A while ago we added the option for our customers to provide their own domain name for API URLs that are being managed by the Informatica API Gateway (APIGW). As an example, let's say that a company's domain is “carrera”  (i.e. www.carrera.com), and the company is using the APIGW. A default proxy URL created by the APIGW could be for example:




Note that the default domain name is “informaticacloud”.

Carrera wanted the company's brand to be better reflected in API URLs they share with customers and partners. Makes sense. The above proxy URL could look like this:





How to switch to the custom/vanity domain

These are the simple steps needed, to get the custom domain:


  1. 1. Create a ticket in the Informatica support system stating that a custom/vanity domain is required
  2. 2. Support will respond asking to provide a valid certificate to be used by the API Gateway (so it can proxy APIs using the required domain name)
  3. 3. Once all is set, the custom domain feature can be switched on in the API Manager GUI. From this moment on, all proxies are set with the new defined custom domain. Good to know that the old format will still be supported for managed APIs created so far. It means the process is backwards compatible - API consumers don’t have to adopt immediately. They can switch to the new URLs whenever they’re ready


Setting the domain name for the certificate

The number of certificates that customers can provide to Informatica API Gateway is limited to two per customer. In reality this should suffice. Customers that need multi sub domains, can:

  1. Supply a certificate with wildcards-based domain name, such as “*.carrera.com”, which can support “dev.carrara.com”, “qa.carrera.com” etc. OR
  2. Supply SAN (Subject Alternative Name) based certificate. SAN is an X.509 extension that allows multiple domains to be associated with a single cert


Updating the certificate

Obviously, and for security reasons, the certificate is created with a time limit. Once expired, the certificate is not valid and API calls will be blocked automatically. Informatica cannot and will not re-issue the certificates, hence it is the customers’ responsibility to make sure they monitor the certificate validity and provide Informatica with an updated, signed certificate that should replace the old one. Customers must do so in a timely manner, i.e. create a new support ticket 4 weeks in advance.

One last note - in the past APIGW supported port 8243. Today we support standard port 443 for new managed APIs. Consequently, using the Custom Domain feature, port 8243 is not supported.


  For further questions, go to our online documentation, post a question on this community page or contact our global support.