Deploy Faster, Reduce Outages, and Increase Revenue & Productivity

Feb 4 2020 | 60 mins | Play

Vivin Nath, Principal Product Manager, Informatica Cloud Product Management

Sorabh Agarwal, Principal Product Manager, Informatica Cloud Product Management


Within a year of Amazon's move to AWS, engineers were deploying code every 11.7 seconds, on average. The agile approach also reduced both the number and duration of outages, resulting in increased revenue. Many organizations have moved from clunky, legacy software and systems to an agile-based DevOps approach that has yielded significant increase in development productivity.

Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD are three distinct and critical tools for today’s development organization. When all three are used for their intended purposes, the results are transformational. But what do these tools mean in the context of application and data integration.

Join this webinar to learn about leveraging Informatica’s cloud data integration and application integration services to support your CI/CD pipeline. You will learn how to:

  • Enable version control of application and data integration assets with any third-party version control system
  • Perform continuous integration and continuous delivery for application and data integrations
  • Promote DevOps for application and data integration