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Informatica Cloud Real Time and Cloud Premium Edition customers should review this FAQ document to prepare for the migration of the ICRT service to Cloud API and Application Integration service.


There are basic Sandbox migration and Production migration steps to review to ensure a smooth migration.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is an integrated, feature-rich cloud platform that hosts Application Integration and Application Integration Console, among other services.


The attached document provides an overview of IICS capabilities for ICRT and Cloud Premium Service customers. Please also look at the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Migration FAQ to learn how to prepare.


We recommend that you view the following videos


Most ICRT service customers use ICS data integration services. To see what's available to you as you migrate to IICS, see the Essential Cloud Data Integration Demos set of videos.

ICS and ICRT customers are being migrated to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) in 2018. This video provides an introduction to IICS for customers that are migrating from Informatica Cloud Services (ICS).


IICS customers should review this video which demonstrated core administration features of the platform.