• Soap Web service

    I've created service connector by importing the wsdl of SOAP webservice.The requirement is to get the output of different files by passing different username and password to the Soap web service. Can anyone suggest if...
    srini komm
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  • Retrieve Request from Salesforce Outbound Message

    Hello-   I have created a process in which we generated for an Informatica Outbound message.   We are looking to obtain the user information that triggered the Outbound message. The only way I believe we c...
    Thomas Righele
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  • Consume Event Hub Messages in IICS application integration

    Hi,   I want to read and write Azure Event Hub messages in IICS. I am not able to find any supporting service in IICS for this work. Can I use App Connection and Process (IICS application Integration service) fo...
    Parvendra Kumar
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  • IICS

    We have configured a process in application integration. After executing the process catalina log level increase to 15 GB. Somehow, we stopped the process and manually deleted the log files in the Windows server. Afte...
    srini komm
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  • how to execute mutiple commands in single "run a shell command" in IICS CAI

    I want run mutiple commands in "run a shell command" in IICS CAI.   for example I have three commands mkdir sampleFile mv toWork.zip /test unzip /test/toWork.zip I want to run all these in single command ...
    Sai Ram
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  • IICS API console Jboss JMS Configuratioin

    Hi , We are implementing JMS in IICS for the first time, we have installed Jboss eap 7.1 ,  and configuared default queue with Active mq messaging Subsystem as given in Stanndalone-full.xml.   below are th...
    Srikanth patevar
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  • How to Setup Delimited File Reader/Writer in Cloud Application Integration

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    Arun Som
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  • HOW TO: Avoid file deletion issues with Cloud Application Integration FTP Listener

    See the attached document for information about how to avoid file deletion issues with Cloud Application Integration FTP Listener.
    Anu Chandrasekharan
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  • How to setup a file monitor to poll the files in a order

    Hi All,   Can some one help me, how to setup a file monitor to poll the files in a order i.e either ascending or descending order based on file date or file modified.       Thanks, Seshu
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  • How to rename file before moving to .done folder

    Hi, I have an ICRT process that is triggered by the event from a File Connection. I need to save the processed file with a custom name, like filename_YYYYMMDD. There is an option "Before Move" in File Connector ...
    Alexander Batkilin
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  • Consuming an outbound message from a Non-primary Salesforce Org in CAI

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    Sujitha Ramamoorthy
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  • Trigger CAI Process via Salesforce OBM

    We are trying to create a ICRT process that would be triggered via Salesforce Outbound Message. We've already set the 'Applies To' property to our Salesforce Connection and the specific Salesforce Object. But it doesn...
    Amiel Dimaculangan
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  • Salesforce Outbound Message to IICS Cloud Application Integration not working

    Hi All,          I am triggering one Application Integration Service from Salesforce Outbound Messages this is not working as below. Step 01: I have set up my ICAI assets and publi...
    Umakanta Swain
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  • Move local file through Application Integration Process

    Hello all-   I am working on a complicated task that requires me to perform action once two files enter a folder on our Secure Agent server. One file is a CSV file and another is its associated metadatafile (TXT...
    Thomas Righele
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  • ICRT Sample - Reading and Writing - XML to Delimited CSV or JSON and Vice Versa.

    This post is meant to both specifically answer some recent discussion posts on the Community about the process of taking an XML and writing to a CSV.    I have attached a Word Doc walkthrough with a Quick...
    Casey Clayton
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  • Split a JSON/XML file into mutiple files

    Hello,   I have one big JSON/XML file which contains data per employee. I would like to split this huge JSON/XML file into multiple JSON/XML files (1 JSON/XML file per employee). In addition, each JSON/XML file ...
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  • HOW TO: Read a File as a Service using Cloud Application Integration

    For information about how to read a file as a service using Cloud Application Integration, see the following video: HOW TO: Read File as Service using Application Integration
    Anu Chandrasekharan
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  • How to Load Entire Flat file data in a single Process?

    Hi Guys,   I am newly learning ICRT( informatica cloud real time). Here i did simple mapping (one-one-map) in process designer. All rows are loaded successfully. But i seen in monitor All rows are not processing...
  • File Connector: files are moved with no content

    Hello,   My requirement is to move/copy files from one source folder to a target folder.   I created a ICRT connection with a Type=File. I configured the 'Event Sources' and 'Event Targets' to monitor a so...
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  • S3 connector enhancements available in M17.12 release

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    Sorabh Agarwal
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