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Thank you for taking the time to provide information about your Project. This information is valuable to us and will help us better serve tailored content around best practices, aid notifications, and recommendations.


As a show of commitment, you are now eligible for “Critical Milestone Service” valued around $4100 and will also be entered into a monthly drawing of Apple Watch Series 5.


To discuss the next steps on how to leverage the Critical Milestone Support, please send a note to Below is a detailed explanation about the Critical Milestone Support


What is Critical Milestone Support?


This offering provides short-term, proactive Informatica based assistance at critical stages during a project. Milestones can include migration of Informatica environments from test/development to production, migration of the Informatica production environment to a new server, installation or upgrade of products.


The support offering includes the following:

• Review of milestone or project activity

• Mitigation of risks by identifying known issues or potential problems and review of third-party software to ensure interoperability

• Real-time support provided by a GCS engineer who has become familiar with the environment and project prior to the event thus saving time if a critical issue arises.


The aim of Critical Milestone support is to provide customers with proactive, collaborative service and therefore, reduce risk during a critical phase of a project.


There will be GCS involvement before the task to:

• Identify any “known” issues before commencing the activity

• Review of third party products and dependencies (such as operating system and database versions)

• Recommend steps or specific tasks to undertake

• Review success criteria

• Review roll-back plans

• Lower risk when implementing system changes by having direct support from experienced Informatica personnel

• Knowledge transfer


Qualifying customers are entitled to use this service once per maintenance year. If the service is required more than once in the year, it can be purchased at an additional cost.



Informatica Customer Success Team