We are pleased to announce the Summer 2018 (October 2018) release of Informatica Cloud Application Integration (CAI).

The release includes the following highlight:

  • You can view projects, folders, and assets for all the services that you use on the Explore page.
  • You can view the export and import logs for all services in Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services that your organization uses on the My Import/Export Logs page
  • When you export an Application Integration asset, you get a ZIP file that contains the asset in XML format.
  • You can publish Application Integration assets at the time of import.
  • You can assign the following privileges to a custom role:
    • Administration
    • Console Administration
    • Development
    • Data Viewer
    • Monitoring
    • Publish Assets
    • View Application Integration Console
    • View Application Integration Designer

For more information, see the Release Notes.

For the complete Cloud Application Integration documentation, see the online help.