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Dear Informatica Customers,


We are delighted to announce the launch of Informatica Support Webinar series on the MySupport Portal.


This will be a monthly initiative from the Global Support Organisation, where a Subject Matter expert will be presenting a webinar on a particular product.  That's not all, you can also suggest the topics of interest and we shall try to get a webinar arranged on the same.


The first webinar will be hosted on the 7th of February 2013 at 9:00 AM PST


Registrations for the Webinar are now open and the URL to register is  (Join as Participant)


Alternatively, you can also register by visiting the url : and provide the meeting number 594 485 846 and click on "Join Now"


More details are available below:


Topic : Whats new in IDQ v. 9.5.x


Agenda includes


  1. Profiling enhancements
    • Data Domain Discovery
    • Enterprise Discovery
    • Entity Discovery
  2. Human Task/Workflow/IDD
  3. Transformation Enhancements
  4. Content Sets
  5. Q & A



About the Speaker


Robert Whelan is a Data Quality Product Specialist with Informatica Global Customer Support. He has been working with Data Quality in Informatica for 5 years and is the go to person for any IDQ related questions.


If you have any issues registering for the Webinar, Please feel free to contact me at and I will be glad to help.



MySupport Portal Team




Name:  S K


In S.K's own words


My two cents regarding the collaboration in MyInformatica – I am working in Informatica since 2006 and member of MyInformatica since 2008. I have worked as developer, admin in Powercenter and Powerexchange CDC. I realized the power of collaboration since I got multiple solutions of a critical situation in my project out of this forum and since then I not only put my doubts there also try to provide my thoughts for other interesting topics within my capability.




Name: Rohit Vashisht


In Rohit's own words

To me Informatica is the most versatile Integration Platform, I am working with Informatica since from last 5 years. Informatica support is one shop stop for every solution with in Informatica Product umbrella. Informatica support site is one of the best technical site, They have expanded like any thing with ample amount of KB articles, Industry Best practice on Velocity, elearing, Multimedia K-Bank,Marketplease and many more.... list doesn't ends . This really helps to every one , I have grown reading reading these sites from last 5 years. I would like to appreciate Informatica Support team for all your hard work and congratulates for your success. Keep doing great work and spreading knowledge to whole World!!



Name: Bijeet Roy


About Bijeet Roy


I have been actively using the mysupport portal since last year and to say my experience has been good. During this period, not only, I have shared my knowledge, but also gained knowledge interacting with the experts in the line. I still feel I have a long way to go to become an "Overall Expert" in Informatica. I like the "One Stop Solution Shop" (mysupport) provided by Informatica mainly because I get to know what's happening in different projects in different parts of the world and try to apply my knowledge wherever I can.


Congratulations to our Q3 winners. They win a 300$, 200$ and 100$ Amazon gift card respectively.


To Learn more details about the Top contributor program, refer to the blog post here .


“We strongly encourage posters who ask questions to return to the  forums and hand out reward points to the most helpful users.”




MySupport Portal Team.

Continuing with our endeavor to provide you the best user experience, we are excited to announce more enhancements on My Support portal.



Here are few highlights:



Top Community Contributor Award: Thanks for your overwhelming participation towards the My Support Top Community Contributor Award! We have received great responses from our user base and the number of interactions has increased significantly. The community is spending time in recognizing the contributions made by peers by marking the responses as Helpful and Correct.
Starting 2012 Q3, we will be announcing not one but top three contributors! And the prize has also been raised to the following:



  • 1st Top Contributor: 300 USD value Amazon gift Card
  • 2nd Top Contributor: 200 USD value Amazon gift Card
  • 3rd Top Contributor: 100 USD value Amazon gift Card




HotFix Download Page: The HotFix Download UI has been revamped to enable you to quickly drill-down to the required HotFix version based on the OS and bit-mode. You can also identify your current and previous HotFix releases using the tabbed navigation.




TSFTP Integration: We have integrated the TSFTP server, enabling the Single Sign-On feature to allow you to download the EBFs from the My Support HotFix download system. Use the EBF tab under the HotFix Download section to download EBFs and upload files as well.


Customized CR Tracker: All users with access to the Online Support (E-Service) section of My Support portal will now be able to get a personalized view of the CRs opened for their project. Click the Change Requests quick link to view the CR information along with the associated SR number, Open and Close Date, Reported Version, Status, and Targeted Version of the fix.


Please let us know what you think of these new features and of any improvements we should make.  We would love to hear from you at You could even leave a comment on this blog.





My Support Team

We have continued to improve our Web Support offering to all of you, largely  driven by comments and suggestions by you: Our Customers and Partners! We could  not have done this without your help.


A big Thank You for all the help so far and a Thank You in advance for your  continued help and support. As we work together to build what works best for all  of you, we also would thank our team for delivering top notch Support Portal  along the way!


For those interested, following are some of the facts about the award:


  • The award winners were selected by a panel of judges with expertise in Web  support design and implementation using a scoring system based on 25 separate  performance criteria. The evaluation process covers the following  areas:


  • Overall usability, design, and navigation
  • Knowledgebase and search implementation
  • Interactive features
  • Customer experience
  • The major site development challenge


  • The ten winning sites will  be profiled in a book called "The Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2012," to be  published by the ASP in July.


We are extremely happy to receive the award this year. There was a lot of  hard work done to revamp our portal with introduction of Personalized  Experience, enhanced KB search, imporved CSM, improved Product Documentation  section, a total overhaul of our E-Service and other smaller improvements!


We will not stop here and we are already looking ahead to next year!


You can read more about the award here:


Informatica Press release:


Tweet This: News: @INFASupport ‘My Support’ personalized customer portal  named to 2012 "Ten Best Web Support Sites"


Do you have a feature you've been dying to tell us about? Let us know either  on this blog post, or in our Portal Feedback space right here in (



Thanks Again!



MySupport Portal Team

Continuing our efforts to provide the best user experience, we are proud to announce some exciting features on MySupport Portal.


Some of the features are:


  • Product Document Version Filters: This has been one of the most awaited features on the MySupport Portal. You can now filter the Product Documents based on the Product Version. In the Product Documents Home page, after selecting the Product Family, Product Name and Document Type, the Product Version filter is displayed  listing all the versions for selected product.



Please note that Product Version is displayed only after you select the Product Family, Name and Document Type. It is not displayed as part of the default filters.


  • Informatica Platform as a new Product Family: For easy access of all the Informatica v9.x resources, we have introduced a new Product Family called “Informatica Platform”. The products that are a part of this family are:
    • Informatica 9

    • Informatica 9.5 (will be updated by end of June)


  • Quick Link widget: All customer projects using the Secret groups functionality, can now access the different sections of the portal through the quick link widget. The quick link widget will provide you easy access to MySupport Home page, Knowledge Base, Multimedia Knowledge Base, CSM and other sections from the Home page of the secret group.



We would love to hear from you. Please send us your feedback at or leave a comment on this blog.




MySupport Team



Name: Sandeep Sangarapu



About Sandeep

Sandeep is an Informatica Developer at MLB, and in addition to ETL developement, throughout DWH team he is involved in multiple activities like scripting, data analysis/profiling etc which he really enjoy's and spends a lot of time on.




Exploring new Tools.



In Sandeeps' own words.


I am thrilled to be winning the top contributor award for Q1 2012. I will continue to provide my support  and contribute to the discussions on Informatica MySuppor Portal and also work towards a free block to post it in Marketplace which can be of much help to developers. I encourage everyone to share their knowledge and help make Mysupport a vibrant collaboration platform.



The following Blog has details of how every member can contribute to the discussions and get your name in the “hall of fame”.

The Informatica Development Platform is a set of SDKs that allows third parties to build on and extend the Informatica platform or to integrate Informatica data integration capabilities into third-party applications.   The IDP documentation page contains the developer guides that show how to build extensions and components for the Informatica data integration platform.


You can use the sample code included in the documentation to help you develop components and applications for the Informatica platform


The IDP documentation community can be accessed here

In our continued efforts to provide a better user experience on the MySupport Portal, we have introduced filtering options across all our product document pages.


This will help in easily narrowing down on the product documents and other content that is being searched on the Portal.


Please note that the Product category section will appear only if the Product Document has been selected as a Document Type in the filtering options


The filters introduced are :


  1. Product Family  and   Product Name


  2.   Document Type


Document Type Filters
Product Document
H2L (How-to-Library)
PAM (Product Availability Matrices)
Debugging Tools
Mapping templates
Multimedia KB



  3.   Product Document Category


Document Category Filters
Admin Guide

Release Notes

Command Ref Guide

Reference Guide

User Guide


Support Statement


  4.    Language


Language Filters


Send us your feedback at or leave a comment on this blog, would love to hear from you.




MySupport Portal Team

In our continued efforts to provide a better search experience, we have introduced enhancements to our Knowledge Base search results interface:


  • Tabbed Navigation for search results
  • MultiMedia Demo Widget.



Tabbed Navigation for search results


The search results page of the Knowledge Base has been redesigned to include tab navigation. The new tab view will display Knowledge Base articles, Product Documentation, How-To-Library, and Velocity Methodology in separate tabs. This new feature showcases the major categories of information and provides easy access to each one of them.





MultiMedia Demo Widget.



You can now access our multimedia demos using the new multimedia widget on the search results page of the Knowledge Base. This widget will display multimedia demos related to your search term. These demos are instructional multimedia files that will help you learn about common Informatica concepts and guide you through performing specific tasks using Informatica products.






Alternatively, you can also access the Multimedia Knowledge Base from the My Support portal home page.


If you have questions, comments, or ideas about the improved Knowledge Base or the Multimedia Knowledge Base, contact the Informatica Knowledge Base team through email at




Informatica Support Team


Have you registered for the Premier Data Integration Conference yet? If not, now is a great reason to do so.


Informatica GCS is providing its customers and Twitter followers an opportunity to get  $400 discount on the 2012 Informatica World registration and also win an additional 100$ Amazon Gift card.



The steps are simple.



Step 1:


All Customers and @INFASupport followers can use the discount code “GCSSM12 “to register for the IW2012. This will get you an instant discount of $400 on the registration fees




Step 2:


Follow us on the @INFASupport twitter channel and mention to us about the completed registration process using the above discount code, and you will get an additional $100 gift card from Amazon. This promotion on winning the Amazon gift card will run through the end of March 2012 only.




Go ahead and register to Informatica World 2012, the premier data integration conference - May 15-18 2012 at ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas. Learn how Informatica technology solves real-world business and IT challenges. #IW2012 #InfaTF



Informatica World 2012 is taking place May 15-18 in Las Vegas. Learn the tips, tricks and best practices for using the Informatica Platform to maximize your return on big data, and get the scoop on the R&D innovations in the next release, Informatica 9.5.


For more information and to register, visit





@INFASupport Team

In our constant efforts to improve your experience on MySupport  we have built new functionalities to personalize your browsing experience.



Some of the exciting new features that have been implemented are:



  • Manage product profile: Using this widget you can build your product profile. This sets the foundation for your personalized experience
  • Product Support Centers:  This widget list the products in your product profile. It also provides the ability to switch the  view from “My products” to  “All products” at given point in time.
  • Three tabbed dynamic widget: The three tabbed dynamic widget in the center of the home page, will display the “Recent Discussion” “Recent Documents” and “Recent H2L” depending on the products saved in your profile. The same functionality is available under all product communities too.
  • Tabbed Navigation: It’s now easier to find the most used areas using the tabbed navigation. Once you navigate to a product community, the product document tab will display only the content relevant to that product/family.
  • Product Categorization : In order to make the navigation easier and provide better browsing experience by products we have categorized the products in the following order




Application   ILM
Application ILM
Data Archive
Data Subset
Data Warehouse   Advisor
B2B Data Exchange
B2B Data Exchange
B2B Data   Transformation
Cloud Data Integration
Cloud Data   Integration
Complex Event Processing
Complex Event   Processing
Real-Time Alert   Manager
Data Masking
Dynamic Data Masking
Persistent Data   Masking
Test Data Management
Data Quality
Data Quality
Data Explorer
Data Replication
Data Replication
Fast Clone
Enterprise Data Integration
Data Services
Master Data Management
Master Data   Management
MDM Multidomain   Edition
MDM Registry Edition
Identity Resolution
Ultra Messaging
Ultra Messaging Cache
Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition
Ultra Messaging Queueing Edition
Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition




This is just the beginning to a personalized experience. Stay tuned for more exciting features in the coming months.



You can leave a comment or send us your feedback through an email to



Informatica Portal Team

Support Console Standard is now available for all the Informatica Customers as free download. With Support Console Standard, you can:


  • Configure, schedule, and execute support diagnostic tools to fix routine issues specific to your environment.
  • Manage multiple systems through a single web interface with support tools such as CSM.
  • Gain deeper understanding of your environment and repository using advanced tools such as “MetaQuery” and “Insight”.
  • Create or update your Service Requests directly from the Support Console.
  • Upgrade to Support Console Advanced through the Support Console Agent seamlessly.
  • Download and install Support Console without a License.



All Enterprise and Mission Critical level customers can continue to use the Support Console Advanced. Support Console Advanced is also available for the customers who have access to a valid license.


Support Console Advanced users have access to all the features, including:


  • Efficient business dashboard for details on Informatica domain and availability of services.
  • Effective monitoring of your PowerCenter environment and system resources such as memory, CPU, and disk utilization.
  • Instant access to reports, health checks, alerts and notifications.
  • Flexible Reporting Systems and System Management, and
  • Integrated chat feature to seamlessly access Informatica Support instantly





As a Support Console Standard customer, you can request for a 45 days trial license, using which you can access all the features of the Support Console Advanced.


Following is the comparison chart between Support Console Standard and Advanced editions:














User based alerts



CSM alerts



Core file alerts




Environment Reports






Diagnostic Tools



Proactive SR






Live Help




To download Support Console Standard or Advanced versions, open a Service Request with Informatica Global Customer Support or write to

Informatica Corporation the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced that for the sixth consecutive year Informatica received top marks in customer loyalty in the 2011 Data Integration Customer Satisfaction survey conducted by independent research firm TNS, a global market leader in insight and information.


As part of its annual customer relationship survey, TNS surveys customers from vendors offering data integration products. Customers are asked to share their views and perceptions of all the vendors across a range of attributes and measures. The survey also measures the relevance of numerous categories of customer satisfaction to determine how strong or weak the vendors are in each area.


“Past Gartner research has found that there is no one ‘quick fix’ that will drive great customer experiences, but rather the cumulative effect of multiple small changes. A great customer experience is built from thousands of small improvements. The cumulative effect of these small changes is what creates the effect for the customer. However, that effect is memorable, personal and has a direct impact on future purchasing,” as noted in the November 10, 2010 Gartner report, The Gartner CRM Team's Perspective on Great Customer Experiences authored by Ed Thompson, et al.


Customer Retention

Customers were polled on:

  1. Intent to repurchase,
  2. Serving as a positive reference, and
  3. Purchase intentions at the same or higher level.


These measures are combined to present a ProCLI (Customer Loyalty Index), or the loyalty score.


Attributes tied to customer loyalty include:

  • Customer support,
  • Ease of doing business,
  • Value/Price, and
  • Overall product quality.


In addition, 84 percent of Informatica customers surveyed recognize Informatica as the technology leader, and 89 percent indicated that Informatica’s technology direction is consistent with their long term IT strategy.


“Informatica has prided itself on consistently listening to and demonstrating commitment to our customers in all aspects of our business,” saidAnsa Sekharan, senior vice president, Global Customer Support, Informatica. “Additionally Informatica has long instituted a comprehensive customer engagement strategy to maximize customer success and accelerate the return on investment that they enjoy. For six years in a row our customers have voted Informatica as a leading data integration vendor amongst its peers. Once again Informatica has achieved top marks for customer loyalty and continues to command world class maintenance renewal rates exceeding 95 percent.”


In 2011 Informatica has also expanded its offering to include support to its customers through social media – specifically launching a Twitter Support Channel (@INFAsupport), announced general availability of Support Console 2.0 which offers a ‘best in class’ proactive support platform and new language support for customers in Korea. Today Informatica now offers support in ten different languages through 11 support centers across the globe.


The Global Customer Support team was also recognized as a finalist in the 2011 Stevie Awards for Innovation in Customer Service.


Tweet this: News: @InformaticaCorp Awarded Top Marks for #Customer #Loyalty Six Years in a Row #leader

Have you monitored CPUs, managed multiple environments, diagnosed critical issues, and resolved them real-time using Informatica Support Console?


The enhanced Informatica Support Console 2.0 will allow you to do all this and more.


Informatica Support Console 2.0 now supports Informatica 9. With this, you can monitor your MRS, DIS, AT, and Administration Console processes. This version includes new integrated diagnostic tools for Informatica 9 such as InfaDump and InfaLogs.


The new diagnostic tool Insight helps you in better understanding of valuable operational metadata information available only in your Powercenter metadata repository. (This is in addition to the “Metaquery” feature which is already available in Support Console) .


The following are significant enhancements in this version:


1. Support for Informatica 9

  • Monitor CPU and Memory Usage of MRS, DIS, AT and Administration Console processes.
  • Provide a single interface to monitor multiple domains
  • Configure rules to detect critical exceptions and set threshold alerts.


2. Native Informatica 9 Troubleshooting Tools- InfaDump and InfaLogs

  • InfaLogs collects and archives the services, sessions, and workflow logs in a single click
  • InfaDump retrieves the stack trace and heap dump from either a core file or a hanging process on any UNIX Platform and creates diagnostic output.

3. Insight- A new diagnostic tool for a better understanding of the data that is available only in your repository.

  • A utility that examines your repository and graphically presents the usage statistics of key areas like:
    • Connection Usage
    • Transformation Usage
    • Amount of Data Processed
  • Export to PDF option.



Want to try the new Support Console2.0?


Open a Service request through Online support or send an email to


Visit support console community page for latest documentation of v2.0

We have personalized your Informatica Online Support portal experience with a newly designed interface. The enhanced features offer you an enriched online interaction. The portal home page will be your starting point to a whole new user experience in Informatica’s online support.


What is new on Informatica Online Support?


The new version of Informatica Online Support is developed on Web 2.0 platform. It has some exciting new additions such as:


  • Easy navigation and intuitive interface with Quick Links to all major functions on the Home page.


  • Personalized experience where you see your latest 5 SRs when you login to the My Support portal. The display priority is in this order:
    • Waiting on Customer Status
    • Waiting on Support Status
    • Closed SRs
    • Currently No Open SR

  • When you access the Online Support from the My Support portal, you will see a list of all your projects.


  • Export allows you to query and export your service requests as well as search, refine, and export the results to a delimited or HTML file.


  • Select Project enables you to easily select your project from multiple projects. Selecting a project from the Select Project section will display all the information related to that project. If you have a single project, the Select Project section will not be shown and by default all information related to your project will be displayed.


  • The Technical Profile section has been simplified. You can now update your profile in a few seconds.


  • With Quick Links you have all options at your fingertips in an easy to find location.


  • With the new interface, working on multiple projects just got effortless.


  • Quick Search allows you to easily search SRs with any search keyword.


  • Optimized web page for best display at 1024x768 or higher screen mode and much more.



View the Multimedia KB to get a glimpse of the new online support experience

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