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As part of 2021.02.M release effective February/March 2021, there are updates being made to the CAI and Taskflow services.


App Integration Meters for Operational Insights

App Integration meters for Operational Insights are being reinitialized for the 2021.02 release to improve performance of analytics reports. This affects customers of the USW1 and USE4 PODs and specific customers activated in other North American, EMEA and APAC environments.


The App Integration Meters for Operational Insights are being enabled over the next two months on this schedule:

  • US West1 (USW1): 13th Feb, 2021
  • US East4 (USE4): 20th Feb, 2021
  • EM West1 (EMEA1), US East2 (USE2): 6th March, 2021
  • US West3 (USW3), AP Southeast1 (APJ): 13th March, 2021
  • US West5 (USW5), US East6 (USE6): 20th March, 2021

Taskflow Service We continue to make improvements to the service. Please review the Release Notes. We would like to share changes you need to be aware of. 


  • Taskflows now need to be published to be scheduled. This new behavior does not affect previously scheduled Taskflow. Updates to a Taskflow will no longer take effect in a scheduled job until the Taskflow is re-published.
  • The Resume icon is renamed to Resume from faulted step and moved from My Jobs page in Data Integration, and the All Jobs and Running Jobs pages in Monitor to the corresponding taskflow status page.
  • The “Monitor - View Job Results” privilege is now required to view a Taskflow’s status using the Status API. This privilege can be enabled / disabled through Administrator -> User Roles (Click on a role) -> Services (Monitor) -> Features -> Job Results - view


App Integration Service Process Server’s PostgreSQL Database The latest version of the PostgreSQL database upgraded from version 9.5.4 to 12.4. Below are some of the benefits that come along with this. 

  • Improved security features and security vulnerability fixes
  • Better performance owing to features such as parallel table scans, parallel query support, parallel joins, and aggregates
  • Support for parallel index scans
  • Performance improvements for queries on tables with partitions
  • Better indexing and auto vacuuming


Customers can choose to upgrade at their convenience by manually running a script provided by Informatica. For details about these scripts, please refer

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