• Can we convert the process object(JSON) object to string?

    We have a case in which we have to print the request body(in JSON format) as string in a field in the output. How can we achieve that? Example: This is the request body: {    "Field1" : "value",  ...
    Pankaj Chaudhary
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  • How to run the job(mapping/mct) continuously in inforamtica cloud?

    How to run the particular mapping /mct continually in CAI? Am new to CAI ,can anyone tell me the process how we can achieve this?
    Bhargavi Nara
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  • Not able to parse attribute value to variable.

    Hi, I have the below input xml data that i am reading using a FileParser to pick the file from.   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <properties> <entry key="type">Document</entry>...
    sudha pininti
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  • How can we send headers in the subprocess??

    I have a main Informatica process where I am calling another Informatica process as a subprocess. Now I want to send some headers in the subprocess. How can I do it?? because subprocess only has input fields which we...
    lokesh aggarwal
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  • AWS S3 permission requirements

    What AWS IAM permissions does the Cloud Application Integration S3 connector require?   This information is not in the S3 connector guide.
    Scott Forest
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  • how to - hex bytes to SHA-256 hash in XQuery expression (Informatica Cloud Real-Time)

    (requirement: copy an S3 file to another name based on the timestamp)   attempting to call the AWS S3 ReST, one of the steps requires hashing the canonical request as described below "Append the hash of the canon...
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  • How to handle multiple occurances of elements in Web Service response in Informatica Cloud Application Integration

    I Hi All,   I am stuck in an issue where I am passing a city name to a web service which returns weather forecast for that city for next 10 days. The response is coming in this format:   <main> ...
    Akshay Pillai
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  • Database rows to JSON

    I've been working on an issue for some time, and am having a hard time wrapping my head around the proper solution.  Any tips would be appreciated.   My use case is to create an end point that exposes multip...
    Brock Muench
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  • How to prevent util:toJSON() function replaces break lines into '\n'

    Hello All -   My Input to util:toJSON() function is below XML.   <address> <address1>Address 1</address1> <address2>Address 2 Address 3</address2> </address>   ...
    Mehul Sorathiya
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  • Json Output Using informatica cloud process (ICRT)

    Hi, I am trying to generate the Json file by calling the REST API using informatica cloud real time process (ICRT). But, I could not able to generate the JSON file in process.   Can some one please help.  ...
    vamshi itukala
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  • Send data to AWS SNS through IICS

    Hi All - I have a requirement to parse the complex JSON array from S3 bucket and load it into AWS Document DB and trigger a SNS notification with the data, so that the application which subscribes on to the SNS topic ...
    Gopinath Panneerselvam
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  • How to use an external XSD file to create Process Object in CAI?

    Hi all I have SAP XML files with 100-1000 elements which I want to use in CAI. am trying to create Process Object in CAI to have input messages that follow this XML structure but don't see an easy way to import schem...
    Kumar Kaustubh
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  • Use of Lookup in Cloud Application Integration Subscription Process

    Hi, Can any one help me how can I use lookup in cloud application integration as we can use in cloud data integration or in power center, for example, I have to change county name into country code, incoming value i...
    Anubhav Srivastava
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  • How to use DB sequence while inserting a record in a Db Table

    We have a very common requirement. Insert a Record in an Oracle DB table. Table primary key is a DB Sequence. We did not find a way in ICRT to set the Primary key value using a DB Sequence.
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  • ICRT output array within array

    Good Afternoon team,   I have yet another question to ask   I have 2 tables : 1.Student Detail(First_name, last_name, DOB, Grade) 2.Student Mark List (first_name, last_name,Grade, Sub1_title, sub1_score...
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  • Unable to Parse JSON body Input from REST Client

    Hello,   I need to pass below JSON body in POST operation for one of my CAI process which will be the input to Service Connector.   { "abc": { "efg": { "item": [{ "_price": "15", "_quantity": "bo...
    Mehul Sorathiya
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  • How to use output is whole payload with more than one output field

    Hi All,   I am trying to use the option "output is whole payload" with two out put fields, but unfortunately ICRT is not accepting for this.   Here i am attaching the error messages for the reference  ...
    seshaseyana reddy
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  • How To concate with flat file source fields on Cloud Application Integration

    Hi Team,   I took a flat file as a source created a connection for that, I'm doing Event Driven file processing. I want to perform Concatination on two Source file fields, For that i'm selecting Formula even af...
    vakkalagadda chenchaiah
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  • DVM based data transformation in Application Integration

    How do I set up an Application Integration process that would be able to query a local file, for lookup transformation ? I think the file connectors are geared towards events, such as creation of new files or modifi...
    Abhishek Baidya
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  • How to define a temporary field to hold an Salesforce Data Object ID

    Hi,   I want to define a field to hold an salesforce data object ID (for example an Address ID field). What is the best type to that I can use ? I was using the data type Text since I cannot select an ID data...
    Norberto Fernandes
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