• Can we convert the process object(JSON) object to string?

    We have a case in which we have to print the request body(in JSON format) as string in a field in the output. How can we achieve that? Example: This is the request body: {    "Field1" : "value",  ...
    Pankaj Chaudhary
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  • Sample Process: Salesforce Account, Contact, Case to JSON & XML

    Hi Cloud Application Integration Fans and Followers,   I wanted to share a Process Solution that demonstrated a few great techniques for data access and manipulation in a single use case.  By popular demand...
    Casey Clayton
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  • How To: Create a Process for CRUD Operations Using JDBC

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    Arun Som
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  • HOW TO: Process Complex XML in Cloud Application Integration

    See the following article to learn how to process complex XML in Cloud Application Integration: https://kb.informatica.com/howto/6/Pages/22/572575.aspx
    Anu Chandrasekharan
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  • Obtaining Access to HTTP Headers in Cloud Application Integration Process

    This video demonstrates describes how to read HTTP request headers in Cloud Application Integration Process.   You can find running samples of the processes used in the video attached with this document.
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • Working with Process Objects

    Often times, there is a need to generate JSON response with array elements, coming as part of SOAP response     To accomplish this requirement, you can create a Process Object named po-Rate with a field nam...
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • How to load an array when it has just one key value in it using ICRT Process

    Hi,   I do need to post the response of one API to the other API.   I am receiving an error in one case, where its generating the array as below   "parents":" xyz"   instead it should show as &...
    vamshi itukala
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  • How to assign process objects to nested array in array in json

    Hi,   My requirement is to add new source json array to the below sourceMappings json array. But, when I tried using process objects  to I am getting different json format I am not getting '[' (square) brac...
    vamshi itukala
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  • How to overwrite the one of the json array in ICRT Process

    Hi,   I need to update the exisitng json data in the api based if else condition.   If  required json array data is already exist  then I need to update else I need to add this json array to that...
    vamshi itukala
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  • How to append json object into exisiting json array in ICRT process

    Hi, I do have Json file as shown below, I need to insert the data of source3 into sourceMappings in my json. {         "tenantId": "xyz",         ...
    vamshi itukala
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  • Convert XML output to JSON output in ICRT Process

    Hi, I am getting XML output in service connector. But, I want it as Json output when I run Process.   When i keep output as attachment I am getting in Json format but am getting output for only one input. My p...
    vamshi itukala
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  • Handling Object List as Input Variable

    Hello all-   I believe the answer to this is simple, but i am having some difficulty around the syntax.   I have a simple object list that I am trying to pass into a new Action in the Service connector: &#...
    Thomas Righele
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  • How to handle input of List of Object list in a process Service Call Step?

    Hi   I have created a service connector with WSDL having an Array of Object. I created a Process object equivalent to the Array of object.When I create my process, I have defined the Input field as List of Objec...
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  • Application Integration - Handling multiple JSON arrays

    I am having some difficulty with some API calls I am making.   I want to be able to make a call that starts a process that returns a response with multiple records. I want to go through this response and return ...
    Thomas Righele
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  • XML data parsing

    I have an xml data like below, In ICRT i want to take Country as input and want to check against this data and return the corresponding country code, i want to run this process on cloud server so i don't want to take ...
    srikanth pantula
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  • ICRT Sample - Get Account Data Using JSON List as Input

    Hi All,   This discussion is in response to a recent question.   How can I create a process to return Account Details, that can accept a list of Salesforce Account ID's as input.   A previous sample ...
    Casey Clayton
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  • How to convert "CSV to text and pass it to the body of the API" - ICRT

    Dear Gurus,   How to convert csv file data in to text and pass it to the body of API in ICRT.   Thanks, Muni
    Muni Jangama
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  • Process object question

    Hello,   I have requirement to generate JSON response as below based on some SOAP response.   { "Rate":[                75.65,  ...
    Prashanth S
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  • HOW TO: Loop / Paginate using Informatica Cloud Application Integration

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    Sujitha Ramamoorthy
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  • Urgent! Using one input (ID), select and return multiple records : Informatica Cloud Real Time (ICRT)

    Hi - I'm having difficulty creating a REST web service that will return multiple records. I will receive an ID (called JobId) as an input. This JobId will be used to select all the records from a SQL Server database r...
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