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Neha Gupta
Hi Team,   I have one query suppose i have one source table and i want to load my data into three target table with condition as first 7 (1-7) records should go to 1st table then next 7 (8-14) in 2nd table and then next 7 (15-21) to 3rd table and next 7 (22-28) again in 1st table and so on . Can anyone please help on this how i can do this using… (Show more)
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Jinx Chase
Requirement is:   From source I am getting values like:    Id Hours 123 32 - 40 121 Day;Week 124 32 - 40;0 - 16;16 - 24;24 - 32;Day;Week 125 16 - 24;24 - 32 122 32 - 40;0 - 16;16 - 24;24 - 32;Week I have to split this single column to two columns in my target as below:… (Show more)
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Mitesh Joshi
Hi Experts,   I am new to Informatica developer. I can see that we can export data in Parquet format using Informatica Developer. However, below are few questions I have:   1. Can we export the data in Parquet format in Target folder (TgtFiles on server)? 2. Can we export the data in Parquet format in Amazon S3 bucket. If yes, do we have any… (Show more)
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Kaushik Mukherjee
Hi,   I am trying to configure the Axon drop down menu from the Admin Panel. In that i am able to find the option to add and Edit but I dont see any option to delete. Can anyone please help me understand how we can delete values from the drop down or make them inactive so that they dont show up in the Drop down.   Regards, Kaushik
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Simarpal Singh
Can we add a custom label on the Data Quality Facet Dashboard page instead of Generic Heading?
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Dipak Sreekumar
During the Change request workflow, once the add analysis option is used by a user and saved then we are not able to edit the analysis again even though there is an edit option button. It's just throwing an error. kindly help me resolve it. Attaching the error
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Sneha C
Hi,   I am trying to get data loaded from Oracle to MongoDB via informatica powercenter 10.1. Obviously since we are just getting started with mongodb, the license for connector is expensive for our organization.   While i was researching about it , i see that MongoDB now has MongoDB ODBC Driver for BI Connector. Did anyone try this with… (Show more)
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Swathi M
Hi All,   We have fresh Installation done for Informatica 10.1.1 H2 on Windows 2016 and SQL Server 2012. Previous version Informatica 9.5.1 H2 is on Windows 2008R2 and SQL Server 2008. Now we have to move the code from Informatica 9.5.1 H2 to Informatica 10.1.1 H2.   I am trying to move the repository in same domain and then do upgrade as… (Show more)
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jayakumar sp
Hi Folks,   I have created valid mapping with help of informatica PowerCenter Designer tool.   In mapping hence can't able to generate workflow or is disabled it's colored grey out. and also i can't able to create Task and Workflow in the PowerCenter Workflow manager. In this option also disabled,greyed out.   I have attached screenshot for… (Show more)
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Hi Team, Can anyone help me to get the exam code for "PowerCenter Data Integration 10: Developer, Specialist Certification"? Is it Exam Code: PR000041(But, it was showing as for "PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x). Please help me with the information. Thanks, Ramesh T
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