• How to call a REST service in ICRT that requires SSL certificates?

    Hey there!   Consider this case:   I want to call a REST service from an ICRT process running on my secure agent. That REST service requires basic authentication and an SSL certificate that was provided by...
    Leeroy Jenkins
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  • HOW TO: Configure Kerberos Authentication for a Kafka Client

    You can configure Kerberos authentication for a Kafka client by placing the required Kerberos configuration files on the Secure Agent machine and specifying the required JAAS configuration in the Kafka connection. The...
    Anu Chandrasekharan
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  • HOW TO: Into the same Service Connector, Use bearer token obtained from an Action into an HTTP header of an other Action

    Hi to all,   I have built a Service Connector with more action, to do different request to API of SAP. To do this, into the HTTP header of each action, I need to pass the Token (that I obtain from one of the Ac...
    Laura Sorge
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  • OAuth2 authentication for Cloud Application Integration Processes

    Open video

    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • User permissions by Cloud tool

    Our company subscribes to the Data Integration and Application Integration Cloud tools.  How do I grant Developer Role User permissions for the Application Integration tool without granting those permissions to t...
    David Getty
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  • How to Configure a REST V2 with OAuth2.0 Client Credentials in Cloud Application Integration

    Hi Team,   We are trying to test a Post Rest API with OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials authentication. But we did not find a clear documentation which elaborates on how can we establish this connection in Cloud Appl...
    Anubhav Srivastava
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  • Configuring JSON Web Token Authentication for Managed APIs in API Manager and API Portal

    You can configure JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication for managed Application Integration APIs that require authentication. With JWT authentication, you can generate a token using API Manager or API Portal and use the...
    Luc Clement
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  • How to configure the service connector for redirecting URL's and to accept the conditions.

    Hi all, I have a scenario to configure the Service connector. In this service connector i'm trying to do login action. Basically, how this login will work in browser is, once we hit the login url, it will prompt to ...
    seshaseyana reddy
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  • How to generate OAuth2 access token and refresh token (example: Google Drive)

    Author: Chihab Messaoud, Informatica   This document aims to explain how one can generate OAuth2 refresh token. With OAuth2 authentication getting prominence, you would be better equipped to deal with this when ...
    Sorabh Agarwal
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  • Genereate OAuth 1.0 Header using CAI

    Hi ,   The attached Service Connector describes how to generate OAuth 1.0 Authorization header .   For the most part this service connector is reusable . This was originally developed against Netsuite Res...
    bhim mantha
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  • add security to ICRT process running on the cloud server

    We have a process that we call from Salesforce to get data from Oracle. We are using a process that is running on the cloud server but we want to restrict the URL for security so that either only Salesforce calls have...
    Esau Sanchez
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  • Expose a process as a service with Basic Authentication

    This might be simple, I am trying to set up authentication (at least basic) for a running a process I exposed as a service. I added "Allowed Roles" in the stat step, and when I invoke the process, I get get a 403 Use...
    Sreehari Nambiar
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  • Setting up custom OAuth endpoint

    Let's say we have a custom service connector to a web resource. This web resource uses oAuth. What is the best way to define a connection using that connector? How can the "token" be cached within the connection and "...
  • How to get authentication token for ICRT

    Hi All,   I am trying to send the outbound notification via webhooks. However, it requires an authentication token in order to send the request to ICRT endpoint url.   Could you please let me know how to g...
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  • Utilize Salesforce OAuth Refresh Token for Authentication

    Use CaseAuthenticate using OAuth to obtain a valid access token while not storing any credentials (username, password and security token) within ICRT.  The access token obtained will be consumed by a multitude of...
    Rich Bateman
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