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Following are the 20 Most Viewed KB Articles for the month of December 2012:


  1. HOW TO: Run the CSM Client(31738)
  2. HOW TO: Optimally set the Maximum Heap Size for domain (141448)
  3. HOW TO: Configure PowerCenter to connect to Microsoft SQL Server from UNIX (15373)
  4. ERROR: "WRT_8165 TIMEOUT BASED COMMIT POINT reported in the session log file" in PowerCenter (138428)
  5. “[[CCM_10541] Failed to create client for service [DomainService] with error [[DTF_0006] Unable to establish a session within the timeout period.]]” when starting Informatica Service after installing PowerCenter 9.1 (120836)
  6. HOW TO: Configure DataDirect ODBC on UNIX with PowerCenter (14684)
  7. HOW TO: Set a PowerCenter service Custom Property (18015)
  8. Knowledge Link: Known limitations in PowerCenter   8.6.1 (106159)
  9. HOW TO: Test an ODBC connection using SSGODBC (15339)
  10. Session fails to start and no session logs are   generated in PowerCenter 9.1.0 (140680)
  11. Best practices using Teradata with PowerCenter (16182)
  12. HOW TO: Generate a CSM file and upload it to My; Support using the Informatica Administrator (Administration Console)(106522)
  13. PowerCenter randomly hangs in the environment (144098)
  14. FAQ: What does the message "WRT_8165 - TIMEOUT   BASED COMMIT POINT" in the session log mean? (119214)
  15. "[DOM_10079] Cannot start service   [my_metadata_manager_service] on any node specified for the service. Check   the service log and resolve any error listed for the service" when   Metadata Manager is unable to start on Informatica 9.1.x (136201)
  16. ERROR: "[PCSF_46008] Cannot connect to domain   to look up service [coreservices/DomainConfigurationService]" when   configuring domains in the PowerCenter client tools (103286)
  17. PowerCenter High Availability Overview
  18. Unable to use fully qualified server name to connect   to domain using the PowerCenter client (18672)
  19. Best Practices for deploying PowerCenter Enterprise   Grid/HA on VMware ESX/ESXi (144243)
  20. Knowledge Link: Working with PowerCenter   Transformations (109229)

    If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then Is a Video Worth a Million?


    Yes!! Only if you are a Informatica Customer who has access to our latest Support Videos.


    Informatica Global Customer Support is delighted to announce the launch of its Support TV with access to over a hundred videos in HD quality. These self-help videos will help you learn more about the product, and troubleshoot issues easily, effectively .


    We are always looking for new ways to enable customers to help themselves better and the launch of the Support TV is a big step in that endeavor.


    Watch, Learn, Resolve - with this as our motto, the highlights of our Support Videos are:


    • They are the answers to a lot of your How-Tos and FAQs.
    • They are created by our Support Engineers with whom you interact on a regular basis.
    • They are crisp and concise ranging anywhere between 7-15 minutes.
    • They are categorized based on product family for easy access
    • They are available to view on our My Support portal as well as on YouTube.
    • They are videos on debugging products issues which are exclusively available for our customers when logged in through the MySupport portal only.
    • They are going to replace our existing Multi-media KBs with more lively and active features.
    • They have options to Like, Comment and provide Feedback on any of the videos and request for new content as well.




    With these new and enhanced features, you would indeed agree that our Support videos are worth a million words .



    The videos are available on the MySupport portal from the Support TV tab and the URL for the INFASupport YouTube Video channel is





    Happy Viewing!!!!

    Are you a PowerCenter Developer looking for ready-to use templates on Constraint Based Loading, Dynamic Caching or Transaction Control Mappings?


    Then visit our Mapping Templates section to access some of these (and more!) templates categorized under three sections: Common Data Warehousing, Transformation Techniques and Advanced Mapping Concepts.


    All new templates have ready-to-use XML files for PowerCenter 8.6.1 and 9.1.0. The Mapping Templates have detailed explanation including their Purpose, Usage, Challenges addressed and Implementation Guidelines. This explanation will help you in easier understanding of the templates and guide you through your development activities.


    You can access the Mapping Templates at the following location:


    Do let us know your feedback on the Mapping Templates in the Comments section. Also, let us know if you are looking for any specific templates.



    Portal Team



    Name: Md Adil Shariff


    About Md Adil Shariff


    Md Adil Shariff is an Informatica expert at TCS. As part of TCS' Informatica CoE, he supports other projects in solutioning using Informatica tools like PowerCenter,IDQ,DVO,PDO,HA & GRID Implementation and Informatica Upgrade. As part of his project, he spends lot of time designing and tweaking Informatica components for optimal performance, which he really enjoys.




    Exploring New tools.


    In  Md Adil Shariff's own words

    I am feeling ecstatic to get the top contributor award for Q2 2012. For us, Informatica support portal and the discussion forums have become one stop shop for anything you want on Infa, be it any document or issues.I will continue to contribute and make use of the discussions on Informatica MySupport Portal.


    The following Blog has details of how every member can contribute to the discussions and get your name in the “hall of fame”.

    Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) is excited to announce the launch of new, which provides a web interface to upload/download files to/from the server. This server now supports the following transfer protocols:



    • FTP/FTPS
    • SFTP



    Some of our exciting features are:

    • Provides you a simple and secure way to quickly transfer files
    • Ensure privacy and confidentiality with end-to-end encryption and non-repudiation, while uploading/downloading files using the web interface
    • Enhanced web-based user interface provides streamlined end user experience for sign-on, working with file/folders, and sign-off
    • Provides automatic notification and alerts upon file upload and download
    • No more remembering of project numbers and traversing through “Project” folders - users can upload files into their home directory
    • End user interface available in English, German, French, and Spanish
    • File integration checking and guaranteed delivery when files are transferred through the new web interface


    For more details, see our TSFTP FAQ document

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