• get the details of all tickets created

    as the part of company audit, i need to extract all the Informatica cases created by me in past 2 years for data quality tool . How can i get the info?
    aliva dash
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  • Informatica 10.2 Version Control issue

    Hello All,   I did a fresh installation of Informatica 10.2 Hot Fix 2 on my local machine (part of project). but I am unable to view/perform version control option in Designer for Source, Target and Mapping objec...
    last modified by VARUN KUMAR YELLA
  • Single Sign-on Error for eSupport

    I was able to access the eSupport portal awhile back, however when I tried accessing it today, it gave me the error below.     I saw that this is a frequent error and am unsure of how to proceed. Do advic...
    Don Tan
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  • Trying to Access eSupport Gives this error

    hi   since the upgrade of the esupport site I have had the following error appear when I try to access the portal. Please advise:  
    Joe Griffith
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  • Where are the KB articles?

    I keep finding invalid links for KB articles on the Informatica Network.  It seems to happen whether or not I am logged in.   I don't know when it started. Example:  https://knowledge.informatic...
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  • Unable to access support portal

    I don't have the "access esupport" quick link available to my user and when I try logging directly in via ,eSupport , I get an error. Please advise.
    Yee Yek
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  • How to configure End point URL in Informatica web services

    Hi All,   I have a requirement wherein there is a client based tool which needs to push the WSDL files to web services in Informatica Powercenter. How and where can we configure a end point URL in such a way th...
    Akhilesh C
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  • Moving to new web url

    Testing the privileges of users need to be a pass criteria before moving.
    Anand Rajan
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  • Add Legacy Case Numbers to eSupport Tickets Export

    As part of the new design in eSupport please make the legacy case numbers available.  Since all of the completed case numbers have also been updated we need a way to link our own tracking document to the relevant...
    Randy Engelmayer
    created by Randy Engelmayer
  • Frustration Using ePortal

    eSuport portal is not working. Also interacting with the chat bot it frustrating.
    Munir Ansari
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  • Not seeing option for access esupport

    I just registered to Informatica Network. Need access to support.Please help to whom I need to contact to get this.
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  • Informatica 10.2 HF2 - ODBC Update from 7 to 8

    Hello,   we are going to apply HOTFIX2 for PWC version 10.2   We have to upgrade from version 7.1 to 8.0. The DataDirect Oracle ODBC driver. Just want to ask if 8.0 ODBC driver is part of a hotfix ? As p...
    Jan Polášek
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  • disable session log in informatica

    I want session to stop logging data in session log files for specific workflow. The other workflows that are running in the repository should continue to generate logs. I tried with the below options - but it is st...
    AW Khan
    created by AW Khan
  • Hello, how can I do to create a new case ?

    Hello, how can I do to create a new case ?
    Jiří Plachý
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  • Does the lbm-config element in daemon section of the umestored configuration support relative/indirect path?

    As captioned.   We would like to put the lbm.config file in a specific path under the user home directory. However, the home directory path can vary depending on the OS version. Is there a way to use relative pa...
    Mathew Chan
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  • Can I set Classic View as the default lineage view in EDC

    We want to be able to set the classic view as the default lineage view, not the compact view. How do we change the default in our EDC instance?
    Ashley McTavish
    created by Ashley McTavish
  • Getting Support

    Somehow Informatica has made getting support the most difficult process I've seen from any company.  I've spent several hours trying to solve an issue with the Serve Agent for IICS and have had no success getting...
    Terry Miller
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  • Community Content Navigation Appears to be Broken

    When using the page number and arrow navigation, it appears neither changes the list of items shown in the community content.  Am I doing something wrong?  This isn't working in Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chr...
    David Duckworth
    created by David Duckworth
  • Velocity URL is not working

    Below URL is not working.   velocity.informatica.com
    Sreenivas Kuntala
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  • How to update a profile template (Media Manager)

    Hi at All, why can't a user update a profile template in the webUI of the MM, even if this user has the same permissions, access level and settings of the admin ?   Am I missing some settings to allow the user ...
    Maurilia Quinci
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