• Publication time is too long

    We have a connection with object filter for 5 tables, we added 2 more and the metadata took about 5 hours to be refreshed, can you help us to check this out, please.
    Enrique Vignau
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  • What would the output of a process be if the process takes a long time to run?

    As the question said, when a process takes a long time to run: - it includes a timer wait component - it includes a receiver that takes a long time to actually receive something in the runtime what the output would...
    zhanwen xu
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  • instalador version 9.6.1informatica ILM

    Buenas noches en la institucion donde trabajo tenemos ILM version 9.6.1, la herraminta no se uso por 3 años, el personal que la administraba se retiro, estoy retomando el uso de la misma y esta version ya no tien...
    cesar espinoza
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  • Informatica Secure Agent on Windows Server 2019

    Has anyone got the secure agent working on Windows Server 2019 or know if/when this will be supported?
    Lucas Simmons
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  • How can i get the access for eSupport

    Hi Team, I am unable to view the eSupport Option. Kindly help to assist how can i access the eSupport portal. Thanks in advance   Regards Sandeep
    Sandeep Kumar Peddy
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  • Python can use in IICS?

    Can I use python code in Cloud data mapping?
    Panut Sasanaputchot
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  • Issues with Cloud API - 'job' endpoint

    Hello,   I'm trying to use Informatica Cloud API to automate some manual work.   Basically, API works fine. However, we cannot use one POST API endpoint – job.   I tried different combinations...
    Anton Petrov
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  • Feature Request

    I would like to see a feature in EDC that will show and track the Data Steward assignment for a data element all the way through the entire lineage to make sure that the same data steward is assigned throughout the li...
    Lee Waage
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  • EDC physical fields in Axon

    I noticed that not all physical fields from a EDC resource are listed in Axon .(Create-->Manage Catalog links-->Physical fields). Any insight what type of fields are picked up by Axon and what are not? And do we...
    Ramadevi Bapatla
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  • Why Can link Multiple Attributes to One Field ?

                   Don't understand Why Can link Multiple Attributes to One Field ?   when how to use ?
    jianbo lu
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  • Top participants

    In the Network portal, The Top participants lists shows Top 5 contributors till date. But some of those users doesn't have any recent posts/activity. It would be encouraging if the lists shows Top participants by Mon...
    Sathiesh M
    created by Sathiesh M
  • HELP!!!   Informatica link tibco?

    Would you please tell Informatica how to set up tibco? [有人使用informatica连接到tibco么?]     Has anyone ever configured it successfully? [有人配置成功过么]  
    haoran xiao
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  • desview.cpp Errors

    Hi All, Do we have any documentation where we can find all the messages related to desview.cpp like desview.cpp 7240.   I didnt find anything related to this on knowledge base.
    Neelakanth Patil
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  • ghgsshg

    out casted
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  • test

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  • Success and other messaging when Curating multiple attributess

    Curating right now is a tedious process for my team, so we are researching available options to bulk curate.  After selecting multiple attributes with to "Accept" or "Reject", I get the following success message,...
    Paula Motley
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  • Informatica Network Log Out is not working

    Informatica Network Log Out is not working...   Profile > Log Out   takes to a: https://network.informatica.com/logout.jspa   But the page displays the error: This page isn’t workingnetwork...
    Juan Rios
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  • Need access to eSupport to open ticket?

    Hello,   Can someone please assist me with access to eSupport? I just set myself up as an Informatica Network user so that I can open a ticket for support on renewing an expired license, but there is no link to ...
    Anthony Torres
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  • My email changed to logon to Informatica Newtwork.  How do I change it?

    My email changed to logon to Informatica Newtwork.  How do I change it?
    Andrew Jones
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  • Issues with pmdtm process and workflows get blocked

    Hi All,   Recently we have presented problems with workflows in different integration services,workflows get stuck without reading source or target when this happens we stop then abort the sessions and workflows...
    Ricardo Lopez
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