We are excited to announce that our new Informatica Success Portal is now live!


In an adoption driven world, digitally reaching customers with the right content at the right time in their product journey is not a luxury but a necessity; Informatica's Success at innovation and products aligned to being futuristic are an answer to this. The Success Portal is another big step in that direction.


The Success Portal is a microlearning platform with free training and personalized digital experience where learning and using our products have never been easier. The primary objective is to help bootstrap our customers, accelerate product adoption, and ensure our customers realize their business outcomes faster.


It is built to deliver personalized content to customers based on Product, Role, and Stage of the product adoption journey. Be it a POC or trial or a production implementation; the Success Portal will be your one-stop shop to understand product features, explore functionalities, get details on architecture, best practices, and much more. The Success Portal will work in tandem, augmenting the support you get from Informatica.


Here are the key highlights:

  • Tailored, timely content based on customer role, the product implementation phase
  • Product learning paths that provide free foundational to advanced Informatica product knowledge in a simplified and structured format
  • Help Bootstrap customers and prospects during POC/Trial Journeys
  • Technical Onboarding “Getting started” content for all products
  • Insight into Success entitlements and access to your Customer Success Manager
  • Tech Tuesday - Virtual biweekly customer success technical summit from our product experts


We are confident that this new initiative will deliver the utmost value to our customers.