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The training labs described in the Training Program Overview include the following:

  • Lab 1: Account Invoice Processing
    • Creating Service Connectors manually
  • Lab 2: Leads Services
    • Creating Service Connectors using a swagger service definition
  • Lab 3: Orchestration of Data Integration Tasks
    • DI orchestration using Cloud Application Integration Process
  • Lab 4: Enterprise Data Warehousing
    • DI orchestration using Taskflows
  • Lab 5: Order Processing
    • Correlation / Call Processing
  • Lab 6: Automotive Services using list processing
    • List processing
  • Lab 7: Messaging Services
    • Queueing / dequeueing using AMQP


These sessions cover a wide range of patterns and use-cases that can be implemented with the API and Application Integration services. You can take advantage of step-by-step walkthrough documents, accompanying videos or running our samples.


Please review the attached syllabus. Feel free to comment on course material content, structure and service capabilities. We look forward to you feedback.


Happy learning !!


-- Sorabh

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