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We are delighted to announce the February 2021 release of Cloud Application Integration.


The release is being rolled out as per the schedule mentioned in the following link:…


Read on to know about the new features and changed behavior in the release.


Application Integration - New Features

The February 2021 release offers enhanced resiliency for communication between Agents and Cloud.


Application Integration - Upgrade

You can upgrade the PostgreSQL database from version 9.5.2 to 12.4. Version 12.4 offers performance enhancements and new features.


You can choose to upgrade at your own convenience by manually running scripts provided by Informatica. The scripts take a backup of the existing database version so that you can restore to the old database version in case of any upgrade issue.


For more information about upgrading the PostgreSQL database from version 9.5.2 to 12.4, see the following community article:


Taskflows - New Features

The February 2021 release contains the following new features and enhancements:


  • Developer Productivity
    • Support for new functions in the Expression Editor:
      • Asset detail functions: getAssetLocation, getAssetName, getInstanceStartTime
      • Date functions: ADD_TO_DATE, DATE_DIFF, GET_DATE_PART, TRUNC(Date)
      • Character functions: LTRIM, RTRIM, INSTR
      • Conversion functions: TO_CHAR(Number), TO_CHAR, TO_DATE
      • Test functions: DECODE, IIF, ISNULL
    • Introduction of new Published and Published On columns on the Explore page to view the publish status and publish date of taskflows.


  • Taskflow-level Parameterization Support
    • Ability to override the parameter file directory and parameter file name of a mapping task at the taskflow level
    • Ability to override the values of input parameters and in-out parameters of a PowerCenter task at the taskflow level


  • Improved Taskflow Execution Resume Options
    • Ability to resume a suspended taskflow from a step that faulted, skip the faulted step, and proceed with the subsequent steps


  • Deferred Taskflow Termination
    • Ability to fail a taskflow on its completion if the task associated with a Data Task step does not run or complete successfully

Taskflows - Changed Behavior

The February 2021 release contains the following changed behavior:

  • Taskflow Scheduling
    • A scheduled taskflow runs only if it was manually published or run at least once
    • If you schedule an outdated taskflow that contains unpublished changes, the last published taskflow version will be scheduled
    • Unpublishing a scheduled taskflow will affect the scheduled taskflow runs


  • Privilege Check for Status Resource
    • The Monitor - View Job Results privilege is required for users to view the taskflow status using the status resource


Please see the What's New Guide attached with this post for more information.


For the complete Cloud Application Integration documentation, see the documentation portal.


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