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In our continued efforts to improve customer service, we are delighted to announce that Informatica Global Customer Support has launched an all-new online Case Management (eSupport) portal scheduled to go live over the weekend of 16 October 2021. The transition will be seamless and will ensure a better online experience for you with Informatica Global Customer Support.


Watch a video on the Overview of our all-new eSupport here.


What’s new in eSupport?


  • Mobile Responsive User Interface
    A completely re-designed mobile-responsive user interface to provide a seamless user experience on most handheld and mobile devices.


  • Cloud Status availability
    Close integration with the Cloud Status Dashboard to provide details about availability and about any upcoming or ongoing maintenance activities on Informatica Cloud Platform. As a Cloud customer, you will receive timely notification of any ongoing service outages and scheduled maintenance in the IICS (Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services) PODs where the IICS Org is hosted. This notification will appear while you are on the eSupport Home Screen or while you are attempting to raise a support case.


  • Naming Convention changes

As we dwell on providing you with an enhanced experience with our new improvised and evolved eSupport, we would like you to be aware that the earlier concept of “Project” will now be called a “Support Account”. Going forward, you will have a new Support Account number, which will be communicated to you as part of this change.


Similarly, every open case will also acquire a new case number, which will be communicated to you on the day this change becomes effective in the system.


  • Case Communication
    As part of our efforts to make your experience consistent and provide you with a cleaner representation of the chronological sequence of communication with support, we are introducing case updates that are modern, industry trending, and web-driven rather than email communications.

In the new model of communication, you (as a Case/alternate contact) will receive an email notification for a case update logged by the Support personnel. The email notification will have the update details and other case details as well as a “View Case” button, clicking on which you will be taken to the Case directly on eSupport where you can perform your necessary action. Alternatively, you can also respond back to the email.


Watch a video on how to create a new case with Informatica eSupport.


  • Intelligent Case Description Quality Indicator
    Case Description Quality Indicator (CDQI) helps you provide the right level of information while opening a case. The CDQI assesses the issue from the case title and description that you have provided and provides you with an indicative strength of the information provided in the case. This will help the support team to start troubleshooting with as much information as required. The higher the indicator value, the more detailed the description of the issue.

  • Dynamic Log Recommendation
    A new Log recommender integrated with the case creation flow to recommend the right logs required to troubleshoot the case. The Log recommender recommends applicable log files that are relevant to the problem description. These would be the log files and information that will be most sought by our Support personnel to assess your problem and provide you with the next steps for resolution faster.


  • Enhanced Search features on Case Management
    In the eSupport case management screen, you can now search for cases based on any key string or field, which will make it intuitive for you to manage and search for specific cases.


Watch a video on how to search and download cases.


  • Case Attachments
    Our new module on sending Attachments to the support team has kept in mind the ease with which you can send attachments, log files, and information to the support team. You can now attach files as big as 2 GB per file. If you have any attachments greater than 2 GB, you can use our TSFTP site to upload the attachments that will be received by the support team for troubleshooting.


Watch a video on how to modify a case.

  • Enhanced Contact Management Framework
    Streamlined Contact management framework allows you to add contacts to cases during and/or after a case is opened. You will now be able to add, remove, edit main contacts, and alternate contacts in the Support Account with ease. This will help your contacts to be part of the case whenever there is a need to include a registered contact in a case while creating a case or in a case in flight. This gives the ability to the Support Account Admin and the Case owner to independently self-manage their contacts. Also, you can now have up to 2 Primary contacts on your Support Account.


       Watch a video on how to add/remove contacts.

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