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Informatica on-premises and Cloud products today use Oracle Java. Oracle Java comes bundled with the Informatica products, except for the AIX platform.


Oracle has changed its Java licensing policy, ending public updates for Java 8 effective January 2019.


Informatica has decided to replace Oracle Java dependency in the products with OpenJDK and has engaged with Azul Systems for the same.


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Informatica strongly recommends that customers plan their upgrade to the latest version in 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do Informatica products depend on Java?

Yes, Informatica On-premises and Cloud products are dependent on Java.


Does Java come bundled with Informatica products today?

Yes, Informatica today bundles Oracle Java with many products on most platforms. For Informatica Cloud, the Secure Agent comes with Oracle JRE, and customers download JDK on their own to compile the Java transformation. For MDM products, Java is not bundled with the products.


What is changing and how is Informatica adapting to that change?

Oracle has changed its Java licensing policy. In future releases, Informatica will change Java dependency in the products to OpenJDK instead. For specific product release timeline, please reach out to Informatica Global Customer Support.


What is OpenJDK?

OpenJDK is a free and open-source implementation of the Java Platform, SE.


Will Informatica bundle OpenJDK with the products?

For the products that bundle Java today, Informatica will replace Oracle Java with OpenJDK in the product installer. Both Client and Server installers will be updated.


What version of Open JDK is packaged with the 10.2.2 release?

Azul OpenJDK 1.8.0_192. For more information about the distribution version, see the Product Availability Matrix on Informatica Network: matrices/overview


There are many OpenJDK flavors in the market. Which one is Informatica using?

Informatica has established a long-term agreement with Azul System for OpenJDK. Azul Systems is one of the leading providers of OpenJDK.


I’m an existing Informatica customer. What should I do?

Informatica will be releasing all future product releases with OpenJDK. You do not need to download Azure OpenJDK, as Informatica performs the update during the upgrade process. Existing customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a product release that supports OpenJDK. For specific product release timeline, please reach out to Informatica Global Customer Support.


I’m an existing Informatica customer, and I would like to upgrade, but I need more time. What should I do?

Existing customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a product release that supports OpenJDK. If you need more time to prepare and perform the upgrade, then you can continue to use the existing version of the Informatica products, but Informatica will not be able to provide you Java-specific updates/patches. Non-Java product updates/patches will continue to be made available by Informatica. If you need further guidance on this, please reach out to Informatica Global Customer Support.


Will there still be support for Oracle Java?

Informatica is changing product Java dependency from Oracle Java to Azul OpenJDK for new releases only. For existing releases, customers can update Oracle Java minor version on their own – see the support statement Informatica Support Policy Statement for Security Patches for details. Customers need to engage directly with Oracle to receive Oracle Java updates/patches.


Which version of Java is currently supported?

Informatica products currently support Java 8.


Is there a plan to support Java 11?

Support for Java 11 is on the roadmap and varies by individual products.


Can I update Java on my own?

No. We are looking into that for the future. For now, you should engage with Informatica Global Customer Support for any related questions.


Can I provide any OpenJDK version of any vendor greater than the minimum version certified?

No. You cannot upgrade the Java minor version on this release.


Will Informatica support any other Java vendor other than Azul OpenJDK Java?

Informatica 10.2.2 supports only bundled Azul OpenJDK Java and no other variant.


How often, and how will Informatica release Java updates?

Informatica will bundle the latest release of Azul OpenJDK with every future product release, roughly every 6-9 months.


Will Informatica provide support for older Informatica releases for any Java issues you may encounter, including any security patches for JDK?

No. You need to work directly with Oracle to get newer Java 8 patches. Informatica will no longer provide support or update the Oracle Java on older releases.


Who provides support in case of an issue? Who provides a patch for any vulnerability that gets identified?

You can continue to engage directly with Informatica Global Customer Support. Informatica, as needed, will work with Azul for any patches/fixes.


Do I have to engage with Azul Systems for Java for any reason?

No. You can continue to engage directly with Informatica Global Customer Support. Informatica will work with Azul Systems as needed.


For encryption needs, I use Java Cryptography Extension (JCE). Does anything change?

No. JCE files are included with Azul OpenJDK and bundled with the product installer.


Do I need to recompile Java Transformation?

Java transformation does not need to be recompiled.


Does anything change for Informatica Big Data products with pushdown to Hadoop Cluster?

Informatica Big Data Management and Big Data Streaming will use bundled Azul OpenJDK to execute jobs on the cluster. Enterprise Data Catalog will use Azul OpenJDK for embedded clusters and will use Hadoop Cluster Java for external clusters.

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