The Tutorial, Training and Labs Program offers a number of demonstrations and accompanying educational content. Please visit the Tutorial, Training and Labs Program page to get started and guide you.



The Tutorial, Training and Labs Program content will guide you to tutorials. You can then proceed to take free training content or undertake to complete our step-by-step labs.



Informatica University Success Academy offers Cloud Application Integration training. To access Informatica Cloud Real Time (ICRT) training, please click here.



The labs cover use cases and patterns implemented with Informatica’s API and Application Integration services. Please take advantage of step-by-step walkthrough documents and accompanying videos and samples for which you will find links to below.


In addition to the labs you will find in the Tutorial, Training and Lab Program Overview check out the Informatica World 2019 API and Application Integration Deep Dive that guides you through the creation of an order process.


API and Application Integration services

To learn about these built-in capabilities see the following once you register and log in. Please register first and log in to access this free content at Informatica University Success Academy (select the Log In menu).


Application Integration training content (login required)

Data Integration training content (login required)


Other Resources

The Cloud Application Integration Community site is your resource center for all things API and App Integration. Take advantage of it. Ask questions, find papers, technotes and how-tos at a single location.