• Automatic lineage

    In EDC 10.2.2, when I select a table, and go to view the Lineage and Impact, I see lineage that I did not create.  It appears to be lineage between the table and views tied to it.   1. Can EDC automatically...
    John Quillinan
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  • Adding Param files to EDC resource

    Hi Guys,   I am trying to run a Powercenter resource in EDC and have created a parameter file - parameters.prm as described in the admin guide. However when I run the resource I can see in the log file that it i...
    Stephen McVeigh
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  • How to maintain rule-based data domains in EDC

    We would like to maintain rule-based data domains, whether that is creating our own or reviewing the predefined data domains provided by Informatica.  However, when either creating a new data domain or editing an...
    Brad Moe
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  • How to view Schedules for resources

    How to view the schedules against  each of the EDC resources?   I can see the schedules and also the resources separately. Is it possible to see the schedules against each resources, if any..
    vishwakumar Palamadai
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  • Associate Business Terms with Assets in EDC

    Hi Guys,   I have loaded a Business Glossary into EDC and can see some recommendations in my resources for associated terms, however most of them are nowhere near what the actual term should be, my question is ...
    Stephen McVeigh
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  • EDC search api behavior change post version upgrade to 10.2.2

    We recently upgraded EDC to 10.2.2   We are using below api call to get all matching data based on user input, but post upgrade its not working as expected   /access/1/catalog/data/search?q=(core.name:*use...
  • Data Model Linkage in EDC

    Hi all,   For an application that is already in production, how do I go about to link business/conceptual, logical, physical data models, and use that linkage for change impact assessment? also the metadata must...
    Noor Basha Shaik
    created by Noor Basha Shaik
  • Does EDC store scan job metadata after each resource run?

    When running a scanner job in EDC, is the metadata around that execution stored anywhere, and if so, where? What I'm trying to get at is for Resource XYZ when I run the scan for that resource I'd like to know the star...
    Peter Heltzer
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  • Custom Lineage replace previous loads

    Hello All,   I am new to EDC but have searched and cannot find an answer. I am uploading a custom lineage file and that seems to work fine. However, if I upload a second file - different from the first - it seem...
    Brian T Vance
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  • Best Practices for Linux Server Maintenance?

    We are running Enterprise Data Catalog and Axon Data Governance in a Medium configuration consisting of six Linux servers (RHEL 7.x) for the platform services and one Windows box (Server 2016) running SQL Server for t...
    Michael Bernier
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  • EDC-Powercenter resource

    Hi Team,   I am trying to load a Powercenter resource in EDC but when I click the Test Connection it gives an error that the connection information is invalid. I know the credentials are correct as I can log in...
    Stephen McVeigh
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  • Policy Integration from Axon to EDC

    We are new users to Informatica, and are running EDC 10.2.2 Hotfix 1 and Axon 6.0. I created a Policy object in Axon and associated it with a specific Glossary and System. I have confirmed the policy is being applied ...
    Michael Bernier
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  • Deleting Glossaries association in EDC

    Other than manually going to each EDC field and deleting glossary association, is there any automated way? I want to remove Glossaries for some EDC fields .
    Ramadevi Bapatla
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  • Search anything in EDC using Api

    Hi, We have our meta data in EDC, our requirement is to let user search by anything in EDC for e.g I have an object in EDC with name as xyz description as "hi this is an object" some custom and system attributes and...
    Bhupendra Baraiya
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  • Enterprise Data Catalog EBFs - January 2020

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC): EBF/CR Number Product and Product Version Short Description 16452 EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP2 This EBF addresses the known ...
    Yamini Soundararajan
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  • SAP R3 connection Pre-Requisites

    I am working on trying to create an SAP R3 resource and had several questions on the pre-requisites listed in the SAP R/3 properties section of the Catalog Administrator guide. I did not list all the pre-reqs but just...
    Ken Guyette
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  • importing a google sheet to EDC

    How to import a google sheet to informatica Enterprise Data Catalog?
    Balaji Tejaswi
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  • How to configure Microstrategy resource in Informatica enterprise data catalog

    i am trying to configure Micro-strategy resource in enterprise data catalog administrator as per the knowledge base 526890.I have below questions under connection properties.     what is MIMBWebservice. i...
    Meher Kulkarni
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  • EDC Pre-Validation Errors

    Hi   When I run the EmbeddedClusterValidationUtility.jar utility I get two errors.   The first is ERROR - java.lang.Exception: The testing of password-less Secure Shell (SSH) connection to ambari-agent...
    Hendrik Kotze
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  • Bulk updating descriptions of EDC fields

    When we are onboarding a source to EDC, we would like to use our preexisting data dictionaries in order to populate the "description" attribute of a field. So far, our understanding is that bulk updating through .csv ...
    Thomas Ferguson
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