• Is XSD required in Informatica BDM Hierarchical to Relational Transformation

    Hi all,   Can I check whether an XSD is required to configure the Informatica BDM Hierarchical to Relational Transformation? Or would a XML be sufficient to configure the transformation?   Based on this th...
    Kaiquan Mah
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  • How to compare Mapping in Informatica BDM Developer Client ?

    Dear All,   I want to compare the 2 different mappings in Informatica BDM Developer client at tool level [ like PowerCenter] , as I know one way is to export mapping XML and compare them.   Does anyone kno...
    Shashikant Gagare
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  • Unable to raise GCS case

    Hi Team,   I have opened account today in network.informatica.com to raise GCS case for our project. But the raising case option is not enable for me, could you please help me on this.   Thanks, Soumik
    Soumik Bhadra
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  • How to update Changed Source File Layout in Informatica Developer?

    Hi,   There is a file which is used as a source in the Informatica developer (AWS-S3 bucket as source) Now , there's a scenario where the some of the fields from the source has to be removed as per  requir...
    Pawan Srivastava
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  • DIGEST-MD5: IO error acquiring password

    Problem Description   SEVERE: [GRIDDTM_1016] The Integration Service failed to execute grid mapping with the following error [An internal exception occurred with the message: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTranspo...
    binoy rappai
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  • Connecting to SAP Hana from BDM

    Hi Gurus, I'm doing an POC.   POC: Connect to SAP Hana calculated view from BDM and load to Hive S3 table with MapR cluster: Approach: 1, Created ODBC connection: Though I was able to import the view, I passed...
    Premkumar S
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  • How to re-try a "REST Web Service Consumer"?

    Hi,   We have an Informatica BDM system and are having a problem with dropping connections when communicating with a third party web service. Typically, around  every 150,000 messages, a connection will be ...
    Rupert Smith
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  • Using hive queries for hive table instead of BDM transformation

    Hi All,   Can you please help me in understanding ,which is correct approach to do transformation : 1)HIVE table as source writing HIVE queries to do transformation or 1) Use Informatica BDM transformation p...
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  • Informatica BDM with Databricks fails for secure Azure Blob

    When running a Azure blob to Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Databricks cluster as the run-time, reads from blobs fails when Secure transfer required is enabled. It refers to the blob in "wasb://xyz.blob.core.windows.ne...
    Siddarth R
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  • Flat file source with Dynamic mapping

    Hi Gurus,   Im trying to write data from HDFS flat files to Hive tables with S3 location. I created the dynamic mapping and it worked well.   But when i was checking data i found that all column values ar...
    Premkumar S
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  • Dynamic mapping with Salesforce as source

    Hi BDM Gurus, we have a requirement to dump 200+ Salesforce objects into Hive tables with S3 location. We tried the below approaches: 1. Dynamic mapping with Salesforce as source and Hive table as target - Informati...
    Premkumar S
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  • How to Configure Big Data Management on Kubernetes - new article from the Informatica doc team

    Abstract You can configure Big Data Management on Kubernetes to optimize resource management and to enable load balancing for the Informatica domain within the containerized environment. This article is written for t...
  • Implement Use case in BDM

    1)Firstly load the dataset(first column as date_time) 2)Then use lag method to take out diff b/w one of the columns use this value to create new column.For NA use back value 3)create list of  date time column r...
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  • How to implement SCD Type 1 & SCD Type 2 on Hive Table using Informatica BDM !!!

    We are planning to implement SCD Type 1 & SCD Type 2 on Hive Table using Informatica BDM 10.2.2. I see there are some  knowledge base articles have been released  but not sure how the update works with o...
    srikanth s
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  • Informatica BDM support for Databricks

    Currently Informatica BDM v10.2.2 support for Databricks is limited to data sources of blob storage and adls gen1. When is wider support of data sources going to be available for Informatica BDM.
    Siddarth R
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  • scoop with the BDM

    Hello,     we have a problem using scoop with the BDM When there is a line break in a string, scoop generates 2 records instead of one.     Thank you
    Andres González Rubio
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  • Informatica BDM ADLS Gen 2 support

    Does Informatica BDM v10.2.2 support ADLS Gen 2 Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Introduction | Microsoft Docs
    Siddarth R
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  • Remove the # in the flat file header in BDM

    Hi BDM Guru's,   I'm writing data to Flat file. While writing the flat file I have chosen  the option "Output field names" has the Header options.   But BDM is adding an "#" in the beginning of the he...
    Premkumar S
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  • Not able to export project objects via infacmd CLI

    Hi,   I am getting below error message when I execute infacmd CLI to export project objects using a non-admin account.   OIECMD_10004 Error occurred launching export function: Failed to launch JVM for OIE ...
    Akshay HB
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  • Informatica BDM - How to parametrize whole filter condition ex: $SRC_FLT='RGN=''CA'''

    I am developing a Dynamic Mapping where i am pulling various source table and loading into Hive. My requirement is to keep one dynamic mapping and offload the data based on some extract criteria. So that filter condit...
    Peter Sahayaraj
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