• How to: fetch XML as text attributes

    Hi,   We are receiving xml as a text input in CAI. We are trying to process it to fetch attributes (e.g. Key, wid etc.) the only way that has worked so far is substring, any ideas on what can be done?   Sa...
    Akash Amritkar
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  • API Manager for OData Service Connector

    Hello. We have created app connector ( with odata enabled) to expose database objects as OData endpoints. We are able to call odata url from postman and it works fine.    Next we want to use API Manager to...
    rajesh khatri
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  • Remove root tag from process output

    Is there a way to remove <root> or <*process name*Response> tag from the process output? If a process receives the request via REST url, and requests contains Accept/Content-Type header with application/xm...
    asd das
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  • Sub-Process iteration

    I just completed the CAI Service Connector Intermediate Implementation Course.  The last demo in the course featured a process that got a list of objects and used iteration to update a database through a sub-proc...
    John Wiley
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  • Wrong datetime format

    I got a DateTime format in the wrong way 2021-03-10- Need to correct it in Expression editor as 2021-03 10-17:32:15.000000 in cloud application integration. can someone help
    Sai Ram
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  • Deployment

    The source type was selected as multiple objects and query options were configured at source connection in mapping. After deploying a mapping from org to sub org using export and import options, the source type was bl...
    srini komm
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  • Calling a process as Service vs as Subprocess

    Are there any differences when calling a process inside a Service component vs when calling in Subprocesscomponent? If multiple requests are sent to a process, which has a Subprocess, will the requests be queued and w...
    asd das
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  • How to achieve Batch/Incremental pull via API ( Multiple records in one Response like millions of records)

    Hi Guys,   Can anyone please help me with the below problem at the earliest?   I have a requirement to pull data from a variety of API's. The response of the API is not one-one. Each request will have 1000...
  • Unable to view the connection in CAI

    Hi   I have created a Database connection in the admin console but not able to view the same connection in CAI   CAI --> New Process--> Create Step --> Create--> Connection Drop Down   I...
    Shabari Nath Kadavendi
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  • CAI - FLWOR for nested

    Hello everybody. How do I make a for chained to an array of items? My entry looks something like this:   <Table_Output>       <Table_Output>     <T_HEADER&...
    Luiz Santos
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  • IICS

    Could anyone suggest how to call SOAP webservices with WS security authentication in IICS?
    srini komm
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  • CAI can`t handle date format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSXXX"

    CAI function fn:format can`t handle date format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSXXX". Instead of outputting the date in the mentioned format, it formats it to default 2021-10-13T09:05:13.296Z from fn:current-dateTime(). How...
    asd das
    created by asd das
  • Missing required process object on publish

    This pop-up appears. when I try to publish my process The process object that is "missing" appears in another process object as type Object List. I`ve reloaded the page, checked if said objects are present and can...
    asd das
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  • Expose Cloud job as REST end point

    Hello   Can we create application integration or data integration job and expose it as REST end point?   I want to send a body to rest end point say Employee Number, Employee Name, Department .In the back...
    Gopinath Vijayan
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  • Variables when using parallels

    Hi, If I define a temporary variable and use this in multiple different parallels, will the temporary variable be overwritten by each parallel or will it create a temporary variable of that temporary variable in each...
    Espen Lindstad
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  • Odata Connector

    I've created a SuccessFactors ODATA Connector in IICS and added default value i.e.Infa_truststore.jks  in the Truststore filename.I would like to get or download the public certificate for Infa_truststore.jks.Can...
    srini komm
    created by srini komm
  • Cloud application Integration - bulk unPublish

    The CLI utility has a publish command that you can use to publish a set of processes. does any one knows a way to Un-Publish multiple processes from command line, or by any other means?
    Nabila Mahmoud
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  • Unable to Call API HTTP 401 error in CAI

    I am unable to test a API Call using Service Connector in CAI.   It works fine with Postman and I get the results. Authentication is API Key I am sending in Headers. Worked fine with Postman and throwing 401 err...
    Shabari Nath Kadavendi
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  • what-will-happen-if-we-use-cdata-for-integers

    In cloud Application Integration I am trying to send XML data to downstream, but they are unable to receive the data as it contains special characters. So I used CDATA to handle the special character.   what will...
    Sai Ram
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  • How to extract elements values from an XML request and assign the value to a response.t

    We have a requirement where an API is hosted/deployed  and it accepts XML requests. We need to process the XML request and retrieve elements from the xml and send the values of the elements as a response.  ...
    Griffin Williams
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