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Swathi M
Hi All,   we are planning for an Informatica upgrade from 9.5.1 to Informatica 10.1.1 version. But I observe Only Informatica 10.1.1 Hotfix 2 is only compatible with Windows 2016 and SQL server 2016. Please let us know the DAC version comaptible with Windows 2016 and SQL server 2016 and Also if any other Informatica version is compatible.  … (Show more)
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ankush wathodkar
Hi All,   I started using the Informatica Cloud Trail version. However i would like to try the PC to Cloud Conversion Service which is disabled for me.   Thanks, Ankush
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harish vadla
I have a requirement to run a single mapping multiple times parallel at a time with the different input source files in Informatica developer(IDQ  10.1). Is there any way to sort out this kind of situation.   Appreciate your feedback! Thanks.
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Neeraj Bhuwania
Hi,   I have a requirement where a incoming value is in decimal and needs to be converted to a number where it just takes number before decimals in output   e.g 1.2345 xs:decimal(1.2345)* 100 = 123.45 and it should ignore everything after decimal to be output as 123
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Heather Scroggins
I receive our SAT data as a .txt file and load that into Ellucian Banner.  I am trying now to figure out how to take that SAT data and load it into the CRM. All the information I found uses a .csv file and was wondering if I have to try and convert the data to a .csv or if I can use the .txt. 
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Rajan(RJ) Shrestha
when invoking third party rest api, I need to send a pdf as an attachment. Is there any I can upload pdf from the local directory in the procss on demand without ICRT event based file connector.
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Noah Huckaby
I've tried many times to get this expression below to work, but can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong.  The expression is used inside a lookup expression.   DECODE(TRUE, $OutputField = 'unknwn' AND High_School_Type = 'Homeschool', '999999', $OutputField = 'unknwn' AND ISNULL(CEEB_code), 'unknwn', $OutputField = 'unknwn AND… (Show more)
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Gow s
Hi, When I have the below scenario In informatica developer and not in informatica powercentre, The source and expected target as below: I have to sort based on from_date and for max date I need to set null. for remaining records I have to do from_date-1 of previous records.   I did below coding in expression: in_version = version   (input)… (Show more)
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Vijay Sharma
Problem statement: We have a source DB2 table that has some columns with datatype (Char for bit data) which translates to Binary datatype in Source qualifier transformation. We have to load this data in a flat file but Powercenter won’t allow that as Flat file does not contain any binary datatype. FYI, these fields store hexadecimal values.  … (Show more)
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