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We are delighted to announce the July 2021 release of Cloud Application Integration.


The release is being rolled out as per the schedule mentioned in the following link:…


Read on to know about the new features and changed behavior in the release.


Application Integration - Upgrade

You can upgrade the PostgreSQL database of Process Server from version 9.5.2 or 12.4 to version 12.6. Version 12.6 offers security fixes.

You can choose to upgrade at your own convenience by manually running scripts provided by Informatica. The scripts take a backup of the existing database version so that you can restore to the old database version in case of any upgrade issue.

For more information about upgrading the PostgreSQL database, see the following community article:


Application Integration - Changed Behavior

The July 2021 release contains the following changed behavior:


All the Application Integration panels that show process metrics exclude processes that were suspended at any point of time in their lifecycle.

Previously, some panels included suspended processes.
For more information about process metrics, see Operational Insights.


Taskflows - New Features

The July 2021 release contains the following new features and enhancements:


  • Create taskflow inputs and run a taskflow with taskflow inputs

After you publish a taskflow, you can create one or more taskflow inputs. You can run the taskflow with the taskflow inputs from the taskflow designer. You can create taskflow inputs in the JSON or XML format.

After you run the taskflow, you can view the details of the successful and unsuccessful executions of the taskflow instances.


  • New taskflow functions

When you work with taskflows, you can use the following new functions in the Expression Editor:

    • Character function: lpad()
    • Conversion functions: toDecimal(), toInteger()
    • Data cleansing function: in()
    • Date function: lastDay()


  • Support for system variables in Command Task step

When you configure the Command Task step, you can use the following system variables in the input fields:

  • $PMRootDir
  • $PMLookupFileDir
  • $PMSessionLogDir
  • $PMBadFileDir
  • $PMCacheDir
  • $PMStorageDir
  • $PMTargetFileDir
  • $PMSourceFileDir
  • $PMExtProcDir
  • $PMTempDir
  • $PMWorkflowLogDir


Taskflows - Changed Behavior

The July 2021 release contains the following changed behavior:


Taskflow connection parameter

When you run a taskflow as an API, you can use the connection parameter to pass a connection name at run time. Previously, you could use the connection parameter to pass only the connection ID.

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