Tracking the Change Request (CR) status of Informatica products or searching for a CR just got easier. Sign Up or Log In to Informatica Network to explore this new feature.




You need to be logged in to view CR details. If you are part of an Informatica support project, you will also see the list of CRs associated with that project.


Where can I access/track the CRs?


You can now track CRs on the following hubs:

  • On > Select “Change Request” tab: This page will list all the CRs raised across all Informatica Products. You have various filtering options to refine your search OR you can directly enter the CR number and search.
  • Quick Links > Click “Change Request Tracking” icon: This page will list all the CRs that you follow and the CRs associated with your project.
  • Activity Feed: On the “My Activity” feed, when you select the “Change Requests” option in the drop-down, this will list all the CRs that you follow.

  •<CR number>: This page will navigate you directly to the CR details page with the following information:


Bug / Enhancement Number



Reported Version


Current Status


What are the options available for me?


If you are looking for regular updates on a specific CR, you are provided with the following actions:

  • Follow: The user can Follow the CR and receive email notifications when the status changes from one state to another.
  • Share: The users can Share the CR details with their connections.
  • Bookmark: The user can Bookmark the CR for quick future reference.


  • View as PDF: The user can view the CR as a PDF, download, and print a copy.



  • Vote: The user can Vote the Change request idea.



  • Comment: The comment option allows the user to Comment on the CR, or ask a query, and reply to the comment.