enabling customers to deliver secure, scalable, and customizable event notif...
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • How to: Publish and Subscribe to Salesforce Platform Events using Salesforce Connection

    Salesforce Connector connects to the Salesforce messaging platform to enable real-time message processing.   You can use Salesforce Connector to perform the following tasks:   Configure a Salesforce connec...
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • How to use Command Task Step in a Taskflow

    Open video

    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • ICRT Sample - Reading and Writing - XML to Delimited CSV or JSON and Vice Versa.

    This post is meant to both specifically answer some recent discussion posts on the Community about the process of taking an XML and writing to a CSV.    I have attached a Word Doc walkthrough with a Quick...
    Casey Clayton
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  • IICS Asset Management CLI V2 Utility: Command Reference Guide

    Contents Overview Downloading the IICS Asset Management CLI V2 Utility Running the IICS Asset Management CLI V2 Utility IICS Asset Management CLI Utility Commands IICS Synopsis Options II...
    Anu Chandrasekharan
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  • Using Command Task and Notification Task in a Taskflow

    In this video, we’ll demonstrate how you can use the Command Task and Notification Task steps in a taskflow.   This demo highlights the Taskflow design decision to ensure alerting.   As a developer, ...
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • is there a way to parameterize the run cloud task in CAI

    Hi, In a process Service step, I want to use the RunCloud Task system service, but instead of selecting Task manually, either I want to select it from Input field or parameterize.   When I tried to select it ...
    Srikanth patevar
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  • CAI SAP App Connection Error

    Hi. I am working on a recent project in Cloud Application Integration.   I just created a SAP BAPI App connection. When testing the connection it passes with no problem.   But when I try to publish the con...
    Felipe Wheelock
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  • IICS SDLC Practices

    As enterprises build, maintain, and integrate code across their proprietary, on-premises, and SaaS applications, it is imperative to embrace a team-based development methodology that enables collaboration and reuse, e...
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • How to Create JDBC connection for MSSQL with SSL and TSLv1.2 in CAI

    Hi, We recently bought SSL encryption to DB. the old connection string specified in the JDBC connection is not working, could someone help with the right URL? Encryption Method is SSL Crypto Version: TSLv1.2  ...
    Srikanth patevar
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  • Salesforce Outbound Message to IICS Cloud Application Integration not working

    Hi All,          I am triggering one Application Integration Service from Salesforce Outbound Messages this is not working as below. Step 01: I have set up my ICAI assets and publi...
    Umakanta Swain
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