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Raymund Panganiban
Hi guys,   Good day to you all.  I need some  guidance on how to address the issue we are encountering. How do we specify which folder to upload to?  We have a client using Informatica that have issues uploading to our S3 bucket.  We only allow them to upload/delete/get files from a specific folder  in a bucket. However, they are unable to do… (Show more)
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Azryll Nordin
Hi,   I urgently need help for my Informatica job. One of the job fail each time I run the job. got this error message each time. " SQL Stmt : INSERT INTO… (Show more)
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Vinaya Chandra H G
Hi Folks , Right now I am working on bringing successfactor data in table to my ETL(IICS) tool using ODATA API .But what I found was not all the properties available in entity are available for Source field mapping . Did anyone has also overcome this scenario during data extraction . Thanks,
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Mitchell Perzichilli
Hello,   Is there a way to configure an Oracle connection in IICS to recognize Oracle Native Encryption?  We receive this warning when running IICS jobs:  TNS-12599: TNS:cryptographic checksum mismatch.   I found this in the KB:  Support   This appeared to have resolved the warnings but I did see an increase in job run times.  Just curious if… (Show more)
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Vidya Nair
I used $LastRunTime variable for an incremental data fetch, and initially it was having the default value 1970-01-01 00:00:00. After each run the variable was getting updated as expected. But I could see that, when there were no records having timestamp >$LastRunTime variable, the session was executing for a very longer duration (returning 0… (Show more)
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Pranav Koutu
How do we fail a taskflow in IICS ? AT present it goes to suspended state if any task within it fails. Also, how can we configure to receive email notifications for command task failure ?
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Paul Hearn
Our Salesforce Org will be migrated next week. We use Informatica to feed data bi-directionally between Salesforce and our Student Information Systems. Salesforce advises us to pay particular attention to hard coded references and to allow the relevant IP ranges, which we have done. Our Org ID will not change after the migration. Are there any… (Show more)
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Ilkhomjon Khudoyberdiev
We have a logic that we need to implement "Min.Rem.Shelf life(day)/Total shelf life (Day).   Min shelf life should not be greater than total shelf life " we used these script to validate: var minShelf = record.getFirstValue();… (Show more)
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Akash Chavan
Here I am looking for a way to create an automated test that will verify the expected data transformed from source to target databases/tables, Instead of comparing both tables/DB manually.
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Stuart Doolan
I have a mapping in CDI with a lookup transformation using a Salesforce connection and a query. The mapping completes and loads data, but I realised that the lookup itself is not actually returning the data I want. The lookup field is a double and causing some issues.   I went to Advanced on Lookup Transformation and set logging to Verbose Data… (Show more)
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