The BDM Log Collector tool is a Java-based utility that can be used to retrieve all the logs in one go for Hadoop specific issues. The utility can be used to collect the logs for all three execution modes: Spark / Blaze / Hive. This can be used for all Hadoop Distributions that are certified by Informatica and for Kerberized Hadoop clusters as well.



BDM Log Collector collects the following logs.


Logs collected from the machine where DIS runs (Informatica Server machine):


  • Mapping Logs
  • Hive Session Log
  • Profiling Logs


Logs Collected from the Hadoop Cluster:


  • Stderr
  • Stdout
  • Syslog
  • Mapper Logs
  • Reducer Logs
  • Blaze Logs
  • DAG logs


Configuration Files Collected from the Hadoop Cluster:


CCO XML files (For Informatica BDM 10.2)


Supported Informatica products


Informatica 10.1, 10.1.1, 10.1.1 HotFix 1, 10.2


License Info


Free download


Current Version


BDM Log Collector 10.2




BDMLogCollector-bin.tar.gz (See Attachment below)


Please follow the ReadMe packaged under the Binary for complete instructions.


How to Install


  1. Download the BDMLogCollector-bin.tar.gz from <INFA_HOME>/tools/debugtools.
  2. Extract the tar. A folder with the name BDMLogCollector will be created under <INFA_HOME>/tools/debugtools.
  3. In the BDMLogCollector directory, you will find “” file.
  4. Provide 755 permissions on the “” file using the command: chmod 755
  5. Run “” using the command: ./




1.    Inputs required:


  • Mapping/Profile name (mandatory)
  • Output directory path (mandatory)
  • Failure date (Optional)
  • Domain Authentication


2.    Output file generated after the utility run is a compressed zip file.

       The zipped file consists of all the logs in a directory structure.

Support Platforms


Informatica BDM 10.1,10.1.1, 10.1.1.HotFix 1, 10.2


Release History


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