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Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter (PMPC) 3.0 HotFix1 release is applicable for two products:

  1. Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Operations
  2. Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Governance


Salient enhancements in this release:

  • Improved Install and configuration experience by reducing the manual steps
    • In-place validation of many parameters to reduce errors
    • Auto-creation of Connection object
    • Auto-import of PMPC workflow
    • Auto-execution of many database DDL scripts
  • 13 EBFs merged
  • 16 customer CRs fixed
  • Prevented false alerts triggered for Domain and Services availability
  • Improved performance of node agent (for instance, memory consumption has reduced 4 times)
  • Enhanced performance of some rule executions (for instance, execution time of table space related rule has improved by 20 times)
  • Security to match 10.1 release
    • JRE upgraded to  1.8
    • Tomcat upgraded to
    • DataDirect drivers to 5.1.4
  • PAM expansion to match PowerCenter 10.1 PAM
  • Enhanced documentation across variety of topics


Informatica Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter (PMPC) 3.0 HotFix 1 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Governance 3.0 HotFix 1

PAM for Informatica Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Operations 3.0 HotFix 1

You can download the Hotfixes from here.

The Informatica Global Customer Support Team is excited to announce an all new technical webinar and demo series – Meet the Experts, in partnership with our technical product experts and Product management. These technical sessions are designed to encourage interaction and knowledge gathering around some of our latest innovations and capabilities across Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data etc. In these sessions, we will strive to provide you with as much technical details including new features and functionalities as possible, and where relevant, show you a demo or product walk-through as well.

Topic and Agenda


  • Meet the Experts – How to improve Analytics by doing Data Quality and DAAS centrally in Data Integration Hub
  • Date: December 6th 2016
  • Time: 8:00 AM PST
  • Duration: 1 Hour


To maximize the business impact of analytics, you need everyone in the team using high quality, fresh data consistently across the organization.  Leveraging tools to cleanse and enrich data are critical to improve the quality of data for analytics, but even the best data quality and data as a service product may not boost the quality of analytics across your organization if they are use inconsistently across projects. By doing data quality and enrichment centrally in an integration hub, the processing and delivery of fresh and consistent data to all analytics systems can be automated.  Every analytics system that needs the latest prepared data can subscribe to published certified data sets.


During the webinar, you’ll learn how:


· Centralization of data cleansing is key to analytics success

· Dependence on central IT can be reduced with self-service access to curated data

· Data quality in the central hub ensures consistent use of clean data

· Centrally enriching data contributes to more accurate analytics


This is a Meet the Experts webinar with the Informatica Expert team on Data Integration Hub, Data Quality and Data as a Service focused on the benefits of doing Data Quality and DaaS enrichment centrally.  We will go through an overview of how this works and the key capabilities of the Informatica products making up this solution. We will show a product demo highlighting how to use Informatica Data Quality and DaaS centrally with Data Integration Hub publications and take questions from the audience.




  • Introduction
  • Informatica Data Quality overview
  • Data as a Service to enrich customer data
  • Data Integration Hub to power centralized data cleansing and enrichment
  • Demo of using Informatica Data Quality and DaaS within Data Integration Hub publications
  • Technical Q&A session with the Expert Team




Scott Hedrick, Director Product Marketing

Thomas Brence, Director Product Marketing

Stefan Manns, Senior Product Specialist


Registration details for the Webex


Topic: Meet the Experts – How to improve Analytics by doing Data Quality and DaaS centrally in Data Integration Hub
Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Time: 8:00 am, Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

To register for this meeting
1. Go to
2. Register for the meeting.

Once the host approves your request, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.

To view in other time zones or languages, please click the link:

For assistance
1. Go to
2. On the left navigation bar, click "Support".
You can contact us at:

Webinar Recording is available below


Network Team.

Informatica ActiveVOS fixes a number of defects identified in the release notes. It also adds support for Java 8.

Informatica ActiveVOS Release Notes

PAM for Informatica ActiveVOS

You can download the Hotfixes from here.

The Informatica Global Customer Support Team is excited to announce an all new technical webinar and demo series – Meet the Experts, in partnership with our technical product experts and Product management. These technical sessions are designed to encourage interaction and knowledge gathering around some of our latest innovations and capabilities across Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data etc. In these sessions, we will strive to provide you with as much technical details including new features and functionalities as possible, and where relevant, show you a demo or product walk-through as well.

Topic and Agenda for the month of September


  • Meet the Experts – Deep Dive and Demo of Data Integration Hub for PowerCenter Users
  • Date: September 29th 2016
  • Time: 8:00 AM PST
  • Duration: 1 Hour


Are you planning to modernize your analytics systems or enterprise applications to ensure every system is getting fresh, curated data?  Are you interested in learning more about how an integration hub can increase productivity and data integration organization through a combination of centralized management and self-service for distributed teams?


This is an invitation only deep dive webinar with the Informatica Expert team on Data Integration Hub focused on how the hub can be leveraged by PowerCenter users. We will go through use cases, best practices and what we have learned from customers including Rabobank, MasterCard and Humana. We will show a product demo highlighting how to develop custom mappings in PowerCenter to be used as Data Integration Hub publications.



  • Overview of Data Integration Hub
  • Example customer use cases for Data Integration Hub
  • Best practices for PowerCenter users implementing a hub
  • Data Integration Hub demo
  • Technical Q&A session with the Expert Team





Scott Hedrick, Director Product Marketing

Charlie Hughes, Director, Domain Expert

Etai Margolin, Principal Product Manager

Stefan Manns, Senior Product Specialist



To register for the  Webinar
1. Go to
2. Register for the meeting.
3. Check for confirmation email with instructions on how to join


Informatica network Team

In July 2016, Informatica launched a new, first-of-its-kind, cloud-based B2B Gateway with a focus on traditional EDI transaction sets allowing users to build EDI transformation maps and connect with their partners from the cloud—allowing users to “cut the cord” with traditional EDI Managed Services providers and removing the need for an on-premise EDI translator. As Informatica’s B2B Domain Expert, Dan Rezac, says, “This offering allows you to control your own destiny when it comes to business-to-business electronic commerce and interaction.” The new offering enables organizations to implement a hybrid B2B Data Exchangearchitecture taking full advantage of the tangible benefits of cloud-based applications: instant on-demand access, lower TCO, faster partner onboarding cycle times, agile development, better KPI visibility, and robust SLA management. Now companies can easily modernize their B2B Data Exchange; and, more importantly, “future proof” their IT environment.


In this “Meet the Experts” session, you will meet the engineers and implementation experts behind the new B2B Cloud Gateway and have the opportunity to see the product in action and hear about real life implementations, as well as, discussing how listeners can leverage their existing Informatica skills to:

  • Reduce the cost, complexity and time to quickly onboard partners by using a new hybrid  architecture
  • Provide new features and better functionality to rejuvenate your current B2B implementation
  • Utilize hybrid B2B architectures for greater flexibility


Who should attend this webinar?

Informatica Cloud Services (ICS) and Informatica B2B Data Exchange (DX) customers and prospects looking to do more with B2B Data Exchange and extend their environments for agile B2B data integration.


Webex Link for Registration


Presenters :

Alan Lundberg, Daniel Rezac, Thomas Bennet

Date and Time:

August 30th 8:00 AM PST.


Informatica Network Team

This release resolves a critical issue introduced in version 6.9 that caused any LBT-RM or LBT-RU publisher application to fatally assert after sending slightly more than 4 billion messages.


This release also resolves an unrelated application crash that could occur when using the .NET API’s resolver event callback or source cost callback, and an unrelated UMP store crash that could occur when using Receiver-Paced Persistence with some receivers configured to be non-blocking (the non-blocking UMP receiver feature was introduced in version 6.9).


Finally, this release modifies UMP store logging of Session IDs to always print the IDs as unsigned values, simplifying identification of related log entries.


The release includes no other changes. Customers using 6.9 or 6.9.1 should replace those libraries with 6.9.2 at the earliest opportunity.


Informatica Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition 6.9.2 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition 6.9.2 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition 6.9.2 Release Notes


Informatica Ultra Messaging Router 6.9.2 Release Notes


PAM for Ultra Messaging 6.9.2

You can download the Hotfixes from here.

Productivity Advancements - Dynamic Mapping and SQL to Mapping

Are you looking for flexible mapping templates that you can design once and execute across multiple sources and targets?  Dynamic Mappings and SQL to Mapping are essential features to eliminate production issues, improve developer productivity and reduce overall maintenance cost.


This is a deep-dive technical webinar that covers Dynamic Mappings and SQL to Mapping capabilities available in PowerCenter v10.  Dynamic Mappings are reusable mapping templates that you design once and use against multiple sources and targets. SQL to Mapping is a metadata driven conversion utility that helps you to convert existing external hand-coded SQL to an Informatica Mapping.



  • Technical presentation of Dynamic Mapping and SQL to Mapping
  • How to build a dynamic mapping and execute it?
  • How do you convert an existing hand-coded SQL to a Mapping?
  • Best practices and demo




Deepa Sankar

Elizabeth Duke

Kumara Rajasekar

Webinar details

Date : July 26th 2016

Time: 8:00 AM PST

Registration url :    

Webinar Recording


Informatica Network team.

The Informatica Global Customer Support Team is excited to announce an all new technical webinar and demo series – Meet the Experts, in partnership with our technical product experts.


These technical sessions are designed to encourage interaction and knowledge gathering around some of our latest innovations and capabilities across Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data  etc.


In these sessions, we will strive to provide you with as much technical details including new features and functionalities as possible, and where relevant, show you a demo or product walk-through as well.


After the first introductory sessions, we will be announcing a calendar of upcoming bi-monthly sessions for Data Integration and Big Data Tuesdays, Data Quality and MDM Thursdays. Please stay tuned.


In the meanwhile, if you have any questions or requests, or suggestions for topics, please write to us –



Session 1:

June 28, 8AM PST



Data Integration Tuesday –  Technical Deep Dive on What’s New in PowerCenter v10.0 and v10.1



Many Informatica customers are looking to scale beyond their first project to enterprise-wide data management initiatives that lead to greater business agility and faster business value delivery. With v10.0 and v10.1, Informatica has introduced a number of new capabilities, innovations and improvements that you can leverage to drive these benefits in your data integration projects. Some examples are 50x faster lineage performance with metadata manager, increased developer productivity with new add-on capabilities, new connectivity for hybrid architectures, and so on.


In this interactive technical deep dive webinar, you will:

  • Learn about what’s new in PowerCenter v10.0 and v10.1
  • Understand how to leverage the new capabilities and advancements in your data integration projects
  • Chat “LIVE” with our technical product expert



Aashoo Saxena

Elizabeth Duke

Deepa Sankar

Pattabhi Raman

Recording of the Webinar

Informatica has been committed to providing a seamless and personalized search experience for our customers - to deliver the right information at the right time - in each and every interaction across all knowledge sources and channels.


Continuing with our endeavor to innovate and provide the best customer experience, we are now introducing a new unified search experience for our customers. This new enterprise search is focused on providing most relevant search results in the shortest span of time. In addition to faster performance, there are numerous additional features like search-as-you-type, responsive UI, multilingual search, personalized interface, share the query,and manymore…

Explore the new KB Search

View Demo

The highlights of the new search include:

  • Unified Search: The new search provides a unified and secure access to different content repositories
  • Context-aware content recommendations: Before you could even raise a support ticket, our search engine will proactively suggest the most relevant information customized just for you. Search-as-you-type!
  • Intuitive User Interface with New Filters:  With the least level of effort, customers can easily refine their search experience to get a unified view of the most appropriate insight into the various knowledge sources.

    For example, the new interface for Discussion Forums organizes the results into relevant threads with correct answers displayed on top.  And, you can also filter by specific users now.

  • Multi-lingual support: Search in your preferred language now.

  • Share Query: You can now share the query for search term, thereby the corresponding result set, with your peers. Quick and seamless access to all!

  • Intelligent search engine with improved relevancy and faster performance: The new technology not only engages the customer but also provides most relevant solutions to complex issues at a lightning speed.
  • Mobile compatibility: Responsive UI ensures you can search anywhere, anytime.
  • Export to Excel: You can export into an excel file and share all search results with your peers.

Explore the new search

This release introduces support for new platforms:  HP Nonstop X86 and Linux on Power8 (little-endian).


This release also improves the scalability of Ultra Messaging Persistence by replacing store-driven keepalives with receiver-driven proactive keepalives.  This behavior is fully backwards compatible (6.9.1 stores will interact with pre-6.9.1 receivers as before, and 6.9.1 receivers will interact with pre-6.9.1 stores as before).  A new receiver configuration option “ume_proactive_keepalive_interval” has been added, which can be modified for new-receiver-old-store interoperability in cases where the old store has a non-default “keepalive-interval” setting.


Informatica Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition 6.9.1 Release Notes

Informatica Ultra Messaging Router 6.9.1 Release Notes 

Informatica Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition 6.9.1 Release Notes

Informatica Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition 6.9.1 Release Notes


PAM for Ultra Messaging 6.9 HotFix 1


You can download the HotFixes from here.

At Informatica, your feedback is very important to us and is the primary determinant of how we define our improvement initiatives and we have addressed one such important feedback with the launch of the

new Product Documentation Home page


The Product Documentation Home page  can be accessed by clicking on the Documentation tab on the top level Navigation. Note that you will have to be logged in to access this page.From this new interface, you  will have easy access to all product documents.






The filters available across different categories will iteratively refine your search results.The filters are also updated dynamically. For example, if you select the product as PowerCenter, the drop-down displays only product versions of PowerCenter.In addition to the Product and Versions, you can also narrow down the search results by Hotfix Version, Resource Type (Type of Document) , and  Language .






The Quick Links section on the right panel, which can be used to download document sets (zip files)  with a single-click.

We believe that the Version 1.0 of  our Product documentation landing page will provide our customers a faster and  better way to download our Product documents. We welcome your feedback and suggestion in improving the experience on Informatica network.

We are  glad to announce that we have built a Home page for PAM (Product Availability Matrix) documents . This along with a Home Page for Product Docs has been one of the top requests from both customers and internal users since go-live.


The PAM home page will  have the following functionalities

  1. The home page will have PAM documents for the last 5 releases across all products.
  2. Ability to filter by categories (Product Name)
  3. Ability to follow the space and get notified upon any new PAM uploads.
  4. The content can be accessed and downloaded only by logged in users.

The PAM page can be accessed from the Quick links sections of a logged in user or directly  at the PAM Community

Homepage -PAM.jpg





I hope this helps you get to your PAM content faster and easier. Please stay tuned for updates on the Home page for Product documents as well.


-Pattabhi Raman

Informatica Live Data Map 1.0 includes the following capabilities :


Knowledge Graph of all enterprise metadata

  • Semantic Search with Intelligent Facets
  • Advanced Token Matching
  • Related Data Assets
  • Underlying Semantic Content through Data Domains
  • Assigned Custom Attributes
  • Intelligent Facets based on matches
  • Search Auto-complete
  • Business Lineage
  • Summarized Lineage View targeted towards business users
  • Drill Down Lineage view to get more details
  • Automatic Connection Stitching
  • Support for Powercenter and BDM in v1.
  • Relationship Discovery
  • 360 Degree view of Data Assets
  • Reports
  • Views
  • Joins
  • Data Domains
  • Integrated Data Profiling Statistics
  • Data Quality Statistics in the Catalog
  • Column Profiling
  • Inferred Data Types
  • Patterns
  • Data Domain Discovery per Data Source
  • Custom Data Domains Supported
  • Custom Attributes with Business Classifications
  • Single and Multi-Valued Custom Attributes
  • Attribute Propagation
  • Governed Classifications through Business Glossary Integration
  • Big Data Scale
  • Large Scale Deployment with setup on Informatica Managed or Existing Hadoop Cluster
  • Internally uses a fully managed Hadoop cluster to support enterprise scale deployments
  • Can also be deployed on an existing Hadoop cluster
  • Graph technologies to store and query large enterprise knowledge graphs
  • High Load and Search Performance
  • Supports Parallel Metadata Ingestion to quickly update the catalog with multiple sources
  • High Speed Indexing to provide the most updated catalog content to the users.
  • Unmatched search performance over millions of data assets.
  • High Availability
  • Fault tolerance and High availability to provide 24X7 uptime.
  • Connectivity
  • Databases: Oracle, IBM DB2 LUW, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Netezza, Teradata, JDBC, MySQL
  • Hadoop: Cloudera Navigator, Hive
  • Mainframes: DB2 z/OS, DB2 i5/OS
  • BI: SAP Business Objects
  • Informatica: Informatica Powercenter, Informatica Platform
  • Applications: Salesforce
  • Comprehensive Administration
  • Add Resources to the Catalog
  • Schedule Metadata extracts and Profiling runs.
  • Monitoring and Job control
  • Global and Inline Schedules


Informatica Live Data Map Version 1.0 Release Notes

PAM for Live Data Map Client support Data Store Support

PAM for Live Data Map Client support

PAM for LiveDataMap Client support Platform Support

Informatica Network FAQs

Posted by Vidya Nov 19, 2015

Following is a list of FAQs to get you started.



What is Informatica Network?
Informatica Network is a unified community that provides a healthy ecosystem for our customers to connect with their peers, Informatica experts, and broader community to accelerate their learning, deployment and adoption of Informatica products using any of the interaction channels.

What has changed? And what happens to the current sites?
To cultivate a customer centric approach, we have consolidated all silos – My Support customer portal, Informatica Communities, Informatica University, and User Groups. Using a single login and profile, you can access all these under the umbrella of Informatica Network. Users from all those sites will be redirected to Informatica Network.

What’s new for the migrated users?
All the existing customers will now have access to the varied Informatica resources available under the Network – product communities, latest forum discussions, SupportTV, Expert Assistant, Velocity (Best Practices) and much more.

How is the search different on Informatica Network?
We now have a federated search available on the Network that pulls results from the Knowledge Base, critical sources like the End of Life announcements, product availability matrix, customer discussions, etc. In short, it is your one-stop shop for all things Informatica!



Which Informatica systems are unified under the Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Your doorway to Informatica now has a single sign-on, which means, with a single username and password you can now access MySupport, Informatica Communities, User Groups, and Informatica University.

Can I log into Informatica Network using My Support credentials?

Yes, you can use your My Support credentials. However, upon logging in you will have to reset your password to update it as per the new Informatica password policy.

Why do I need to reset my password when I first log into Informatica Network?
We take security seriously, and want to ensure that all user accounts migrated to the Informatica Network are as secure as possible. Therefore, we are asking you to follow a password updating process to reflect the new Informatica password policy.

I'm having trouble signing in - help me!
The table below explains the various login scenarios and access details.



User Access

If you have MySupport (MS) login ID

Enter your MS credentials and do the following:

  • Correct Password: Reset your password on the ‘Complete your Profile’ page.
  • Incorrect Password: You will receive a verification email with steps to proceed.
  • Forgot Password: Click on ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset your password

If you have Informatica Passport login (for Marketplace, Informatica Communities etc.) only

  • Use your Passport credentials to login and access the Informatica Network home page.

If you had different login IDs for Informatica Passport and MySupport

You can use either one of the IDs to log into Informatica Network (using the steps mentioned above).

If have not registered for Informatica Passport or MySupport

Please click on Sign-up and complete the registration process.


Are my previously included project details available and secure?

Yes, all your Project/case/tech profile details are available and secure as there no changes done to eSupport (online support).

Persona- Based


Can I access content on Informatica Network without logging in? If yes, then what are the resources that will be available to me?
As an anonymous user, you will have access to most of the Informatica resources such as:

  • Federated Knowledge Base search
  • Product Resources such as discussions, Product Document resources and How-to-Libraries of all the Informatica products
  • Other resources such as SupportTV, Informatica Expert Assistant, Debugging Tools etc.
  • Access to Informatica University and User groups.

How is anonymous user view different from a logged in user view?

As a logged in user in Informatica Network, besides what is available to anonymous users, additionally you will also have access to the following privileges

  • Option to personalize your home page view using the Manage Product Profile option
  • Federated KB search with access to Velocity and EOLs and PAMs
  • Access to 2-year archives of our newsletter SupportFlash
  • Get access to Informatica Support Statements
  • Option to view discussions and other content types
  • Option to Start a discussion, comment/reply to posts.
  • Create your own streams and follow spaces, people, discussions, blogs etc to get customized alerts
  • Collaborate with experts, peers and Informatica Moderators etc.
  • Customize your user profile with your skill sets, status updates, avatars and profile pics.


What special privilege or access does a user with Support Contract have?
As a Support Contract user, you will have access to:

  • Personalized Support Cases widget that displays your top five cases and the Technical Profiles
  • Case Management system (eSupport)
  • CSM
  • HotFixes and Emergency bug Fixes
  • Change Request Tracking system
  • GCS exclusive Support Enablement Materials
  • GCS Policies and Procedures Guide and so on..


Where can I find Product Documentation and How-to-Libraries?

With the introduction of federated search, the Product Documentation and H2Ls are now moved to our KB system and are no longer available on Informatica Network. To access the Product Guides and How-to-Libraries:

  1. Go to (Note that you do not need to login to view product documentation).
  2. Type the search term that you are looking for, (For example, informatica 10 release notes)
  3. All the Release Notes, Product Guides, and How-to-Libraries related to Informatica 10 are listed under All Content tab.
  4. Use the filters in the left navigation to narrow down the results based (for example, Document Category like User guides, Admin guides, or HotFix version, or language).



Is there an easier way to search for Product Documentation?

Yes, you can refine your search for the product guides using our Documentation tab on the Informatica Network. Please note that this tab is accessible only to the authenticated users and you need to be logged in to access this section.


To search for a guide of your choice:

  1. Login to Informatica Network or Informatica Knowledge Base
  2. Click on the Documentation tab

    doc home.png
  3. In the Product Documentation home page, all the recent documents and Quick Links will be displayed.
  4. Quick Links are the links to the documentation sets for various products.
  5. You can use the following filters to refine your search:
    1. Product Family: List of different Informatica Product Families
    2. Products: List of Products under the selected Product Family.
    3. Versions: List of all the versions for the selected Product. Please note that this will be enabled when you select a product.
    4. Resources Types: List of different guides for the above selections.
    5. Languages: List of languages for the guides
    6. HotFix Versions: List of all the HotFix versions for the selected filters
  6. Once you have selected all the filters, click Go
  7. The search results will display the all the relevant guides.   doc home 1.png

Why am I not able to find the PAM documents on Informatica Network?

The PAM documents for last 5 releases across products can be accessed from the Product Availability Matrices page on the Informatica Network. However if you are looking for PAM for older releases, then refer to the below video or check out our KB article: Where can I find the Product Availability Matrices (PAM) documents on Informatica Network?



How to download a HotFix for any of the Informatica Products?

Any user with Support Contract will have access to download HotFixes for various Informatica products. HotFix Links are displayed under the Quick Links section on the home page of Informatica Network. For more details, watch the video below or refer to our KB article: HOW TO: Download HotFix and EBFs on Informatica Network



Why is my account disabled or deactivated?

You will get an account disabled or deactivated message if you haven’t logged into our system for a long time. Please mail the details of your account to and we will be glad to activate your account.


Why some of my browser Bookmarks are not working?

As part of the site revamp, some of the links/URLs had to be changed and therefore, you may notice a break in some of your bookmarks. Please use the search box or navigate through different product spaces to find what you are looking for.


How do I subscribe to SupportFlash, the monthly newsletter from Informatica Global Customer Support?

You can subscribe to our newsletter by selecting the "I would like to receive the monthly SupportFlash newsletter (updates about releases, product end of life, and more)" option during the registration or by going to Edit Profile > Your Profile tab after registration. Once you login, you can view the SupportFlash Archives on the Home page. You can also click on the link from the newsletter footer and select your preference.


Is my email address exposed to external search engines?
Not unless you choose to make it public. You have the option to specify who can view your email address and other details. Go to Edit Profile and visit the Privacy tab to set your

I have more questions, who should I contact?

You can reach out to praman or Vidya for further clarifications.You can also mail us at


Watch the Overview of Informatica Network below:

Since our announcement of the upcoming Informatica Network site launch, we have been so eager to share more details on what you can expect. Over the past year, we have kept our ears to the ground, listened to your feedback, and consulted experts to enhance your Online Support experience a hundred-fold.


We are now proud to unveil more details of these efforts…


One Community. One login. Unified user experience

You will now have one home to access community discussions, the KnowledgeBase, blog posts, social groups, and all things data centric.


  • Your doorway to Informatica now has a single sign-on for MySupport, Informatica Communities, and all other Informatica web properties
  • Join a User group to connect with people in a domain of your interest or geographical location. You can then follow and participate in calendar events hosted by those groups!
  • Use our Resources to enhance your effectiveness with Informatica products.  Our trouble-shooting wizards (Informatica Expert Assistant) walk youthrough the most popular product challenges or upgrade processes
  • Start a discussion on Curated Communities or browse through some featured or recent content. You could also view posts by Top Participants and collaborate with them on all things data centric.
  • Up your Informatica ante with some learning at Informatica University
  • View SupportTV for some visual guides and webinars


Customized user experience

MySupport is now tailored to show you information for your Cases, your subscribed products and products that you are interested in. Bespoke all the way!



  • Track your cases and personalize your account page based on selected products
    • View discussions and product release information for your products
  • View content, contact associated people, or attend calendar invites related to your products


Integrated platforms in KnowledgeBase search

Your search will now fetch results from across all the unified communities, including discussions & blogs, PAM, and EOL information.




  • Access the KnowledgeBase without credentials. The Informatica KnowledgeBase is now a non-gated community. All Content will be Search engine optimized.
  • End of Life (EOL) or Product Availability Matrix (PAM) information is now integrated in the KnowledgeBase.

Come November, you will login to this exciting new experience! And yes, we have interactive guides to familiarize you with all the constructive changes in this space. We look forward to welcoming you into the new Informatica network next month. Catch you there!

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