To fulfill your API-first strategy you need to integrate on premises data and applications with Cloud and other on-premises applications, data sources and services.


Did you know that the Cloud Application Integration Service can connect these systems in real time using APIs? Did you also know that you can implement and host business services and microservices and expose these to your applications and partners in the Cloud and on premises?


The Cloud Application Integration Service helps you in the following ways:

App Integration

  • Integrate in real time applications using orchestration, APIs and messaging to propagate data from one data source to another
  • Supplement bulk data set processing with interactive API-based data propagation


API Implementation and Management

  • Create business, composite and data services
  • Expose business services as REST, SOAP or OData APIs to applications, lines of businesses and partners
  • Make APIs discoverable
  • Monitor business services
  • Manage and control API usage
  • Improve business, composite and data services


Process Integration and Automation

  • Implement and run business process applications
  • Externalize process logic and business rules outside of application code
  • Support business processes that span applications on premises and in Cloud
  • Provide users with automated guided workflows with contextual and interactive access to data

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Looking for connectivity? App Integration connectors make it possible to integrate any API and message-based systems. Check out GitHub or Informatica Marketplace to download commonly used API connectors listed here. Don't find what you are looking for? Simply import your Swagger or WSDL interface document or use a simple form-based approach to connectivity to any API.