We have made important changes to the case creation process. To simplify the flow, we have replaced Technical Profile with the product and version. Thus, you can raise cases directly for the product that you are using. Here are a few FAQs regarding the changes that you will see in the Case Creation process on the eSupport portal.


Q1. Has the Case Creation page changed?


A: We have a new and improved interface for enhanced user experience. To create a Case, click "Create a New Case" tab as shown in the following screenshot:



To create a Technical Case, click "Technical".



Q2. What happens to Technical Profile?


A: Technical Profile is replaced with Product and Product Version. This has been done to improve customer experience by reducing the effort spent on creating and maintaining the Technical Profile.

Q3. Why don’t I see all products?


A: The Product drop down shows the products that your project is entitled to. To view the entire list of products, click the message "Having trouble locating the right product? Click here to view the list of all Informatica products."

Please note that selecting an unentitled product does not impact your ability to get support from Informatica in any way. The Global Customer Support team will handle these cases as usual. Additionally, Informatica Admin team will contact you for further assistance on the unentitled product.


List of Entitled Products will be shown:


You can still choose Other Products:


Differentiation between Entitled and Other Products:


Q4. Where can I find the list of all my entitled products?


A: You can find the list of Entitled products with the end date from the Projects tab on eSupport.


Q5. What happens to my existing cases (open and closed)?


A: All the open existing cases will reflect the updated product names. The closed cases will continue as is. In case you reopen an existing case, then the product names will get updated.