Modernize legacy applications with API and data integration

Luc Clement, Senior Director, Product Management

Oct 11 2018 | 28 mins | Play


Connect with APIs any app, any data, at any speed in a multi-cloud world

You have cloud-first strategy and you are investing in new technologies and applications in the cloud. And you have several legacy applications that still are critical to your business. Often there are business processes that traverse across and between these applications and critical data required by a cloud app may still reside on-premises. How do you modernize your data and applications without ripping and replacing your legacy systems?

Join this webinar to learn how you can unleash the value from your on-prem. data repositories and applications and bridge the gap between the new and old world using Informatica Cloud Application Integration.


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Capabilities of Informatica Cloud Data, Application, and API Integration and Informatica iPaaS Solution
  • Deep-dive demo