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We are delighted to announce the October 2021 release of Cloud Application Integration and Cloud Data Integration Taskflows.


The release is being rolled out as per the schedule mentioned in the following link:…


Read on to know about the new features and changed behavior in the release.


Application Integration - New Features

The October 2021 release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Kafka brokers and configuration properties

When you configure a Kafka connection, you can specify a list of Kafka brokers to ensure high availability.

You can also specify additional configuration properties that are supported by Apache Camel to connect to the Kafka producer and consumer.

  • Process Object field restrictions

The Process Object fields contain new field restrictions, Required and Nullable. You can use them to improve the validation of inbound requests handled by processes.


Application Integration - Changed Behavior

The October 2021 release contains the following changed behavior:

  • Email Connector

Effective in the October 2021 release, Application Integration does not support the TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 SMTP SSL protocols. Application Integration supports only the TLSv1.2 protocol.

Email connections to email servers that support only the TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 protocols will fail.


  • SAP BAPI Connector

Effective in the October 2021 release, the Trace option is removed from the SAP BAPI connection properties.

You can select the new Jco Trace option in the SAP BAPI connection properties to store JCo call information in a trace file. Previously, you could store JCo call information in a trace file only by defining the Trace parameter in the SAP Additional Parameters field.


Taskflows - New Features

The October 2021 release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Additional information in Data Task step

When you add a mapping task to a Data Task step, you see a description, input fields, and output fields on the Data Task tab.

The taskflow also returns the following new output fields:

    • Total Transformation Errors. Returns the total number of transformation errors in the Data Task step.
    • First Error Code. Returns the error code for the first error message in the Data Task step.

Note: In Monitor and on the My Jobs page, the value of the Total Transformation Errors and First Error Code output fields is 0 for taskflows that you had run before the October 2021 release. You must republish the existing taskflows to see the correct values of the output fields.


  • Support for failing taskflows in Command Task step

You can configure a taskflow to fail on its completion if a Command Task step fails or does not run.

If a Command Task step fails or does not run, the taskflow continues running the subsequent steps. However, after the taskflow completes, the taskflow status is set to failed.


  • Support for environment variables in Command Task step

In a Command Task step, you can use environment variables for the script file name, input arguments, and work directory in the input fields.


  • Query parameters for monitoring taskflow status

You can use the status resource to query the status of a taskflow using query parameters such as run ID, run status, start time, end time, offset, and row limit.


Taskflows - Post upgrade task

Perform the following task after your organization is upgraded to the October 2021 release.


Custom query override in taskflows

After you upgrade, existing taskflows that override the custom query of a mapping task might need manual updates.

If a taskflow contains a Data Task step that uses a mapping task with a custom query, and you override the custom query in the taskflow with a query that exceeds 65 characters, the mapping task fails with an error.

To run the taskflow successfully, update the overridden custom query in the Data Task input field. To do this, delete the input field, reselect the input field, and then enter the custom query again. You can use a custom query that exceeds 65 characters.

Note: Before reselecting the Data Task input field, you must clear the cache or switch to the incognito mode.

For more information about overriding a custom query in taskflows, see the following community article:


Please see the What's New Guide for more information.

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