• How to use DB sequence while inserting a record in a Db Table

    We have a very common requirement. Insert a Record in an Oracle DB table. Table primary key is a DB Sequence. We did not find a way in ICRT to set the Primary key value using a DB Sequence.
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  • Help with reading SQS message body

    Hi, I am trying to implement an SQS Read Process on Cloud Application Integration. I configured the AwsSqsMonitor as the Event Source, and it is monitoring the Queue and successfully triggering my process when message...
    Ilya Soyfer
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  • Cannot Stop Informatica from Escaping Special Characters

    I'm attempting to call the MS Azure Cosmos API from Application Integration. I have had success connecting to Azure and querying the database. However, when I'm attempting to insert data into the Azure database, it is...
    Kevin Rexroad
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  • Adjust Timezone

    Hi, Can someone help me how to use fn:adjust timezone function.., I'm using as below,, but getting error.   fn:adjust-dateTime-to-timezone(xs:dateTime("$temp.tmpCurrentDate"), xs:dayTimeDuration("PT5H"))  ...
    Uma Maheswar
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  • CAI - Salesforce to SAP and SAP to Salesforce via CAI-Process-Real time

    Hi Team,   I am new to Appliction Integration, and would like to check the connectivity of IICS-AI (Application Integration) with SAP on Real time basis.   We have a requirement where the Integration happe...
    Vishal Singh
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  • Use Informatica to pass Salesforce data into SQL server

    Hi all,   I'm a newbie to informatica and am familiar with connecting two salesforce orgs but very new to using it to connect Salesforce with SQL server.   The use case here is my company uses SQL server t...
    Jasiel Lora
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  • Salesforce Outbound Message to IICS Cloud Application Integration not working

    Hi All,          I am triggering one Application Integration Service from Salesforce Outbound Messages this is not working as below. Step 01: I have set up my ICAI assets and publi...
    Umakanta Swain
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  • Trigger CAI Process via Salesforce OBM

    We are trying to create a ICRT process that would be triggered via Salesforce Outbound Message. We've already set the 'Applies To' property to our Salesforce Connection and the specific Salesforce Object. But it doesn...
    Amiel Dimaculangan
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  • Recieve Case details in Salesforce

    Hi All,   We are looking for an option in Application Integration in which we can get Case details from Saleforce.   any help would be appreciated.   Thanks Keerthi
    keerthi parvathi
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  • Salesforce to servicenow integration

    Hi All,   We have a requirement to integrate salesforce to servicenow. We cannot use the Synq connector for service now. Could someone guide me if it is better to develop a process in  Application integrati...
    Ravi Teja Kalaga
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  • Real-Time application integration with Cvent

    This video shows a demonstration of two-way real-time application integration between Cvent and Salesforce:  https://youtu.be/XT_a1WVwFwc   The demonstration shows how a change in Location for an event in ...
    Eric Egertson
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  • Salesforce platform events integration with Informatica RealTime

    Hi,   I want to capture the Salesforce Platform Events with the Informatica RealTime Integration. Can anyone help me what is the procedure.     Thanks, Subbu
    Subrahmanya Gupta Yakkala
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  • Salesforce PushTopics Event Triggering Process

    I'm attempting to follow this video, to simulate my own pushtopic event triggered Application Integration job, but nothing seems to kick off the event when I check the processes in Application Integration Console....
    Aaron Mattern
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  • Move local file through Application Integration Process

    Hello all-   I am working on a complicated task that requires me to perform action once two files enter a folder on our Secure Agent server. One file is a CSV file and another is its associated metadatafile (TXT...
    Thomas Righele
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  • Sample Process: Salesforce Account, Contact, Case to JSON & XML

    Hi Cloud Application Integration Fans and Followers,   I wanted to share a Process Solution that demonstrated a few great techniques for data access and manipulation in a single use case.  This doesn't use ...
    Casey Clayton
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  • Retrieve Request from Salesforce Outbound Message

    Hello-   I have created a process in which we generated for an Informatica Outbound message.   We are looking to obtain the user information that triggered the Outbound message. The only way I believe we c...
    Thomas Righele
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  • Cloud Application Integration and SQS

    I am looking to implement ICRT to trigger based on an incoming Amazon SQS message.   I've been able to add an AwsSqsMonitor to the connection and it triggers when a message is put on the SQS queue however we...
    Kenneth Rice
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  • How to get connection id using rest api.

    Hi, I'm trying to update the password of data integration using rest api. can some one help me how can i get the id of specific connection by using rest api. i'm using "/api/v2/connection" url for getting the detai...
    pereddy seshaseyanareddy
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  • Process Schedules - not saved

    I created a very basic Process in the Application Integration module, specified it to be available on a single secure agent and now want to get it scheduled. I'm able to select my process and set the schedule, but whe...
    Simon Roggeman
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  • XSLT transformations on ICRT cloud agent

    Is there a way to run a XSLT against an XML on the ICRT cloud agent?   I have a process object that we created as an output of a process. The process object converts to XML as expected. However, the XML does no...