• Hello, how can I do to create a new case ?

    Hello, how can I do to create a new case ?
    Jiří Plachý
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  • Does the lbm-config element in daemon section of the umestored configuration support relative/indirect path?

    As captioned.   We would like to put the lbm.config file in a specific path under the user home directory. However, the home directory path can vary depending on the OS version. Is there a way to use relative pa...
    Mathew Chan
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  • Can I set Classic View as the default lineage view in EDC

    We want to be able to set the classic view as the default lineage view, not the compact view. How do we change the default in our EDC instance?
    Ashley McTavish
    created by Ashley McTavish
  • Getting Support

    Somehow Informatica has made getting support the most difficult process I've seen from any company.  I've spent several hours trying to solve an issue with the Serve Agent for IICS and have had no success getting...
    Terry Miller
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  • Community Content Navigation Appears to be Broken

    When using the page number and arrow navigation, it appears neither changes the list of items shown in the community content.  Am I doing something wrong?  This isn't working in Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chr...
    David Duckworth
    created by David Duckworth
  • Velocity URL is not working

    Below URL is not working.   velocity.informatica.com
    Sreenivas Kuntala
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  • How to update a profile template (Media Manager)

    Hi at All, why can't a user update a profile template in the webUI of the MM, even if this user has the same permissions, access level and settings of the admin ?   Am I missing some settings to allow the user ...
    Maurilia Quinci
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  • Creating AS2 Connection EDI

    HI   I don't have access to create a case...   we are having Certificate Error Message on our Client Connection...   Client has verified credentials and is not seeing us when we try test connection ...
    Elizabeth Snow
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  • Articles in KB not opening

    Hi, there.   Not sure when this started happening but no matter which article from the Knowledge Base I choose it never opens.   Example: https://knowledge.informatica.com/s/article/576366?language=en_US&a...
    Kleber Rebello
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  • What happened to the Online Help Guide?

    I've used the Online Help Guide for years as we've progressed through multiple upgrades of Axon but it seems to have disappeared and I can't locate it on your site for version 7.2 (or the older versions). Here is the ...
    Kathryn McDonald
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  • IDQ : Data profile

    We just installed IDQ 10.4  in our dev environment and While doing data profiling on one table it give null output for every column. It correctly detects the data object.  While creating new table object, i ...
    Sagar Kacharawala
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  • does informatica 9.5.1 support as400 v7r3?

    Currently Informatica 9.5.1 is running on AS400 V6R1 normally,  and my client plans to upgrade OS from AS400 V6R1 to AS400 V7R3. So we have no idea if 9.5.1 can run on V7R3. PLZ help! Very appreciate!
    Stefan Liu
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  • Inability to access other/internal projects

    Hi,   I do not get the option to select other projects or an internal project in my support portal i.e. internal project option is unavailable.   Looking at the screenshot below, I only have access to one ...
    David Olatunbosun
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  • Licencia free trial

    Buenas tardes existe alguna licencia free-trial onpremise no en la nube?.     Saludos y gracias
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  • Inability to Create Accounts or Login to Informatica Network and Success Portal

    I have colleagues who are having problems either creating accounts or logging into the Informatica Network and Success Portal sites.  Where should I direct them to for assistance from you in resolving these issue...
    David Duckworth
    created by David Duckworth
  • https://velocity.informatica.com/

    https://velocity.informatica.com/  is not working. can anyone help me
    Nadeem muhammad
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  • https://velocity.informatica.com/ not working

    please check this subject line is not working since 4 days.
    Nadeem muhammad
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  • How to Retrieve Axon Glossary's and its linked objects like Owner and System by using REST API

    Please Provide me with the json code which can able to retrieve Glossary's and its linked objects like People and System facts by using REST API
    Maurya Bellapukonda
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  • salesforce picklist transformation

    Hi ,         I need help, I am working on a migration from salesforce I have a picklist column for that I need picklist transformation on the cloud. this picklist transformation is...
    Vikash Bhadoriya
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  • Make FR/CR references in Infa Network and eSupport live hyperlinks

    On a regular basis, we receive responses from Informatica support technicians (whether through the customer support portal or through the discussion feature here on the Informatica Network) in which a reference is mad...
    Shannon Walton
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